Removing Negative Beliefs About Money and Affirmations for Spiritual SuccessThere is a lot of criticism of light workers and the money that they make in the media, from some religions, and from some people that just did not get what they wanted from a previous experience with a psychic. Negative beliefs about money can become a plaguing concern to an independent psychic as they become popular and financially successful.

Many psychics question the rightness of being paid for their abilities. One has to view their gifts as a benefit to people but that view has to be tempered with the necessity of continued personal and spiritual development, business upkeep, feeding your family, having a decent place to live, and providing all the other necessities that a modern life requires.

You need to view your skill as a psychic just like you view a doctor’s skills or a scientist’s abilities. You have a lot in common with these professionals. You put the time and work into developing your abilities and you need to eat. There is no shame in taking money for your services.

Spiritual services that work out for your clients are one asset to removing self-doubts about charging for your work. Your client’s comments about your abilities, validation and experience can help ease you into accepting and increasing your fees.

You also may be faced with the necessity of removing negative beliefs about money in order to make money.

What Are Your Beliefs About Money?

Complete the sentence: Money is ___________________________________. Fill in the blank.

And then: Money means for me _______________________________________. Write it down.

This little exercise can show some of your limiting beliefs about money.

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