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7 Surefire Signs To Identify A Fraudulent PsychicAs with so many things in life, you can only spot the fake after they’ve taken your money. And with psychics, it’s even easier to be fooled into passing on your hard-earned cash.

So, in light of helping you identify a fake psychic (or at the very least see through the scam before spending too much money), here is some advice on what to look for.

They Are An Expert In Every Area

Different athletes excel in different sports and they tend to stick to their strengths. The same goes for psychics. If someone feels a natural energy for being clairvoyant, then this is the psychic strength they are bound to develop.

But when you come across a psychic who claims to be an expert in every area of the practice, it’s like saying he or she is a heavyweight boxer, and a record holding sprinter. Of course, some psychics might be gifted through different channels, but they don’t usually master all the dimensions the spiritual world has to offer.

They Talk Like They Are Making A Sale

Always keep in mind that this is a reading, you are not buying a car. And when the psychic sounds more like someone who should be selling you a washing machine, you are probably engaging with a fake psychic.

Yes, money is being paid for the service, but it’s still meant to be a spiritual experience. The aim is to get something meaningful from the psychic that you were previously oblivious to.

They Ask More Questions Than Provide Information

If you pay attention to many of the “gifted” psychics with their own shows, you’ll notice how many questions they ask the person they’re supposed be “reading”. In fact, many of the questions are cut from the show and aren’t seen by those watching through a screen.

Sure, they might ask you a few questions, but if the entire first half of the session is based on questions being asked by the psychic, you should ask a question of your own. More specifically, you should ask them whether they shouldn’t consider offering therapy instead of readings.

They Exploit Habits And Traits

Famous illusionists like David Blaine has revealed how easily a cold reading can be done. And this is because fake psychics base their tricks on habits and traits. What are some things that people have in common, and what does their body language tell you?

That’s right, you communicate more through your body than you do through your mouth (at least most people do), and we don’t realize it. However, a fake psychic will practice the art of reading body language, and they use this to do a cold reading.

So, if you see them paying close attention to what you do with your hands, your shoulders, your breathing, it means they are trying to read your body, not your spirit.

They Keep Readings Very General

There are some fake psychics who just like to play the odds and keep the information general. Seeing as they probably don’t stick around in one place for too long, what are the chances of running into the same person twice?

A good example of general reading will include things like “You are stressed” and “Work has been tough”. This is the type of information a perfect stranger could’ve told you.

Being Honest and Open

Lastly, a real psychic will be honest when they are unable to make a connection and do an honest reading. Seeing as people don’t control the spirit world, certain moments are easier to get a connection while other sessions won’t be successful.

A fake psychic, on the other hand, will have no problem making up anything they can just to make a few bucks.

Just because you believe in the power of psychics doesn’t mean you should trust every single one you come across. Instead, use the information above for identifying fake psychics before they can