Signs Your Super Sensitivity Means Your Actually Psychic You’ll find a lot of people who like myself, are extremely sensitive. Not only do people that are sensitive experience heavy emotions, they may have a harder time coping with life scenarios and others. Those who are sensitive are often hurt and therefore are prone to feeling this hurt for quite some time maybe making them remove in the term little by little. While this may seem to be a character defect of types, it can also be utilized absolutely for great psychic sensitivity and having intuitive insights other folks do not.

A very sensitive individual might experience many psychic aspects like:
  • A keen sense of understanding when something is about to occur, like understanding
  • Knowing what others are thinking
  • Feeling uneasy when risk is close by, or sensing
  • Dreams
  • Constantly seeing pictures in the head which have no relative meaning to what is happening in the time
  • Understanding when someone close is in risk or somebody close is about to cross over
  • Occasional visions when speaking to someone
  • And the list goes on…

I’m be potently clairsentient and empathic. If I don’t attentively track this, I really could fall to the trap of feeling other individuals require them on and ’s difficulties. Or I might feel their physical pain and get down run. Some clairsentient traits can lead to codependency if not carefully monitored.

Other people mend and regularly try ’s lives while ignoring their own needs. Having heavy psychic clairsentient feelings might lead a super sensitive man try to repair the planet and constantly to dwell on the negative. There’s nothing wrong with contributing to some world that is better so long as it will not lead to ignoring the needs of one’s self. I got over trying to try this very thing long ago.

I am also really clairvoyant and often see moving pictures which flow through my mind for no apparent reason and images. One time I saw a photo of a freight train in my thoughts quite definitely. I really had no idea why it came in. The following day, I had been at a railroad crossing and saw someone’s car stuck with a train around the tracks–! In time, we transferred the car off the courses with all the help of others. It was just like in the movies and a very scary thing to witness in actual life.

I’ve always been ultra sensitive to colors, odors, and unpleasant light. When doing air readings, although I can see these colours clearly I will be not fond of the primary colors of blue, red, and yellow. I am not saying these colours are awful, I’m saying in large doses, they can be challenging for me personally to see. The smell of someone eating pizza or a totally packed burger makes me ill, although I want to eat them myself. So, I use home made lavender air freshener and try and keep the house clear of odors that are powerful. I don’t see the news too frequently and listen to calming music. Yes awful things occur every day. I just don’t dwell to them. But if something occurs that is tragic or entails loss of life, I send out prayers to those who are enduring. Or, I’ll send donations if it was something like Katrina or Hurricane Sandy. I also volunteer my time. I occasionally help out at a neighborhood food bank.

Being in busy areas like a football arena or a big store can be difficult for me. I have to really see my ideas and stay in what I call, “My sacred state of mind.” Because I am being often spoken to by my guides or roaming spirits want to get through, keep just the relevant bits I’m hearing and I must really filter out a lot. It’s taken plenty of years to master the techniques I take advantage of. In addition , I use prayer a whole lot. Sometimes, quite brief ones!

Now, I am convinced ton of my super sensitive aspects come from a childhood that is difficult. My father, although he was adored by me, was rager” that is “. He drank and his mood would explode over the smallest thing, when he did. We awful of that powerful temper and were always walking on eggs around him. I’ve to say he never struck us, but the verbal abuse was excessive. I’ve heard it said that verbal abuse can in fact be worse than physical abuse on a very long duration. I truly believe that people who have gone through the similar or same sorts of youth will become hyper vigilant throughout life. It’s as though we are on high alert constantly. Consequently, all of the senses, including the sixth senses, are heightened to the extreme.

Super sensitive people make excellent psychics and mediums. This is not saying that all people who are psychic constantly have to be very excessively sensitive. There are many psychics who went through awful events or did not experience a traumatic youth. They will have the skill and that’s that.

How might one show psychic powers?

The answer lies in the “clairs”– the psychic centers. The psychic centers are mainly made up of the chakras featured within the energy field of each and every individual. A number of people will be considered very psychic and are born with one of these facilities really open.

Clairvoyance and clairsentience will be the sixth senses that are most frequently experienced. Those who are intensely sensitive often have these sixth senses raised to supra degrees.

Often the most difficult to deal with as one might experience physical sensation, or the same ideas, emotions as those around us.

  • Clairsentience through Touch: Touch is a really strong sense. It could let loose an immediate flow of psychic beliefs when we touch something. Without actually understanding why, or, a fantastic peacefulness. We all experience such feelings, but sensitive folks feel them in a powerful manner. This heightened skill doing readings with what’s known as psychometry is generally used by psychics. Psychometry is the holding of an object and getting pieces of info from it that others normally do not.
  • Clairvoyance: Is the capacity to determine symbols and images s eye. Some actually see visions like moving pictures. Frequently incidents of this type come from the blue. We call clairvoyance that is involuntary, this. I consider the gift of clairvoyance is the universes way of helping us on a quite high amount if we pay attention to that which we’re “seeing” and learn how to interpret the signals correctly.
  • Clairaudience: Everyone has self talk. Yet, folks with clairaudience may be able to listen to spirits speak, their spirit guides speaking to music and other unexplainable sounds or them just they can hear.
  • Claircognizance: Very much similar to intuition, claircognizance is the present of understanding. You know something, but signs at hand might point to something else entirely. Occasionally claircognizance is referred to as “a gut feeling”.
Different ways people experience super sensitive characteristics or might try to cope 
  • Having excessive awful dreams and nightmares at least one or two times weekly.
  • Feeling scattered and not fully contained in the moment.
  • Being told you feel shame because of it and ’re over creative.
  • Feeling a continuous drain of life or energy is out of control.
  • Presuming you are crazy because of all the strange happenings in your life.
  • Averting groups and folks for fear of ridicule.
  • Not talking about psychic encounters fear of ridicule.
  • Letting others control and run your lifetime because you feel that you can’t.
  • The inability to say NO for concern with hurting someone else’s feelings while totally disregarding your own.
  • With what other people think of you overly concerned or being offended.
  • Having low self esteem because you feel you happen to be insufficient for some reason.
  • Feeling a continuous great sadness because of the state of the whole world.
  • You might get easily hurt or carry resentments for quite a long time.
  • Staying at home as opposed to heading out on earth and living a life that is wealthy. ISOLATION!
  • Having trouble maintaining love relationships and eventually giving on love totally.
  • An overload of voices or dialogues in the head that has not been diagnosed as schizophrenia.
  • Avoiding family members desire to deal with comments that are sarcastic or their grievances about your sensitiveness.

I’ve done lots of monitoring and reading about folks that were psychic. Is a pattern of abusive or traumatic childhoods which might give rise to a proclivity towards drinking excessively. Many psychics in the public eye have been rather candid in books or their biographies sharing the fact they suffered at one time from an addiction. Some are, or still were, significant smokers. I applaud the honesty of these in the public eye who’ve shared their addiction stories. It really helps other people know they are not the ones that are only real trying to deal with life through mood altering substances and to understand themselves better.

I consider individuals who are very sensitive might have overly open chakras (our energy wheels of life). Thus, their energy centres endured. There appears to be an insufficient boundaries, an expression of feeling or they may feel a constant state of exposure. These dilemmas may have originated from previous lifetimes.

How about Children?

In the U.S. especially, preceding generations did not take kindly to this sort of info delivered up by a kid. Kids are extremely sensitive to what others believe. Of course, this leaves an incredibly enduring opinion that is negative on the youngster that is difficult to beat even as an adult. There always appears to be some shaming little voice in the trunk of the heads telling them they’re evil or deficient in some manner. Sadly, this really is still going on today.

It’s also vitally important to remain detached and to keep matters in perspective. This doesn’t mean you don’t care. It just means you are not taking things too greatly to heart. We are not God and aren’t expected to bear heavy weights of others’ disasters. Without assuming the emotions of those changed, we can only show empathy and comprehension. Say a prayer when you’re striking a very dicey situation and flush excessive bad feelings or negative thought forms which become negative power within your body, down into our planet and get the planet earth to transform it “damaging none”. The earth will know what to do with stuff that is poisonous. Does this all sound woo woo? Possibly. But it works!

In case you have a kid who’s super sensitive, attempt to be really aware of their special needs. Listen to what they should state and try not to get alarmed if it appears really out there. Kids sense and see things grownups usually do not. If you presume your child is extremely psychic, or spirits are seen by your child, seek help out.

As for me, I try and take a daily look at what’s bothering me and determine if there is something I can do about it. I additionally clairvoyantly scan my feeling to find out if any unwanted dark spots or stripes of dull colour have invaded it. Afterward I go about clearing these out. Until I know my feeling is clean I stay on the top of it. Then I bring in golden light and brilliant white for protection and reinforce the energy field around me making certain the outer margins are strong.

Keeping a strong spiritual or religious life is essential. There’s a tendency to feel alone and isolated, if one doesn’t have some type of support. Be sure you have someone to speak to who understands what’s happening in your own life and I don’t mean always dumping your problems on buddies as well as co-workers. What I propose is keeping a sure therapist or clergy person (who hopefully doesn’t condemn psychic beliefs) available for detoxifying. There are still groups on line which have forums for people that are sensitive and psychic. Be careful you do not discuss very personal information with anyone you don’t know. Some groups are outstanding and some not too great. Before becoming involved by it test a group.

Do some deep breathing daily, and attempt to meditate at least 15 minutes to clear out psychic debris. Getting a healing or energy balancing session is a very good way to return into emotional and spiritual robustness. Finding a good healer is important. They help you move the energy out which is not serving you and remove negative energy, negative thought forms of others that have become stuck in your field, and mend what is obstructed and can evaluate your power field.

For healers, mediums, and professional psychics, the same guidance applies. Too often I have observed because they don’t discharge energy from other people’s issues following a reading, psychic associates become quite ill. And, it can happen to any of us.

Writing in a diary helps. I always thump into my pupils the need for maintain a log of not only psychological or occasions that are day-to-day, but paranormal happenings as well. One will not need certainly to compose a novel. Merely several sentences are adequate. Also, I love to date it and note the phase of the moon. In addition , I pay attention to any eclipses which might have recently occurred. Over time, a pattern will emerge and you also might glean a much better understanding of why and what is actually happening in your daily life.

Please don’t be ashamed about it, if you think you might be super sensitive. Superb sensitive folks frequently get to be helpers and the great healers in the world. If you are feeling this state is damaging your lifetime, turn it about in something favorable. “Make lemonade from lemons.”, you’ll often hear me say.