soul contractCan A Soul Contract Reading Really Tell You What Your Soul Has Planned For You In This Life?

Some people don’t believe we have a Soul, and feel that life is a random series of events and there’s absolutely nothing pre-determined about life.

But what if that’s not true? Exactly what if you do have a Soul and it did put in place a total life strategy for you for this life? I understand for myself I would like to know exactly what it was, and undoubtedly I have taken a look at my own soul contract reading.

My soul contract reading was fascinating to say the least. At the time of doing it I was going through a major profession modification, as well as it was a period of extreme spiritual development. The reading helped me to affirm the career modification as I might see that I was meant to be doing something along the lines of helping others on an emotional and spiritual level. I had actually constantly felt this and that’s why I never felt comfortable in my career. It also showed me why I had been through such enormous individual obstacles at a psychological level, and why I was constantly taking a look at things from a deeper perspective. My Soul Destiny (an overall motivation or momentum throughout your life) was to ‘enter into complete soul awareness’ this undoubtedly made good sense as I had just recently found spiritual peace. 

Nearly all individuals that I have ever given a soul contract reading for are deeply moved and informed after the reading. Some have ‘aha’ moments, whilst others may say little since they are by nature more reticent, but always, there is acknowledgment on the part of the recipient of the exceptional mirror that a soul contract reading offers. As such, it remains in itself a healing session. For example one of my clients had a reading with me, and through this she was able to comprehend why she experienced really intense and difficult relationships in her life, and that this itself was what her Soul had actually prepared, and was then able to go on to be less worried and included in other people’s concerns, and discover limits. As constantly awareness has a method of launching our concerns.

The background to Soul Contract readings is as follows:

  • It is based on the numerology of Moses (regardless of the scriptural name) and a system of non spiritual life purpose guidance. Individual readings are based upon the sound vibration of your birth name (as it appears on your birth certificate). The name that we are provided at birth holds the resonance of a particular sound which in turn brings in to us all that we have to experience in order to learn our lessons, accomplish our goals and optimise our talents. Regardless of some individuals’s views, it would appear from the accuracy of readings that your birth name is not a coincidence.

Individuals typically ask me if two people with the very same name will have the very same experiences. My response is that broadly yes, because the sound of a particular name gives rise to the arranging of external reality in a particular method around that individual. The universe is pretty rational! If you go on to change the name the brand-new name will also affect your life, so changes and shifts happen in a person’s life depending upon taking on a brand-new married name, or choosing to use a label in every day life instead of your complete name like myself Holly Joy instead of Holly (Joy) Donner. Your name, it seems, has a result on all elements of your life.

A reading offers interpretation of the contract your Soul has actually put in place to learn and grow during this life. It acts to confirm whether you are ‘on track’ and if in some aspects you are not, what brand-new instructions to take. It can likewise make sense of why certain things have actually occurred the method they have in your life. It’s like a life compass or map, offering clarity, instructions and function.

The aspects that a Soul Agreement reading particularly reveal are your karma (or challenges), goals, talents and overall soul fate. The technique is to use your skills to overcome your karma and after that achieving objectives ends up being simpler. The soul destiny reveals you what you have to do with fundamentally, like a flavor that impacts all parts of your life. It represents an essential aspect that is likewise a sign of our highest capacity and general purpose.

Knowing what talents you have actually, whether manifested and used or not as yet, assists you to determine the ideal work or business, creative pursuits, role in society or the best ways to make a difference with others, relationships in our life, spiritual endeavors etc.

Moms and dads can likewise take advantage of a reading for a kid as it can assist parents with a much deeper understanding of any concerns with their child, and why they act in particular methods. This can then assist to balance circumstances, understand family dynamics better, and have higher empathy. A reading will likewise reveal moms and dads what their kid’s objectives and talents are, hence this can help when directing them where direction to take in life as they move into their adult years.

All in all, a Soul Contract reading is an incredible method to learn what your Soul wants for you in this life. Armed with this deep soul-level information, life can start to make real sense. The sort of sense where the options you make going forward are aligned with your soul purpose, and hence feel right.