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Psychic Holly Joy: Welcome to Across The Realms psychic talk radio, I’m your host Holly Joy. Today we are going to open a discussion about speaking with spirits. Our guest tonight Jess Steinman, she is a psychic medium, intuitive card reader, teacher, integrated energy therapy master instructor, advanced reiki practitioner and practitioner of crystal healing and total energetics and founder of InTouchWiththeSpirit.com. Welcome Jess.

Psychic Holly Joy: I understand that you don’t just book these services online via phone and Skype, but you are also quite popular locally in East Hampton, Massachusetts and even travel sometimes to give reading parties. Can you tell us a little about what you offer locally and difference between your phone and Skype readings versus your local work?

Jess Steinman: Sure, absolutely, so I have travelled quite extensively and worked more regionally here in Massachusetts, as well as Connecticut and New York. I have also travelled out, to California, to San Diego area, to Arizona, to Tucson and around that area and basically what I do is, my primary work that I do psychic Mediumship and intuitive tarot card reading. Each reading that I do is combination of all of these modalities, so it’s not like I step ready and say “Well, if you want a card reading or do you want a Mediumship reading, its combination of all of these modalities”; and what I also do is I do both private reading and group reading as well. I have done, some parties where I’ve done individual reading one’s after the other, after the other, but I’ve also done group readings where I’ve reached from anywhere from four people to my largest group that I did was actually fifty person gallery last December. At the local restaurant I did an evening of spirit connection, where people received messages randomly through the audience. So, what I do is when I’m working with the people in person, I have a number of different card decks that I work with and I have them choose a couple of the card decks and I work with them I intermingle all of the decks and meanwhile those on the other side that want to show up definitely come through and their presence is known during the reading. When I work over the phone or Skype, the main difference is that I’m no longer choosing the cards of the person, but the energy that comes through very similarly. I’ve always believed that everything is energy, so it doesn’t matter if somebody is in person with me or over the phone, the messages are still goanna come through, very accurately and very clearly and it’s just the matter of whether I choose the cards or the person in front of me chooses them.

Psychic Holly Joy: Now, obviously you have a long list of credentials besides being a medium. Could you walk us through what integrated energy therapy and total energetics are?

Jess Steinman: Sure, absolutely. So let’s start with integrated energy therapy; both modalities, by the way, are forms of hands on energy feeling, the total energetic can also be done hands off the body. But to talk about what integrated energy therapy is, basically it is a form of hands on energy healing, similar to what you might see with reiki or quantum touch or any of those other hands on energy healing modalities and it works with the energy of healing angles to get, as I like to say, the issues out of the tissue. Basically, a person will be on a table and there are different cellular memory areas that the practitioner will place their hands on and channel in healing energy and the idea of I.E.T., interpret energy therapy is that we are taking, basically releasing the pain of the path and intergrading it with the joy and the presence of the now moment. So, that’s the basic concept of the behind I.E.T. and there are specific tools that we can use within I.E.T. based on whatever the person is going to, certain, specific things that we can use and they are moving through particular areas involving pain or emotional distract different things that they’re moving through. So you have different tools for all these areas and first for energetic and another, form of energy healing again can be done and hands on the body, hands off the body, remotely I’ve done sessions for people across the country, without ever meeting them in person and basically the idea of total energetics, like I said before- everything is energy and idea behind total energetic is that we are energetic beings; meaning there are three parts to our beings, physical, emotional and spiritual. Everybody can pretty much agree on that and if you think about it this way, emotionally and spiritually, that’s energy, that’s all energy. Physically, do you think of the physical body of all the people anyway think of the body as solid as something hard, tangible that you can actually touch and the idea behind total energetics is that you look beyond just these physical, sort of hard, you can touch it, you can be it, you can feel it. If you put things under a microscope you will see that everything truly is energy. Under these strongest microscopes, you’re just seeing that everything is a wave of energy and potentials; so the idea is that we are total energetic beings and if you make a subtle shift in the energy, a tremendous amount of transformation and healing can happen. I’ve seen it in my own life, I’ve seen it with other people who have received it, that there’s a subtle shift maybe in the energy field and tremendous feeling occurs, whether it’s physical healing, whether it’s emotional healing, it’s really amazing- what a little change can create a potential force.

Psychic Holly Joy: Do you ever work with proxy in place of a having a client there with you because of distance?

Jess Steinman: Oh, absolutely- when I’m doing remote energy healing, I actually, I’ve had a couple of different stuffed animals I worked with and just do the session that stuffed animal in place of a person.

Psychic Holly Joy: And, is crystal healing sort of the same or what is that?

Jess Steinman: Yeah, crystal healing, is something that I’m trained in and I don’t do as regularly but what I do is crystals are, again, everything is energy, crystals fold and amplify certain kinds of energy and especially for those who are familiar with the chakra colors, all the different colors of the rainbow. Using the crystals based on those different colors can help to either amplify something, so for example- say somebody is really having a hard time being grounded, having a hard time just feeling connected and being centered. I’m going to use probably some red crystals with some orange crystals working with them, whether in person or remotely, can help get them more centered in that root chakra and that second chakra, more grounded and connected. But if they really want to open up their true abilities, maybe have some more vivid dreams and connections. I’m going to work with them with purple, with white, maybe with some light blue crystals to help amplify that third eye and crown center energy. So, the idea of crystals is basically working with what’s there can help amplify the energy.

Psychic Holly Joy: Very interesting, now you’ve mentioned energy going down into your issues. Do you also work with past life issues or as things like that with these?

Jess Steinman: Sometimes if they come up and certainly we can address them as they do arrive. I’m not specifically trained as far as past life for example and I don’t particularly read auras but if something comes through during a reading that I’m sensing in somebody’s aura or energy field certainly I will bring it through or if I’m working with them on energy sessions certainly I will let them know or if I get a hint sort of speak of past life, I will definitely bring that through, but it’s not something I particularly focus on as one of my specialties, so to speak.

Psychic Holly Joy: Right, so, out of your specialties- did you get started as a medium and if not how did your journey build up to the point that it is today?

Jess Steinman: Sure, kind of a long story short- basically I started off as a skeptic entirely and didn’t believe in any of this. I really thought that, all mediums, all psychics were frauds and fakes and all of that and didn’t believe in any out it. I had what I called my quarterly crisis in 2002. I was in music major on college. I left school before completing a degree. Came home and sort of went through what I would call dark night of soul, just did a lot of soul searching and got dragged quite literally by a friend of mine to my very first reading in August 2002 and was so skeptic after that, didn’t had that instant moment of believing but what happened is the months and the year to follow I had a lot of experiences that were what I would say syncretistic experience, things like I couldn’t deny even though I kept trying and what finally happened is that in November 2003., I went to go see psychic medium by the name of Susan Northrop and during the seminar with Susan she guided us to meditation. I saw my grandmother who passed about year before and she came through very clearly during this meditation and my world was just blown open because I also had a huge fear of death, so here with me disgusted and totally afraid of death, suddenly having her world turned upside down by this meditation. Then I wanted to know everything I could, so the first thing to me that made sense was to take a taro class, because the cards were something tangible, I could see them, I could feel them, I can get very clear messages from the images on the cards. I took those card reading class and in that class was somebody who taught reiki and in taking reiki that opened some other things for me had some other, you know, synchronistic kind of experience that I couldn’t explain. Well, again, to make a long story short, about a year reading the cards, I was doing a reading for somebody and their nephew came through from the other side. This was my first experience outside my own family coming through and it scared me, I said no, no, no, no, no, I don’t want this, I don’t want to talk to dead people and the more I said no and the more I tried to push it away the louder they came through and so basically I ended up, after pushing it away and pushing it away for a few month’s time and the louder they got I said okay. Obviously God you want me to do this, you want me speak to spirits. So, I guess I better learn how and I took different classes and different workshops and finally somewhat reluctantly, put myself out there in the medium and the rest is history as they say.

Psychic Holly Joy: The most common clairs for mental mediums as you are, seeing, hearing, feeling and knowing, could you explain your strongest clairs by walking us through your medium ship process and how are you able to communicate with spirits?

Jess Steinman: Absolutely, for me the strongest one, I would say, because of my musical background, because I tend to hear things differently. Anyway, it’s clear audience, they’re clear hearing; I’m basically when I am speaking with those on the other side, I am listening and I am hearing what messages they are bringing through for me. So basically it’s not as though you are hearing me speaking too right now, it’s not that clear, I wish it was, I wish that it was this kind of message with somebody that come through and say “Jess this is so-and-so’s mother, come out there and this is how I passed and this is how it looks like”. It’s not like that, I wish it was that crystal clear; I often say it’s like psychic charades and so basically I’m getting things that, for example, sound alike. So, for example, I’m working on the names like Ellen and Helen, very similarly, I will hear names like Pit and Pat, very similarly; so I have to then make sense of the psychic charades, so to speak. I will get months and when I get months, I never know if somebody’s birthday, an anniversary, a passing, but I know some someone significant to them, or to somebody in the family. So, I will just, I will hear things a little differently, that is definitely my strongest my strongest ability. My next one after that would be clairsentience, I am definitely very strongly empath, what some like refer to as a psychic sponge, where I fear to feel things very deeply and so I will feel, sometimes physical sensation, maybe how that person pass or things they experience physically in this lifetime if they had any sort of illness or confrontation and I’m like feel that and it’s something I take it on but I just have a slight sensation or either heaviness or discomfort in this sort of area of my body or say had emotional things going on. I will sometimes feel those emotions that they experience when they were here. I will also sometimes just get feelings of if they notice something that’s going on with someone for example- I just had somebody yesterday who’s grandfather was coming through and was saying how proud he was of this young man and for graduating college and how he, you know, stayed truly, although he had some challenges and he got his degree and I could feel this sense of pride from the grandfather for his grandson. So, those are the strongest stabilities for me, but I will also definitely get a clairvoyant images or I’ll just have little flashes and it looks like either a little picture or a brief movies, sort of flashing by out of the corner of my eye and I will get definitely images and it just so quick sometimes and so fleeting and so I actually looking out and have to ask those on the other side to slow it down and give it to me again so I can have back clear image and then the other thing that I get sometimes too is smells and tastes, good and bad. So, for example, I will have moments if somebody was a smoker, a heavy smoker before they passed or in a very near lifetime I will smell the smoke or if there was picture while I will smell that hospital smell, but sometimes I will get this wonderful sense or taste too. For example, if somebody grew flowers I’ll have that beautiful floral smell around me or I will smell things that they use to bake. That sort of things, which sort of sometimes the good things and not so good things to smell and to taste but I will get those messages too and then sometimes that’s what I call the download from spirits the cognizant, that is not that I get often but every once in a while I’ll just get them to knowing of something and then we will see how did you get that or how did they give you that information and I’ll say “I’m not sure, I just know it” and that’s when I know it’s like the download from spirit.

Psychic Holly Joy: When you were talking I was thinking Teresa Caputo on Long Island medium and for everyone that watches that show mediums included, she’s set a high standard for all of us but what you’re mentioning about how information comes through from sprit as more I would say realistic than what’s put on TV. I would say that what’s probably seen come from her show and like you said it doesn’t come in a way that’s like this is my name, this is who I am, this is what I look like, this is how I died, you know that consecutive, accurate information that doesn’t have to be interpretative in any way.

Jess Steinman: Yes, I would say, I mean those shows are great for letting people know about Mediumship. First of all, you know and that is real, it’s not something that is made of, I think it’s wonderful for that and for willing to come into the main screen. So I’m grateful for people like her and like John Edward and like other two would put it out there that this is real and this is accurate and so I think that’s wonderful, but I do agree with you that sometimes, you know, TV is a lot of times about ratings and so they’re going to show certain things in certain ways to get ratings.  Good, bad or indifferent and it’s so, it is very different than how you see it in Hollywood, so to speak, it is not that, I tell people that it’s not like the show that used to be on show with Patricia Arquette ‘Medium’ where, you know, they bit down bottom of the bed, bothering her. If that was the case I don’t think anybody would want to be a medium, because it would be almost too much, so it’s not like that at all, it’s very, very different.

Psychic Holly Joy: Now, you mentioned seeing and hearing is this inside or outside through ears, is this your third eye or physically or both?

Jess Steinman: A little bit of both, basically when I tend to hear it’s not again like you’re hearing me and I’m hearing you, it’s more the way I describe it, especially when I’m teaching, I tell people “Imagine, you know, as I’m talking to you, imagining your mind coming, you know, twinkle, twinkle little star and you can hear that melody in your mind, that’s your mind” and that’s how I hear, it’s more of that sort of inner voice. It’s feeling like I can describe it and people often ask me connected with data, a lot of questions they usually say is: “Okay, if it’s your inner voice how do you know if it’s yours, if it’s something from spirit or if it’s yours?” and what I say to them is that usually the information, if I’m ever questioning, I ask is this information coming to me or coming from me. If it’s coming from me, usually it’s coming from a space that’s ego and that space is wanting to make it work; if it’s coming to me it’s coming straight from spirit and once I asked that question I’m usually able tell whether it’s my ego or whether it’s someone else. So I differ a little bit there but how I hear and then seeing is more outside, I kind of see thoroughly sort of speak; so I was a corner of my eye I will get that image or that little snapshot of video like a mentioned to you and it’s not again like I’m seeing something straight in front of me. It’s more peripheral or off to the size a little bit.

Psychic Holly Joy: Wonderful, great description, thank you. So, you mentioned earlier you touched a little bit on physical cues, besides that, do strong spirits ever affect you physically meaning impacted how you feel not correlating to a reading?

Jess Steinman: Generally I would say that I’ve learned, I trained my thoughts enough now for classes and workshops and practice that I may feel something really intensely in a reading but once the reading is done generally and I’ve grounded myself I just connected from that time, not taking that energy from that spirit. Now, there has been time where I would do a lot of really intense readings in a row or all has somebody really, really strong or very intense moment of somebody professing some very deep brief in a reading and I will feel that when I’m at home but generally that’s just when I, I believe in calling a help from as I call it the upstairs team, so angels, offended masters skies and I tend to call it archangel Michael and just to please, help, clear me from anything that is not mine and once I’ve done that, once I’ve asked archangel Michael to come in, it’s very, very clear, I am able to move on pretty quickly.

Psychic Holly Joy: There is great one wanted to call in and are there any other methods that you used to help nourished medium shift abilities?

Jess Steinman: Absolutely, I mean for me one of the biggest things and I will admit I’m not so good about it now but one of the things that I used to do especially in large first staring was meditation, meditation was the easiest way for me to connect, especially when I was first starting before I even really begun to offer readings to other people. Just for my own connection meditation was the way I did it and a lot of times I would do it through guided meditation’s CD and just being guided to basically to a bridge or to a light larger connect with my loved ones on the other side and that was one of the strongest ways that I was able to develop that and get into the quite space, where I couldn’t hear the messages because things are so busy and buzzing was technology especially and so the meditation is a great way to just get quite, go within and refuse the messages as they come through. So that was, I say the biggest one for me; now I would say meditation still to some extent, but for me I am a various reader, I love reading books, I love giving knowledge and inside it was some, so basically when I’m reading books, you know, personally I’m a big reader of non-fiction and new age and spirituality and all of this. So as I’m, as I’m doing lesson, as I’m learning, I’m giving myself more information, more information to the file cabinet so to speak for spirit to build (?). So that way I’m bringing through message from somebody I can go back to my references and say “Oh, right, I read about this, I know what that spirit is trying to get me to communicate”. It makes it so much easier and more knowledge and information I have.

Psychic Holly Joy: We were talking last week little bit about how a Mediumship readings are just so much more drainer then say a card reading or a psychic reading, is this your experience and if so how do you replenish?

Jess Steinman: Yeah, I would say Mediumship is to an extent draining because it is a very physical process in some ways, because basically you’re being used as the radio antenna, so to speak, for messages to come through, so it is more draining than the card reading, where looking at cards and I’m just doing a reading, it’s very easy for me to just look at the cards and put the way I read, sort of put two and two together from the images and say “Oh, okay, I see what these images are telling me- here’s the message”. It’s a little bit more, it’s intuitive, but it’s a little bit more logical in my mind anyway and it’s different for every reader, but for me personally it’s a little bit more logical. Yes, there is an intuitive component to it, but it says definitely lot of logic and fault is that. As far as Mediumship, there’s definitely and aspect of raising one’s vibration and as the medium raises their vibrations and those on the other side lower theirs there’s a blending process that happens and we meet someone in the middle. So in order to raise my vibration, that’s essentially bringing me a little bit out of the body and depending on how long I do reading and how intense reading is. So longer I’m out of the body or more the intense the reading is, the more draining it is going to be; so it’s definitely for me, it’s always important to have that self-care aspect. So if I know that I’m going to have a long day of readings or if I know, it’s probably going to be pretty intense reading, if I even have the slightest feeling of that, I will make sure that I created that time for myself after the readings are done. Generally I don’t schedule anything after a day of readings; I will in fact keep the next day pretty clear if I can help it or I will at least keep that evening clear so that I can sort of come home and just relax and be in that quite space to be replenish myself after that stuff.

Psychic Holly Joy: Now you’ve mentioned books earlier and whether you’re psychic, whether you’re a medium or otherwise, you’re really always trying to further your development, so on the topic of books- do you have any favorites to recommend?

Jess Steinman: Oh my goodness, there are so many, I will say that one of my favorite books and one of the books that helped me really tune in, as a medium was “A medium’s cookbook” by Susanne Northrop and that was not actually a cookbook of course it is as I mentioned earlier, Susanne was medium who I first saw truly and connected with. I have seen other mediums but she was one that I’ve first truly felt connected with on seminar in 2003 and the “Medium’s cookbook” which came out a couple of years later was really for, it’s a step by step guide and how to connect with those on the other side and I read that book religiously and did the exercise in it over and over and over again and that really, really, really helped me, so that’s a number one that I would say is a great tool. Another one by another one of my mentors is “Psychic navigator” which is by another medium named John Holland and that book for me when actually came as a meditation CD as well which I found very helpful but he talks about the intuitive abilities, talks about the clairs, about the chakras, about developing those intuitive gifts and those two are particularly helpful for me when I was really getting started. Yeah, there are other books along the way but I would say those two are the ones that really shaped things most for me.

Psychic Holly Joy: There’s different places that spirits reside, you know, there’s earth bound spirits and spirits that have crossed over. Can you maybe explain the more common plans of existence with our loved ones and gives us your opinion on where you would say most of them reside to communicate with you?

Jess Steinman: Absolutely, the way I see, ‘cause people ask like, you know “Do you do any work with ghosts or anything?” and the way I describe it, it’s a little snaky but it is true; I say “No”, I communicate, you know, I have done space clearings and I have done all of that working with earth bound and ghost energies and all of that, but my preference and the work that I love doing is with the spirit people who as I say, they are quote & quote dead and they know it and they are okay with it, of course they’re not dead, we know that energetically, but I sort of make that joke about just to make that clarity with it. Basically, when people ask me where is the other side, because a lot of people are raised with the concept of heaven being somewhere above us, you know and if you’re raised with the concept of hell as some are in some religion that’s below us. Well, I believe that the other side is all around us, it’s just another dimension, it’s just another plane, it’s a plane, it’s a place that we can’t see, but it’s all around us. It’s above us, it’s below us, it’s all around and though us I say, we just can’t quite see it, it’s basically where I believe that the other side and I do believe that there are different planes, dimensions to that, you know, for example- somebody might, you know, somebody who attended master like Jesus, like Buddha. It’s probably on a higher plane of existence, than your average every day joy, so to speak, but it’s still they can all meet somewhere in the middle. So I do believe that there is this common ground, so to speak, that is the other side, but it is, it is not up there, so to speak, somewhere, it really is all around us and if we get into that, really still, quiet space. We can feel it, we just have to quiet the mind a little bit and that takes practice.

Psychic Holly Joy: We have a couple of questions from our listeners, the first being if you can recommend a book on clear cognizance or clear knowing?

Jess Steinman: Hmm, let’s see, clear cognizance… Well again, I would come back to that book I recommended earlier “Psychic navigator”, he does talk about clear cognizance in there, most certainly, I would also say, I’m trying to remember the book off hand and I’m trying to say I’m not remembering it, but I remember reading a book by Doreen Virtue, who of course many people know as the angel lady with Hey House, but I remember reading one of her books where she talks significantly about clear cognizance and I am sorry to say I’m not remembering the name of it at the moment , but I remember seeing Doreen Virtue face on the back of the book. So, if they were to look on Doreen Virtue’s website on the Hay House, they could probably find some of that, but I would say other than that, definitely “Psychic navigator”.

Psychic Holly Joy: Thank you. So a common tool for communication seems to be medium’s having a symbols library, so when they see their aunt Marry means something, when they see a penguin it could mean a priest or somebody in a tux. People in spirit have learned to sort of go through their filtering system and the medium’s brain and figurate out how to communicate with them. I’m wondering if you communicate through symbols and if so, if you can give us some examples of what’s in your library?

Jess Steinman: So, I’m going to say that I do and I don’t communicate through symbols. I do because, because there are certain things that I get, that I know, that I know what the messages they’re trying to give to me, but because I tend to work more clairaudient, it’s not so much that I get those visual symbols and a lot of times I’ll look at those and have to think about what they mean, I’ll have to go “Okay what is that or what is that” and it’s very individual for the person. But there are certain things that, that I will get and I understand and of course in a moment I’m trying to think of specific things and it’s not coming to me exactly at the moment but I generally will know when seeing certain things I’m getting for example- a lot of times, I’ll just give you the one I just thought of, if anybody remembers the old Bush’s baked been commercials and the dog Duke, whenever I see that I know that somebody either has a golden Retriever or a yellow Lab, because even though Duke was a golden Retriever sometimes I’ll get yellow Lab, so for whatever reason I always see the Bushes baked beans commercial with Duke and that’s when I know somebody’s got a golden Retriever. So it’s little things like that will come through, for me a lot of times things will come through in musical symbols so for example I will get again musical background so I will get snippets of different songs or I will get snippets of different genres because I like wide variety of music and sometimes it means either that person really has affinity for that kind of music, so for example I am hearing big band’s stuff or swing music. A lot of times especially with the older generation that have past, either they like swing bands or they really love that big band music that used to dance to it, things like that. If I get more modern things from time that message in that one specific song and so I will give the person the name of the song and the artist and say “Go, listen to this” if I look it up on YouTube or listen up on iTunes and go listen to because there is a message in there and that has happened quite frequently and then sometimes it’s just a particular line from a song or particular thing that they will try to get me to know the song. For example if somebody really for stubbornness in their ways and going to do things whatever they want to, I will hear for example Franc Sinatra’s “My way” and I know they won’t going to do it anyway that anybody would going to tell them, then they’re going to be what they want it. So that’s how I get a lot of my symbols and certain musical messages rather than literal symbols.

Psychic Holly Joy: We have a question in chat; do you know anything about palm readings?

Jess Steinman: I actually, that is not one of my strengths. Do be honest with you I actually had my very first palm reading about a month ago with a colleague of mine at the store that I’ve work out of and it was fascinating experience. I’ve learned a lot about myself through it, so I can’t say that’s something that I have experienced with knowledge with. No, it’s the person interested in contacting me, just messaging me either through a Facebook or through my web site, then I can certainly give them the information so that particular reader to connect with them.

Psychic Holly Joy: The question is do they start the reading as far as the palm readings? My understanding is minimal but I believe there is for females who are born with your right hand, for males who are born with your left hand, so I think, I mean it does start with birth, I’m not sure of that but just put it out there.

Jess Steinman: Yeah, I’m really not sure, but I say it fascinates me but I that is not an area that I have expertise on, to be honest with you.

Psychic Holly Joy: I’ve heard, again this is not something that I can confirm, but I’ve heard on your right hand if you have an M, I think it means in your palm M supposed to mean that you’re either are a medium and then on your left hand if you have an M, that’s you can be a medium, so that’s something interesting I’ve heard, I thought to put out there.

Jess Steinman: Oh, that is interesting.

Psychic Holly Joy: Again, I’m not sure if that’s the right hands or not. So, I’ve saw on your web site that you work with over 20 decks of cards. Do these cards also provides you symbols for your library and what’s your favorite deck and why?

Jess Steinman: Oh goodness. Well, first of all I have a joke to that, I say you know, for some women it purses, for some women its shoes, for me its card decks. I love, I love decks because each one, first of all I love the decks that I have, were gifts to me by other people. I would say that making that majority anymore, let’s say at least half of the decks that I have were given to me by others. Then non- coincidentally either, but a lot of them were gifts and so then as I can channel along the way that I like, I would pick them up and for me yes they do provide some symbols, even if they’re similar messages. That’s actually what I really find fascinating is that they’re trying to, especially because I worked with a lot of Doreen Virtues sets that because I love them, I love the energy behind them. They’re easy to read, they easily get the messages from but they don’t go very in depth, and so I find that it’s really fascinating, sometimes when you’ve got two different decks, but even from different authors and you have the same message or the same word on one card in one deck if you do and another. It’s really fascinating to me, I actually really love when that happens, someone’s like have many come often in one deck? It’s okay maybe you can say, you know you can turn gloss over it in the bigger picture and say, “Alright, I got the message, okay, thanks spirit”. So when they come through twice or more it’s almost as this spirit is saying okay, take a look at this and having you upside the head with that almost and I’m loving it in a gentle way of course, but that is always fascinating to me. As far as favorite deck, you know I always come back to tarot because tarot is what I first started with, I really like the psychic tarot by John Holland, but I have to say more recently for me, I say but one towards what has been the archangel power tarot by Doreen Virtue because it combines the idea of sort of the angel oracle deck and the traditional tarot and also worked with four very powerful archangels- Michael, Gabriel, Rafael and Ariel and it just, such a strong, empowering deck that I love to work with. I love the artwork and I love the messages behind the cards.

Psychic Holly Joy: Now it’s not very common, I would think, for a lot of people to work with multiple decks of cards at the same time but this is something that you practice?

Jess Steinman: Yes, it was something that, you know, it’s not interesting but I just started of with one deck, you know when I was first taking a tarot class years ago and than as more decks came in, I just I got an idea of ‘let see what happens when I blend them’, because one of the things I was taught when I was reading cards was is a card that doesn’t make sense or something showing up and you need more clarity- pull another card or pull another couple of cards and so I did that when I was getting in this particular card deck just did not make any sense and so I say “let me see what happens if I pull cards from this another deck”. I was working with the tarot deck at the time and the messages I was getting weren’t making sense and I had an angel deck right next to it and I said “Why won’t just be” and when I pulled three cards from the angel deck it made such clarity as to what was coming through the tarot and I just begun to blend them almost seamlessly and so all of a sudden it made such a clear picture for me. The Taro is being very blunt and straight forward as Taro often happens to do and the angel card is kind of rounded out the message and how makes sense what I was getting.

Psychic Holly Joy: It’s very interesting. Now, I know there’s tarot, and then there’s Lenormand decks or Spreads and the oracle as you’ve mentioned, there’s angel oracle, lover’s oracle. Is there any other kind of decks or Spreads that you can think of?

Jess Steinman: Well, there are so many different Spreads and so many different decks. You know for me as far as Spread go there’s the traditional Celtic cross and there are variation of the Celtic cross, there are here traditional three cards spread which can either be body, mind & spirit, it can be past, present and future. That’s a really great simple reading where you want just sort of a quick insight or you just want to pull a few cards for your day and see what’s going on you know as you start your day. It’s a great thing to be able to do just a quick simple three-card reading. So those are probably sort of most common, there are so many others that I’ve seen, seasonal readings a lot of times where people will pull twelve cards and it will almost like the face of a watch or a clock and it will basically be placed your first card will be on a one o’clock position, that would be January. Your second card would at a two o’clock would be February and so I’m going through all twelve months of the year. Those are probably the most common Spreads I’ve seen, I won’t say that the Spread that I tend to use when I’m reading cards is the one that a friend sort of a showed it to me and then I adopted. I always have the client pick six cards from the first decks that they choose and then I take the second deck they’ve choose and I pick anywhere between two to six cards and sort of place them aside and it helps to again make a more full picture and it’s not a particular, it’s not a specific Spreads like the top card means this and the bottom means that. No, I just honestly, I like the look and the shape of the pyramids, so that’s why I tend to choose that and I just like to place the other cards where I still got it again to round up the reading. As far as other types of decks I know there are other kinds and signs and things, there’s oh I am forgetting what it’s called but I’ve just found them in the store I was working at yesterday. It’s another type of oracle called Lenormand, I believe, I maybe mispronouncing that, but it is, it’s not a deck or system of reading that I am very familiar with but I do know that it’s gaining popularity again it was much more popular many, many years back, but it’s getting popularity again.

Psychic Holly Joy: Yeah, my colleague, I guess you can call her Sydney Sky on Across The Realms, she does the Lenormand decks and I know it is incredibly confusing.

Jess Steinman: Yes.

Psychic Holly Joy: She’s been to several classes and you know it used to be very popular long time ago and now you’re right, it’s getting more popularity. We have someone asking at chat a little more about the tarot. Could you maybe explain the difference between how many cards there are, mayor & minor arcana, those types of things?

Jess Steinman: Sure, basically with tarot there, what differentiates tarot decks from the oracle decks- every tarot deck is going to have 78 cards and it’s broken down into 22 major arcana cards and there are minor arcana. Now, the 22 mayor arcana are basically broken up into numbers 0, 2, 21 and this is the story of the fall, the card 0 is the fall or the clown card. That is the, that is us, I hate to say it but sorry to not to deflate anybody’s ego, but we are the fool, we are the clown, this is our journey through life and the nature-arcana is basically the people that we meet along the way. There are different energies, so the high priest and the high priestess, the emperor and the empress, the lovers, the hermit and then different experiences that we have. The sun, the moon, the stars, judgment, basically different strengths, excuse me, those are just the other, so basically different experiences and different people that we meet along the way and ultimately the 21st part in the major arcana is the world or the Universe and that’s basically the coming together of all of the elements of the world, of the Universe to support us. It’s sort of that issue imagine it, we are the fool, we are the clown and the Universe of the world card is our return to spirit, our return to oneness, our return to the Universe, that’s how I feel it. So that’s the major arcana in the nut shell and then the minor arcana is basically these are what you’ve consider what a regular playing card deck is made out of it, made into four suits. Typically you’ve got your pentacles, which represent the Earth, you’ve got cups which represent water, you’ve got Swords which represent air and then you’ve got Wands which represents fire and so basically those are divided into not only the four suites but you have cards one to ten and then you have your Court cards. So in a lot of times these are usually Paige, Knight and Queen so again this will vary depending on upon the deck and the artwork and all of that but the general standard tarot card desk that’s what you’re going to see as far as your, as far as imagery. Oracle card decks are different because oracles are built on specific scenes, they’re not going to have major and minor arcana and they’re going to be built upon a specific scene and quite honestly this is just my experience, other people may have different experiences but my belief is that they’re not so quite as in depth as a tarot deck, because in the taro you’re going to see everything, the taro is going to shine light on everything, the good, the bad, the indifferent. Oracle card decks are going to be focused upon one theme or one idea, you know so, there’s angel oracle card decks, there’s mermaids and dolphins, there’s fairies, there’s crystal oracle card decks, a number of different, different decks out there. There are probably as many, as many ideas as you can have there are decks for out there. A great resource, for card decks is the site called aeclectic tarot, its aeclectic tarot, aeclectic with an A at the beginning, A-E-C-L-E-C-T-I-C tarot.net. Just go you know on Google and look up aeclectic taro and you will find thousands of decks and even the one that have yet to be published, that are sort of in the process of being made and they have tarot and oracle card decks on there and it’s fascinating to just go and play and see what is on there.

Psychic Holly Joy: Thank you and just to put it out there you can even find online decks to print or how to make your own.

Jess Steinman: Yes, yeah, absolutely.

Psychic Holly Joy: So, we’ve mentioned earlier, we’ve talked about that you work a lot with energy. Being a light worker are you able to tell if someone near you is also a light worker?

Jess Steinman: Oh, very clearly. A lot of times I will just either feel something from them, it depends sort of the conversation where either I will feel something from them or I will just see a spark in their eyes that will let me know or I’ll just hear the way they’re talking. Either the subject of their talking about or the way in which they speak and I’ll just sort of have that knowing or that feeling that yes, they are indeed a light worker. I think that there are a lot of light works on the planet at this time and I think that mother Gaia needs us, so I definitely feel that a lot more light workers are emerging and stepping into their gifts fully, so yes, I absolutely will feel that and I basically will tell somebody if I think that they are light worker and not aware of it. I will say to them “Yeah, time to get going light worker because the Earth needs your gifts”.

Psychic Holly Joy: On the opposite side of the coin if you’re giving a reading do you ever feel, I guess, like something is off and you just know if something’s off when you’re giving a reading?

B: Just to clarify, something’s off how so, it’s the person or it’s what’s coming through or, or…

Psychic Holly Joy: Right, right, how you interpret, I guess the message and things like that.

Jess Steinman: Got it. You know, it’s fun as other things I’ve been doing reading now for 10 years, 11 years I think now that I’ve been doing reading and you know, I generally know what I learned over time is that I’m very clear in what I’m getting. You know, I might, I might sort of example, not exactly hear a name for specifically as it is like I’ve mentioned earlier. I might get a Pat instead of a Peat or an Ellen instead of Helen, but I still know the message that’s coming through and I know very clearly what is showing up. I’m very clear what I’m getting and I know how to interpret the information that I’m receiving. If somebody isn’t getting or they aren’t understanding it, a lot of times just because experiencing what, what, a sort of like co- psychic amnesia where they’re just in the energy of the reading and sometimes they can be really overwhelming to be in that hot seat, so to speak over reading. So I will honor that with them and say “You know what, just write it down” or record this reading and that way you have to go back to your inner, calmer space or you know ask you to have a little more time to process, you can definitely go back and check. A lot of times they’ll come back to me a few weeks, a few months, even a year or so later and say to me “You know what you said to me when I met with you was you was right on and I wasn’t aware of it at the time”, that happened so many times, I can’t even begin to count the times that it’s happened. But I will know if something is really off and it’s very rare that happens with me now but I will know in the first ten minutes other reading if something is not mashing, usually I will know in the first five, but at the most ten minutes into reading I will know if something is not mashing either the person is ready to receive the messages. Maybe I’m just having, for whatever reason, I’m not able to get information from that person, so whatever reason not really sure why I’ve learned that’s necessarily question why, but that means that I’m not meant to read for them. Then I just say to them “You know, this is now working out, we can either make it another time or maybe there’s another reader that will be a better fit for you”. So I know why I ask right now, but I also know myself well enough to know that I’m pretty clear and then a lot of times it’s just a little that a little time is needed for the messages to sink in.

Psychic Holly Joy:  For those who have lost a loved one, what would you advise as far as how long to wait before seeking a medium, especially if it was say an unexpected passing?

Jess Steinman: That’s a great question and I, there’s, you know, I’ve used to say very clearly “Wait six months after somebody has passed”, that was how I really first started doing this. What I’ve realized now is that people are in very different places and they’re stages in grief. Some people need, you know, six months or a year or even a couple of years before they’re ready to come see a medium. Their grief’s really intense and they need walk through that grieving process with family and friends and maybe with help of a counselor or a therapist or trained professional of some sort to help them move through the different stages of grief, because Mediumship is not a cure for grief.  It can be a really helpful tool but it does not replace traditional therapy or traditional counseling or any sort of other support in that way. At the same time if somebody is really strong and their belief in their knowing for example that their loved ones really is okay on the other side and they’re just moving through the natural grieving process and they’re in a relatively peaceful state even though it might have been unexpected or something unusual and they’re able to be in relatively peaceful space and it’s normally then. I hesitate to help people a few weeks after a reading, you know, excuse me, after a passing to come through a reading, but there are people who have done it and they’ve had great readings and it’s really helped in their grieving process, but I say that’s a very individual thing and you will know with certainty what is the best course of action for you. Really check in- if you’re feel like it’s going to help you then great, but the one thing I tell people is: “It’s not a cure for grief” and also it’s really important not to become depended upon the medium for that connection and I have had that happened or people have come to me shortly after passing and they want to come back every couple of months or so and make that connection again and I that’s when I say to them “You know what, I love helping you but I feel this is something more for a counselor or a therapist  to be able to assist you with”, because I don’t want that person become depended on me for that connection with their loved one.

Psychic Holly Joy: Especially if they had a really strong connection with there, say, their parent. Another thing I guess to maybe take it to consideration would be if the person that passed might they’ll be ready sooner, if they’ve believed in mediums in life, if they have a strong personality or a presence?

Jess Steinman: You know it’s a really individual thing, I have had you know people who came to me as skeptics or that are dragged to a reading and then left reading in tears because they’re loved ones came through and they’ve couldn’t believe that and they’ve never believed in anything like this before and suddenly they’ve made into believer that day. I’ve had other people who you know, their loved ones on the other side that did not believe in this in life, actually it was rather funny because I had somebody a few years back so she wanted her grandfather to come through so badly and he, she was afraid that he’ll wasn’t going to come through because he was a skeptic in life. Well it was kind of funny because I really believed that those who were skeptics, they’ll sort of get a little surprise party when they go on the other side, it’s like all of their loved ones meet them and say “By the way, this is real” and we’re all here to meet you and help bring you over and gives them a welcoming party and so I really believed that he was fun in the light but he was true to his personality because I got a very sort of snarky, sarcastic kind of energy with him which she did validated with definitely personality, but he kind of stayed true to me and said “I didn’t used to believe in any of this till I’m- fill in the blank, I will say for the sake of radio, I did not used to believe in any of this – fill in the blank- when I was here but I just want to come talk to my granddaughter, I really don’t want to talk to you” meaning myself and so I kind of laughed at him and now I’m having this conversation with him in my head and the woman is wondering what I’m laughing at and I say “Your grandfather is saying he really don’t want to talk to me, he didn’t believed in any of this stuff in life and he just want to talk you” and she’s just “That’s sounds like grandpa”.

Psychic Holly Joy: We have another question in chat and they’re wondering Have you ever had anyone that you’ve couldn’t or wouldn’t read?

Jess Steinman: I have had moments were it has just been a very clear feeling of somebody that I could not read for whatever reason and its rare, but again I believe in help from the upstairs team and so if their is somebody that I’m not supposed to read it is like they will block the opportunity from happening or something will come up.  I had woman come into the store that I’m at and she wanted a reading that day and was very insistent and it was one of those in the first five min. I knew that I wasn’t going to be able to read her but I continued because I was in the store and couldn’t really turn her away. What happened was in 10 min. into the reading she got curious saying that i was not making any sense to her and she wanted a refund and stormed out the door and it was really interesting because I was basically telling her things that were true but that she didn’t want to hear, it was stuff about her relationships and stuff about, her father was coming though and saying to her that she needed to get her act together financially, with her relationships and otherwise and she did not want to hear that and so I knew it, but because I was in the store I could not turn her away.

Psychic Holly Joy: On the topic of communication, do you have any psychical cues such as spirit chills, tingling in your upper chakras, things like that?

Jess Steinman: I definitely have moments were I will get those, I have a friend that calls them angel bumps and I love that, just those little moments of synchronicity were things will come together and I’ll just get a little chill that let me know that spirit is really working over time to get my attention and in a good way. Or will someone will validate something that is coming though in a reading and it will be so crystal clear I just want to give a really quick example because tis one of my favorites, I had a young man come to see me at the store I read out of and he was a skeptic dragged in by his mother and sister and it turned out that his best friend had passed in a car accident, he got into a car crash with a truck and will killed instantly in the crash and it was amazing because he didn’t tell me who he wanted to connect with he was just dragged there and was not really saying much, the friend comes though and I got fleeting images of the car and what had happened and then the very last five min. of the reading I kept seeing the commercial that ran a couple of years ago with the Pillsbury dough boy going though the security at the airport and being pocked and laughing and I’m hearing this Pillsbury dough boy laugh and I’m saying to him “did you see that commercial, will you understand why your friend is talking about the Pillsbury dough boy?” and he got white as a ghost and he looks at me and he goes “OMG how did you know that” and of Couse I didn’t know what he was talking about and I said “how did I know what?  I’m just telling you what I’m seeing” and he then explained to me that he and his friends called the friend that was stilling living would always come over to this young mans house and the first thing he would do when he got their was say hi, open the fridge and see what there was to eat and the friend who had passed said to him “what are you the Pillsbury dough boy?” When he validated that for me I had such chills down my spin in a good way.