10 Hints Of Spirit Communication & Contact

Perhaps you have felt as if relatives or your dead loved ones are attempting to make contact in the other side with you? 

Encounters like these can mean that you will be receiving signals in the spirit world.

Light Flickering Or Lightbulbs Blowing Out

A lot of people have lightbulbs that blow for no reason, or unexplained lights flickering in their own houses.

This happens to me all the time, I will say something and spirit will communicate by flicking one or many lights. 

When the lights flicker it’s frequently someone in the other side attempting to contact you, so only ask “Who’s this please”, in the mind? A name or a face will come for you. Don’t believe oh and blow off it it’s your ideas are simply trusted by my imagination.

Music Playing

You hear a piece of music that has been played at their funeral and may turn on the radio, it’s only them saying hello!

Temperature Drop Or Deep Chill

I ‘d say that this can be the most common indication that spirit is close by. There may be a chilly wind or the room temperature might unexpectedly drop without door or a window . We’re warm blooded and spirit is energy that is pure. Occasionally they are going to come quite close to our energy field and some individuals can feel quite strongly this.

Giving Psychic Readings I often have very specific areas of my body get a deep chill or wake-up “cold as a corpse” as a side effect of astral projection. 

Seeing Repeating Numbers

Occasionally folks keep seeing the exact same time or certain numbers over and over. There exists an amount that’s being revealed to lots of people recently, it’s the sequence 11.11.

Spirit Contact I Seeing Repeating Numbers

I too am drawn to time and other things that show repeating numbers 11:11, 3:33, 2:22, 4:44 and 12:12. This has a lot of meaning, including spirit and angel contact.

Seeing Names Of Loved Ones

Seeing names of loved ones on license plates or elsewhere.

Just two days ago I got a random email from a recipient listed as “Papa” what I called my father. 


Encounters with butterflies means a transformation has taken place, a signal from a loved one they have transformed around to another side when you see a butterfly.


Having a feather appear that comes from nowhere is considered a sign from spirit, the color can also carry a message.

spirit contact I feathers

Before my son left for summer camp we had a talk about our heart strings and how far the distance we will always be connected, than a black feather fell between us and he gave it to me, symbolizing that we understood divine knowledge and protection. To this day that feather hangs in my Jeep.


It can happen quickly as in the blink of an eye. As spirits aren’t solid. Occasionally we might see something like a mist or fog of human form.

Telephone Rings Once

This can be an extremely intriguing one, the telephone is still thought of by spirit as their link to you personally and that’s what they’d do if they needed to speak to you personally, but of course if you did pick it up you’ll not hear them. Sound on another side is an incredibly distinct to the sound on our world and you must actually tune in from what you’re hearing in the spirit would, which takes training.

Orbs In Pictures

Just what exactly are these spheres of light? They may be spirit letting us know that they’re around us. They’re able to regularly be seen in family pictures shot at weddings, Christmas, birthdays and christenings. They would like to say they are part of the family but that they’ve never actually left you and only in another world.

spirit contact I orbsI caught these lights in front of the trees taking photos of my son before his first day of school.