Can Someone's Spirit Enter Another Person's Body As They Are Dying?Do you think it is possible for someone’s spirit to enter another person as they are dying. I mean within the week or days of death or even after they died? I’m speaking of someone’s mother entering their son? This may seem like an odd question but I am truly curious. Since my mother in law passed away, my husband has seemed to take on her mannerisms and way of thinking a lot. It eerie actually.

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What an interesting question!

I would relate this to someone that channels, in that the Channeler is still their but “steps to the side” to allow for another entity to interact. A part of each of them co-exist in the same physical space.

In your case, I would say your mother in law is connected to your husband meaning, a part of her soul representing this lifetime is attached to your husband’s energy and will always be there as departed family always continues to link with the living. Thus, occasionally, when he “steps aside” her mannerisms are able to interact with him and you. Perhaps, so you can remind him of her by pointing out you were just reminded of his mother and as a way to let you both know she is close and supporting you.