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 Spiritual Beliefs and the Positive Side of Cremation
Obviously, cremation is not something that most of us would like to think about. Any sort of thought process related to death is typically avoided due to our fears of the unknown. From a spiritual standpoint, there are several different viewpoints when it comes to cremation in the present day. The Christian faith, which is the predominant form of worship, seems to take a less confrontational tone on the matter.
The Bible does not make this issue a key priority, which leaves it up to the person themselves to decide on how they feel about it. There are many positives to focus on. From a financial perspective, a cremation saves the deceased person’s family a great deal of money. It is much cheaper than a burial, even if the family still purchases a coffin.
A family is also able to keep their loved one close to them after a cremation. When a person is buried, a family is limited to occasional visits and possibly even guilt about if moving away from the cemetery’s location. Cremation gives a person’s loved ones the chance to choose a special urn or decorative container for their remains so that they can still feel their presence on a daily basis or even divide the ashes with family and friends.
Losing a loved one is a sad enough occurrence without also having the say goodbye to them forever. Being able to keep loved ones close to them even after they’ve moved on to a better place is of great comfort to people.
Cremation is preferable to those like me who do not wish to think of their body taking up space and rotting away in the ground after they’ve left Earth in the physical form. Cremation allows the descended to head into the afterlife with a positive physical appearance. The spiritual beliefs of many dictate that they are able to go through a fast purification process before moving on to their next chapter.
Few forms of spirituality at this time view burial as a means of giving back to mother earth whereas more believe that the gasses that the body emits after death are a form of negative energy and that ghosts and other entities can be attracted this negative energy and begin to disturb the body. This is why some cultures are custom to only cremation.
By cremating a person, you allow them to leave the Earth under the best possible circumstances and for those who have family and friends spread out all over the world, a cremation enables them to come pay their respects when they are able to, instead of the time crunch of a memorial service.
A person’s death does not have to signify the end of your relationship with them. Cremation preserves the remains so that their loved ones are able to speak to them as needed and continue to feel their presence each day. No one wants to think of the ones they love being consumed by the earths natural process or to wonder about their physical state. Cremation gives you the opportunity to avoid such a fate.