Building Your Spiritual Business Mailing List

There is no reason for email to be overwhelming. Mail Chimp is a web-based application that is compatible with most web browsers and so, there is no need to search for and download any new software to install with Mail Chimp.

Mail Chimp is an essential tool for email marketing that helps to automate emails without requiring any code. With Mail Chimp, activities such as social forwarding, tracking and complete analytics can be easily carried out. Mail Chimp has proven to perform better than many Email Service Providers (ESPs).


How To Install Mail Chimp On A WordPress Site

Mail Chimp can be installed on WordPress through its plugin. By going to the plugins section which is located in the WordPress admin panel, make a search for Mail Chimp for WordPress and then install by clicking on the “install now” button. In an alternative way, Mail Chimp can be installed by downloading the plug-in and uploading its contents from the zip file (mailchimp-for-wp.zip) to the plugins directory.

After this has been done, the plug-in can now be activated and do not forget to go to the plug-in settings and set the API key for the installed Mail Chimp plug-in, this can be found by clicking the provided link.

Sign-up forms can be configured from the forms section in Mail Chimp for WP. This is where a Mail Chimp list can be selected for people to subscribe. If necessary fields can be added to the form through the add Mail Chimp field dropdown. With the short code [mc4wp_form] a sign-up form can be embedded in pages or posts.

And if you so choose to show a sign-up form in the widget areas of your psychic website, the Mail Chimp widget Sign-Up Form can be used.

Creating A Mailing List

When people are interested in the work or products you have to offer on your psychic website they have to subscribe to email marketing lists through available sign-up forms. These forms are normally situated on the sidebar of the website. When emails are sent they are called campaigns. Before this can be done a list must first be created.

A subscribe form can be placed on the website to achieve this feat while email addresses can be imported or added manually however it is expedient that people subscribe to the list. By so doing, you have sought their permission to supply them with newsletters.

It is important that you pay serious attention to spam laws and etiquette that guide the sending of mails. Do not add an email address if the contact has not given its permission however, if there are signs of interest from a contact, you can invite them by sending a short email that serves as an invitation to subscribe which must contain a link to the form.

Excerpt From The Complete Guide To Building Your Online Psychic Business Using WordPress

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