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TAPPING TO MANIFEST YOUR DREAMS- EFT AND THE LAW OF MANIFESTATIONWould you say EFT tapping is better way to manifest your dreams compared to other tools, and if so, how?

To answer this question, it’s probably best that I share with you a defining moment, and a resulting “compelling story”, that brought me to where I am today – coaching people like you on exactly how to overcome their inner blocks, chronic problems, pain and other suffering to create a life they LOVE! That defining moment in my life happened in my life when I was 23.

I got into a bad car Accident at 23 that started my spiritual journey – I got into Louise Hay – lots of journey regarding self-worth because as a child  I was always told that I was a handicapped child. My parents divorced when I was 7 yrs – and they couldn’t handle me so they sent me every week to see a psychologist. It continued for 10 years – 10 years of programming that I was somehow broken, hopeless and unfit for society.

Well, it’s a good thing I didn’t believe them. My first goal was to become a teacher – took a lot of work, I struggled, overcoming my own self-worth issues to be able to face the public. Then I became a teacher, and then I became a good teacher, a great teacher because I decided to be.

I got into EFT or emotional freedom technique because I was a REIKI practitioner on his healing journey learning everything I could get my hands on to heal my own pain and I was doing coaching and law of attraction work – but I found it took too long to come to  actual solutions and that’s when I found EFT.

EFT was a much more direct, simple, fast and effective method so I gave it a try. It worked! I always wanted to help people in an effective manner and when I began helping people  I found miracles – they stopped being addicted, they started walking after not being able to walk, or gained confidence after having deep issues with their mothers and it happened in one or two hour long sessions! That is a miracle in my book.

I helped a woman new to hypnotherapy find the confidence to leave her corporate job and be a good hypnotherapist and she attracted 5 new clients quickly right after the tapping! Within one week!

And my neighbour who doesn’t believe in this sort of a thing, she had problems with her teeth and also problems with nightmares – she hasn’t been able to sleep for 20 years – she was afraid to sleep. Now, after only 1 session yes only 1 session – she sleeps like a baby and has no problems with her teeth! The results continue to amaze me…

I cleaned up my own emotional history and started teaching others how they can do the same: I watched their confidence and bank accounts SKY ROCKET, I watched their love lives improve, their nightmares and toothaches disappear!!

I have since made a commitment to dedicate the rest of my professional life to helping others breakthrough their inner blocks, make more money, have more joy, love, ease, success and abundance in their life.

do you want cash“Do You Want Cash?”  incorporates EFT to manifest money, are the techniques for manifestation different and how does it differ from other books on manifestation?

Great question. I believe we are all co-creators and we are all manifesting our realities all of the time. When you become conscious of that, you then become aware of your blocks. When you become mindful that is where your journey starts.

Most people have got some issues with cash, I myself I had been struggling with cash for years. Eventually I realised that the answers  we seek lie within us. There is no better person than you to heal your wounds. And another thing I realised is that you can’t manifest the life of your dreams without cleansing your negative or destructive beliefs.

Your beliefs hold the key to solving your issues. Sometime you think you are doing the right thing but in fact you are not . That is why the results are not showing up. Some other times you become so obsessed with the object of your desires that you create resistance and the lack in your life.

EFT clarifies and simplifies things for you. EFT is so easy to use that it would be a crime not to use it.

What I like best about Emotional techniques in general it is that they  give your back your sense of  freedom regarding the area of your life you had issues with. Your are not held prisoner anymore.

What I like best about EFT in particular it is that you can literally and completely change the quality of your life in no time at all.

DO YOU WANT CASH? free editionYou also have a free Kindle Edition “Do You Want Cash” eBook, do readers have to have any prior knowledge with EFT to use your book?

No. I take the reader by the hands. I take them step by step so that they can do the programme by themselves. I mostly use WHAT IF questions so that the subconscious mind of my readers will not block the positive effects of the belief. Let me illustrate this concept: if you say to yourself I AM RICH, I AM RICH, I AM RICH, and you are poor, your subconscious mind will automatically say: who are you kidding? Even your conscious mind will make you feel inadequate. However, if you tap and say at the same time: WHAT IF I AM RICH? Then your subconscious mind can’t sabotage that and will let the self-hypnotic command I AM RICH  go in.

So what you actually do when you tap WHAT IF questions is,  you  remove a barrier- your conscious and subconscious mind- and you  change an existing negative belief, which is not serving you I AM NOT RICH.

ATTRACTING HAPPY RECOVERIESAttracting Happy Recoveries is set differently by using fables, how would say these (or this) short story/s touch and affect readers?

We all need and use fictions in our daily life to make sense of our reality. What I like about fairy tales and  fables it is their authenticity. Everybody can see quite clearly a side of a character that is universal. The good, the bad and the ugly. The lover , the wife and the bad neighbour. …Whatever it is, there are side of yourselves,  you need to forgive in order to move on in life. ATTRACTING HAPPY RECOVERIES was written so that people who had been through a trauma could reflect on their life, their own behaviour and their own emotions. And see the positive side of the occurrence. Using morals, these fables make you see things from a different perspective and I hope they make you smile too.  One of them deals with alcoholism. The moral of the story is: So in conclusion, why don’t you reconcile yourself with the elf within, in order to get some straight answers? If you can’t find the elf, don’t worry, find yourself a potato, speak to it and the rest should follow.

ATTRACTING HAPPY DREAMSAttracting Happy Dreams is a book but also a tool asking readers questions to prompt personal reflection, how does this process assist in attracting happy dreams? Is it a workbook? 

I believe people should get a coach to push them forward and make them see beyond their own blinkers the realm of possibilities. We are so conditioned and so trapped by our own experience and upbringing that we sometime miss the obvious that stares us in the face.

Having somebody ask you tricky questions will give you results. You will have no choice but take the high road rather than the known route. Your comfort zone is your greatest enemy. Your dreams can’t happen if you do nothing to reach your goals. The law of attraction stipulates that you use your body , your mind and  your feelings to get what you want. So indeed actions are needed.

Just a quick reminder here: YOU ARE 100% REPONSIBLE FOR WHAT IS HAPPENING IN YOUR LIFE. Your vibrations, choices, aims, who you surround yourself with, what you wear, where you go, what you focus on… they are all  your responsibilities. Even the way you react to a difficult situation is your choice. You are in charge of your feelings and emotions as well.

The reason I wrote this book in the first place was to allow people who had no money to get a coach the chance to get their life sorted.

ATTRACTING HAPPY CONVERSATIONS- A CRASH COURSE ON NLPCan you explain the benefit of Attracting Happy Conversations? What NLP is and how it helps?

We are on earth to communicate with others, to do things with others, to work with others, to share meals and reunions with others. And most of that is done through conversations. The best way to create a rapport with people is to be able to communicate with them in such a way that they feel understood and cared for.   If the rapport is not established then your communication process is tensed and disharmonious.

NLP is a tool that can be used to communicate with others. When I was a teacher, a lecturer or   during workshops I adopted my speech so that each learner could benefit from my teaching. Some people like direct answers. Some like long winded answers. Some like to have a lot of facts …what matters is that you give them what they require and need.

NLP uses language to frame and reframe a message.

THE MAGIC OF- WHAT IF?Everyone has regrets and asks those “what if” questions, especially after the loss of a loved one. What would say the negative impact of asking “what if” has on people and how can your book THE MAGIC OF: WHAT IF? make that impact into a positive one?

WHAT IF QUESTIONS are my passion. We live in a world full of information, full of opportunities, full of technological devices but the fact is  despite all of these we feel stress, we feel we can’t breathe, we are constantly checking our phone and social media.  We have literally destroyed our abilities to dream by providing ready to be consumed dreams. These dreams are not our own but what marketing gurus   have imposed on us, making us believe that they are our dreams.

THE MAGIC OF : WHAT IF?  was written so that hope and expansion could be felt at once, in any area of your life. Your imagination is your greatest asset. If you let others take that from you , your world becomes small and your dreams are not out. Moreover WHAT IF QUESTIONS help you see things from a different perspective by distancing yourself from the here and now reality.

So to answer your question, the negative side of what if questions is that you enter another reality, it makes you an observer  rather than  an  actor of your life. You can really see your own flaws , which usually, you would not be able to access so easily and effortlessly.

But once you see the problem, the challenge, the flaw, the things that needs fixing then after that you can be your own rescuer and fix your own issues.

Crying, feeling helpless, sad or in pain is one of the worst thing ever. Tapping on the 8 acupressure points and repeating WHAT IF suggestions can literally calm yourself down, make your pain go away, soothe you and heal you. For me if the emotions and feelings in a person are under control then the person is functioning at his or her best.

WHAT IF I am lucky to experience this pain? What If I am lucky I have loved so much? What if I have been very fortunate to have John in my life? ….Seeing things from a different angle can literally change your mood and allow you some comfort.

Karma Free BabiesLike most mothers I have regrets and ask myself things like “what if” I took better supplements, took better care of myself during pregnancy so I find your book KARMA FREE BABIESs intriguing. I’ve never heard of the concept so I’d like to know how a mother can use your book to empower herself and her child prior to birth?

First thing first, you did your best with what you got. The past is gone so no point feeling ashamed, regretful….

I wrote this book when my sister was pregnant. I have never given birth myself, I am not a guru, I hardly know anything about pregnancy and prenatal workout at all and I am a man but I was forced by spirit to write this book. It came to me during the night. So I started writing affirmations first. This book contains 10 months worth of affirmations designed to ease the mood and emotions of the mother. But because it is a sacred time where the mum talk the affirmation to her future baby, the mum and the child change. These affirmations change the way the genes of the family are being formed by removing karmic debt. We have all heard of families were history repeats itself. We have all seen families in which the same traits were passed on from one generation to the next. This book is based on the 5 principles of REIKI. Over the years it has been improved by my students’ inputs. It is now not only an affirmation book but it also contains quotes of famous people regarding the affirmation of the day.

KARMA FREE BABIES is also a reflection book in the sense that the mother writes her thoughts  down on a notebook  after having read the affirmation and the quotes of the day.

I think women are really the shapers of our futures. And their babies are our futures so it was important for me to address the future generations of this planet so that our future world would not reproduce the same mistakes.

Everyone wants to be Happier, Wealthier and Healthier but we are also creatures of habit. Knowing this do people find your book 3 WEEKS TO CHANGE YOUR LIFE FOREVER and the 21 habits to incorporate into your daily life within, a challenge?

The main premise is that your life= your choices. Your habits and what you do regularly determine the way you are, the way you feel and the way you react to things. And by extension those habits determine whether you are a success or not.

Life is simple if you want to. What works for everyone will work for you. If you disagree with that you won’t like this book. If you eat well, drink well, feel at peace, if you are loving….you have more chance to be wealthier, happier and healthier than if you don’t.

In this book I called the affirmations mantras because in my mind these daily affirmations needed to be repeated over and over again.

What is funny is that I wrote the book but it took me several years before I was able to implement its content into my life. One day I stopped everything and phoned my girlfriend. I complained and whined and told her that nothing was manifesting in my life the way I wanted it to. She heard me and then she mentioned my book. And then she asked me “Are you telling people to do things you are not applying into your life yourself? “ At the time I was drinking 2 litres of Dr Pepper a day. And then it hit me. She was right I had the tools, I knew what to do but I did not do it.

3 Weeks To Change Your Life Forever is a law of attraction book based on the fact that you can’t have a beautiful life unless your work on all the areas of your life at the same time. If you only work on improving your love life then you might have problem with your family, your health, your money… However if you change your habits and you incorporate them into your life then they become second nature. And surprisingly your life is changing as a result, your energy is changing, …your dreams are manifesting.

7 DAYS AT THE PRESSWould you agree reading romantic novels like 7 DAYS AT THE PRESS opens ones heart chakra and helps them attract romance?

I studied creative writing in Luton, UK for my degree and took at least 38 creative writing courses to improve my skills after that. I now teach creative writing during workshops. I help people structure their work and find their own style.

I made a pact with myself a long time ago:  go for what was pure and essential namely write  about love in all its shape and commit to love to help humanity at large.

A romance fits my bill. I believe we read to get inspired. I don’t really think reading romance helps you attracts love but it gives you this soothing feeling that is feeding your soul and that is what matters.

HORRORANIMALS FOR YOUR SOUL by STEPHANE SAVOYEHorrorAnimals For Your Soul is another ebook you offer for free in Kindle Edition, the title and cover have a silly but also serious kind of feel. Are these conflicting emotions intentional and what is their purpose towards the readers personal development?

A society that does not respect animals is a society that is lost. So many people are ignoring the fact that we are mainly humans meaning closer to the animal kingdom than what we might think.

All these stories contain morals and were a great fun to write. I believe animals can teach us one thing or two and are more spiritual in nature than what we credit them for.

All of life is to be respected period. This is a spiritual world. We are all all interlinked by  Source.