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“Almost immediately after talking to Rachel, this one black bitch in the class raised her hand. This is where the snowball gets pushed off the side of the hill. The girl asked if she could use the restroom. Mrs. Chen told her no because she told us at the beginning of the semester to go before you come to class. The black girl became angry. The snowball is getting is getting bigger. The girl started yelling about some entitled bullshit of it being a stupid rule. They yell at each other back and forth which produced a full on argument. The snowball is building momentum. Rachel looked at me, the other girl beside me, Amber, looked at me. The snowball is huge and tumbling to the bottom. After a few more moments of shouting, Mrs. Chen yells. SMACK; the snowball hit the ground. The professor, in a fit of rage, told all of the students that class was dismissed. A barrage of questions stormed about.

“Wait, what?”

“What about the lesson?”

“What just happened?”

“Is she for real?”

“What about the test?”

“Yeah, what about the test?”

“Is it multiple choice?”

“Do we need a scantron?”

“What exactly do we need to study?”

The questions continued until Mrs. Chen replied back. She said that it doesn’t matter and we should just leave. Once again that passion took over and she became dedicated to getting that black girl to the dean’s office. Everyone else was pissed, but I was incredibly amused by the whole scene. After laughing loudly, pissing a lot of people off, Amber approached me.

“What the hell just happened?”

“Fuck if I know.”

“Seriously, they doing too much.”

“I agree, they are taking this way too far.”

“They are and we have a test next class.”

“This should make things more interesting.”

“What about the test?”

“What about it?”

“You don’t care?”

“Not really.”

“Well I still can’t believe her.”

“That girl.”

“Really it was both their faults. The girl shouldn’t have started shouting and Mrs. Chen shouldn’t have stopped the class.”

“You right, but…”

“I know I’m right.”

“Fuck you.”

After talking to Amber, I went straight home because fuck the rest of my classes.”

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