Access Your Third Eye & Clairvoyant Abilities

We are all born with senses. It is through these senses that we learn as we grow, it is through these senses that we develop our taste, unleash power urge to touch, communicate and comprehend, and view the world. We are all also born with a six sense though are third eye; this sense is the ability to see the invisible, to feel and know of the unseen.


In the world of metaphysics clairvoyance is known as the ability to perceive things that are beyond the natural scope of your regular senses, to have an intuitive understanding of the world around you. It is also said that everyone hose’s power within themselves. The power has also been called extrasensory perception.


When we seek to explore the realm of metaphysics, and the unknown, we must first discover that the pathway is often through meditation. The quieting the of mind, and erasing negative thoughts, right in the moment allows us to be still within ourselves, and gain access to the world of the unknown and unseen.


Every living being houses subtle bodies of energy, there are three channels, these channels are called Nadis, and there are 7 energy called chakras. The third eye sits in the middle of the forehead, and is the center of clairvoyance sight (I like to tap it sometimes & feel it tingle). This is where your clear vision comes from. You do not have to be fine-tuned in clairvoyance to feel vibrations and sense the paranormal, and the unseen. As you seek enlightenment you will begin to see auras, sense beings, and feel the Universal presence of all living things in a way you never imagined possible.


There are also those who never lost all of these sense since their birth, some of us lose the ability to see beyond as we grow however, there are those amongst us that can see certain things that the naked eye cannot, like apparitions, spirits, and the past or future.


At some time or another we have all felt a certain strange feeling in our gut that we could not explain, felt the hair on the back of our necks stand up, or decided to change directions in the course of a trip because of a feeling or a voice inside. We have all experienced this at one point in our lives and it is undeniable.


When we begin to perceive through the subtle senses our lives take on new meaning and we can truly embrace who we are and our purpose for being becomes clear as start of the voyage to release our true inner selves and uncover our inmate ability to see those things that we could not see before with the naked eye.