Should I Tip Psychics? Psychic Reading & Service GratuitiesThe Basics Of Tipping


Psychic Readings

You tip waitresses, hair stylist, and Uber driver but do you tip your psychic?

The thought might never have occurred to you, or only did now because you had a Reading and now wonder if you should have tipped. As a Psychic myself I sometimes have Clients that tip me via Cash, Paypal or by Booking more than they need. I’ve heard this is common place and theories clients tip psychics because we are so used to tipping service providers that we feel bad if we don’t or like its expected or because psychics offer a service that you can’t get from many other people and if you like your Reader, you find it fitting to throw a little extra cash their way because they make themselves available to you on call or go above and beyond or even feel like a Friend.

How I Feel About Gratuities…

Although, I will accept a tip, its usually unexpected and after the fact. Of course when I receive a thank you note and notice of a tip being sent, it feels good because I’m happy knowing my clients happy and appreciate the kindness in the gesture but, I never ever expect or ask to be tipped because I’m a sole proprietor and set my own rates. In terms of Cash tips, my impression is people want to feel an equal exchange so, if the client feels I (the Reader) gave more than they gave me, than offering a little extra money to balance their internal scale serves them more than the energy associated with saying no.

Should You Tip A Psychic?

There are also pros and cons to tipping a psychic, and reasons why you should flat out refuse to tip them (especially if their asking!). Instead of worrying about what you’re doing right and wrong, follow this handy guide to stay informed for your next trip to a reader.

If you are satisfied with your Reader and feel compelled then go ahead and offer a tip; but know that a Psychic Service gratuity is NOT typically expected and many clients before and after you whom were just as satisfied left without giving any extra monies.

Whether or not you should tip your psychic depends greatly on whether or not you find the service worth tipping for. A psychic whom you’ve never used before that you’re wary of when it comes to their accuracy may not be deserving of a tip, much like you probably wouldn’t tip a nail stylist who painted your toes the wrong color.

FUN FACT: This happened to me! I didn’t know it was cash tips only and could have walked away because I just had my credit card but… Instead I drove to the ATM to get $5 and drove back because I felt so bad about not offering something. I know, I’m not the only one that feels like, regardless of the caliber of the service, a tip is still required, especially if you want to go back or the service is usually better. Look within yourself and see whether or not you feel like a tip is necessary, or if it may leave your psychic sour for your next visit (in that case, find another).

How Much Gratuity Should You Give?

Your tipping rate can also be a spot of confusion if you do decide to tip. Should it be 15 percent? 10 percent? 20? It’s hard to know if you’ve never tipped before. Keep it simple and tip the usual rate you would when you go to a restaurant. If you feel like 15 percent is enough for a waiter, it should be more than enough for a psychic who makes a living wage. If a psychic is asking for low price points, just settle at 10 dollars. A 10 dollar tip is very generous for a psychic who is giving out free readings, which can also help out your karmic balance.

Should a Psychic Ever Ask for a Tip?


  • A reputable psychic never asks for or expects a client to tip them, or pay extra to pray for them, lite a candle – whatever.

When you’re someone who doesn’t actually make minimum wage, tips can be what separate you from being homeless or living under a roof for another month. As such, many of those who don’t make a living wage will place tip jars around their areas or give the best service possible to make ends meet. Psychics, typically can’t support themselves or family’s (well) just by giving Readings; you may notice they also do Reiki, house clearing, meditations, weddings etc. but, your tip will make or break them in most cases.

Asking to be tipped should be a RED FLAG!
  • Many psychics who aren’t legitimate will try to swindle clients for as much money as they can, or will offer extra services and advice for a tip. These psychics are to be avoided, trust me.

    Possible Alternatives to Tipping

    If you aren’t comfortable tipping a psychic, do something else for them instead. You can easily refer a friend to their services, or even post a good review of their reading online, its the kind gesture that counts.