How Many Psychic Readings Is Too Many?Can You Get Too Many Psychic Readings?

I see lots of clients and don’t actually keep an eye on how often they book with me. But sometimes clients will begin checking in weekly, daily, or perhaps more frequently, and I know it’s time to intercede. You can get too many psychic readings while it’s amazing to truly have a regular connection with your psychic.

Sam was just such a client. Then he called in the following week with a particularly difficult scenario at the office, and I didn’t expect to know from him for another few weeks, although we had our customary monthly session. Fair we did a reading, and he was on her way. He called again the following week to get a followup after that it was only two days before he was back about a situation.

I began hearing from him quite often, and then one day it had been clear—he was pursuing a relationship with me, which isn’t proper in any way!

Anna was calling in weekly to talk about issues. By the end of each and every session she felt much better, although everything was always a drama. It became clear that what she really wanted was focus, also nonetheless, I discovered she wasn’t making any advancement and had no desire to really use my guidance at all.

There are red flags in each one of these scenarios. Let’s break down what to look for so you can remain in a healthy relationship with your psychic.


You are an empowered, creative being, regardless of how low or victimized you may feel sometimes. Hopefully your adviser can help you see this reality, but it’s easy to start to depend on such voice in one other end of the line, especially if they’re compassionate, and helpful. Occasionally we don’t have folks like this in our daily lives, and checking in with your adviser might be by the end of a hard day like a treat. Nevertheless, you can’t become dependent on your psychic—just as you shouldn’t be dependent on your boyfriend, best friend, or mom. Relying on someone for great guidance is different than feeling such as you need them to get during your day or week. Also, it isn’t healthy if you start feeling like you can’t make a decision without consulting your psychic. You have great judgment by yourself! Don’t give away the power to define your personal life.


Psychic advisers aren’t prospective romantic partners! But though they likely do care about you, you aren’t exceptional. They will have a few other clients and must keep that boundary. And should you find a psychic chatting you up—drop them! This is in or n’t professional your best interest.

Addicted To Attention?

This one is challenging for all of us to see in ourselves. Nearly all folks would swear up and down that we aren’t addicted to attention and drama but many people actually are. We learn as kids that keeping the play high gets mother or dad’s time, and so we transfer that into our other relationships. Psychics are trained listeners and most are empathetic, compassionate people. Though it may sound harsh to say—remember that the psychic is paid to pay attention for you. In the event you aren’t making any progress and merely calling up every few days to get a warm, fuzzy feeling of validation… well, lots people would feel that wasn’t in your greatest good.

Confounding/Contradictory Guidance

If you’re telephoning your psychic every day or consulting many psychics in a brief period of time over the exact same issue, you’re probably going to get contradictory advice. You are not seeking actual help but instead searching for someone to let you know the answer you want to listen to. The more you try and control an issue by “knowing what’s going to happen,” the less likely it is you will get precise info. Your chaos and despair really shuts down your subject and makes it more challenging for a reader to get solid information. You’re only going to confuse yourself. Take a step back if you uncover yourself in this particular type of spiral and recall that you are in charge of your life. Take back your power!

Psychic guidance is a tool to assist your daily life more efficiently and develop. It’s not a magic bullet or a replacement to your personal judgment. Used in moderation, working with a psychic can be a helpful, empowered step into your greatest future. Take the time to establish expectations that are realistic, figure out which sort of reading is right for you, and understand the extent of psychic powers and what psychics can offer. Along with determining on a psychic consultation routine that is healthy, these steps, will help you take advantage of a psychic advisor’s guidance

Begin today, create an empowered relationship with Holly Joy!