Famous Psychics Many people have learned about famous psychics, including Edgar Cayce, Nostradamus, and perhaps even Harry Houdini. But there have been numerous other famous people with psychic or “ psi” abilities that you might not have understood about. Let’s research a couple of them!
1.) Mark Twain

Mark Twain (born Samuel Langhorne Clemens), famous American author and entrepreneur, experienced a precognitive dream of his brother Henry’s departure. In the dream, he attended his brother’s funeral and watched as a flower arrangement of white roses with one single red rose in the center was placed on the casket. Within several weeks, Henry was involved in an injury that resulted in his passing.

The funeral, including the memorable flower arrangement, was as he had imagined it. Twain also predicted the year of his death, saying that just as he was born in a year of Halley’s Comet, he would perish when Halley’s Comet returned, which he did, in 1910. Through his short stories, Twain also called the internet in 1898 (you are able to read the short story here)

2.) Abraham Lincoln

Abraham Lincoln and his own wife, Mary Todd Lincoln, were quite involved in the Spiritualism movement of their time (1840-1920s), holding séances at the White House and having ghost photographs taken after their son Will’s passing. However, those that knew President Lincoln personally learned that he appeared to have knowledge of events ahead of their happening, predicting the outcomes of conflicts before word was received, telling others as early as 12 years old that he’d be president, and foreseeing his own death.

Like Mark Twain, Lincoln dreamed of a funeral taking place in the White House and in that dream, he asked one of the soldiers who had expired. The soldier responded, “The president. He was killed by means of an assassin.” Within a couple of days he said farewell (not goodnight) on his way to Ford’s Theater and was assassinated.

3.) George Washington

George Washington isn’t frequently heard of when mentioning famous figures that had psychic abilities, but during the winter of 1777, after his retreat to Valley Forge, it has been said that Washington experienced three spirit visitations. Known as the three great perils that were “,” these visitations were interpreted as prophetic pictures of war for America.

The first appeared to capture the battle and loss of life in the Revolutionary War. The second foretold the Civil War, and the third may be calling a war which has yet to happen, involving Africa, Asia and Europe. These visitations were recorded in Washington’s own words and are cataloged in the Library of Congress.

4.) Nikola Tesla

Serbian-American Nikola Tesla is well known nowadays as a brilliant inventor, engineer and physicist. Throughout his life, he experienced blinding flashes of light accompanied by visions, which gave him insights into his work and, some say, forecast the future.

For instance, in 1901 Tesla called the development of wireless communication and the smartphone – a handheld device he imagined being used for playing music in distant places and for instantaneous communication. In 1926, Tesla described another hand-held device that would enable individuals to view events happening at a distance, equivalent to the streaming video we take for granted today.

5.) Joan Crawford

The actress Joan Crawford isn’t frequently associated with psychic powers, but she undoubtedly did have a series of encounters that qualify as telepathic. The celebrity claimed to have had an irrational fear of the dark throughout her life. Consequently, she always left a light on in her bedroom all night. Over a number of days, her bedroom lamp would begin flickering and alternating between very bright and almost out between 11 p.m. and midnight, which terrified her because of her fear of the dark.

She called in an electrician and he found nothing amiss with the lamp or the wiring. It was only the bedroom lamp that replicated the routine, although she spent the third night she turned every light on in the house. On the fourth night, she slept in the guest room as had her bedroom lamp malfunctioned exactly in the lamp and a guest room. The morning of the 5th day, she received a cable from New York telling her that an old buddy had died the previous evening at midnight, having struggled for 4 nights between nighttime and passing. The buddy was hurried to the hospital for emergency surgery that happened at 11 p.m. the first night Crawford’s light trouble began. After that morning, there were no more prevalence of flickering lights in her bedroom or anywhere in the home!

6.) Elvis Presley

Elvis Presley is not someone you might expect to find on a list of famous psychics, however there’s some reference to his ability to perform psychic healing that is quite fascinating! Elvis not only believed he had the healing touch, there are many reports of others witnessing this phenomenon.

For example, on a ski excursion a buddy had an accident that significantly injured his knee – he was in so much pain, he was awaiting rescue and could not walk. Elvis put his hands over the injured knee and also the pain and the injury vanished. In a different case, a motorist with severe chest pain had pulled to the side of the road near Nashville, Tennessee. Elvis ordered his driver to stop so he could help. Placing his hand over the man’s heart and wrapping one arm over the guy’s shoulder, Elvis assured him that he would be acceptable.

The pain subsided immediately and after making sure an ambulance was on its way, Elvis got back in his bus and go back on the street. Elvis additionally claimed to have psychokinetic powers (psychokinesis is the capacity to move things with the head), which he developed and enhanced the more he studied this matter. He claimed in order to transfer leaves and turn the sprinkler system at Graceland off and on. Even to this day, lots of people still believe in Elvis’ healing powers; after his passing, seeing Graceland in the hopes of being cured.

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