Upside & Reversed Meaning Of The Fool Major Arcana Tarot Card 0

The Fool

The Ruler: Air

The major Arcana starts with the Fool. He is represented by the number zero. In medieval times he was the court jester. An innocent in god’s eyes who said and did the most inappropriate things and got away with it. He chooses and does what he wants.

The Fool is the card of new beginnings and making choices. It represents unfolded potential which is neither good nor bad but contains both good and bad. The choice is the Fool’s to make whether to go on the good path or bad. He is at a crossroads.

Upright Meaning Of The Fool 

This represents the type of person who is unconventional and does not care or listen to what others have to say. The fool does what is comfortable to him. He does not hide from the light; he is like the light of an innocent child.

This card stands for new beginnings, new choices to be made, new experiences and a new path or direction one is thinking about taking.

It is also a path or choice that is filled with uncertainty. The Fool is a card of taking chances. The expression associated with the Fool card is “look before you leap.”

It is also a card of a new life energy cycle. It is about energy, force, happiness and optimism. The Fool is about overturning the status quo of existing states of things by unexpected happenings. Innocence, naivety and spontaneity is also attached to the Fool. The Fool is the card indicating that important decisions have to be made.

Reversed Meaning Of The Fool

When the Fool is reversed it is advised not to take risks at this time. It is also advising against rash decisions, as well as impulsive actions and choices. Upside down the Fool represents being foolish, gambling, instability and wasting creative energy. When the Fool appears in reverse it is indicating that it is a bad time to make commitments and also indicates that this person likes to start things but never finishes what they start. It also points to a person who is constantly changing their environment and job.