Top Benefits of Numerology ReadingYou can enhance your numbers by doing a number of things. By doing so, you’ll draw similar energy that you possess. When you use your lucky numbers, you’ll do a better job at attracting positive flow of energy, and before you know it you’ll have a lot more luck.

Your Address

Are you planning to buy a home? If so, try to find homes that have addresses that incorporate your lucky numbers. The street name should be taken into consideration because the name can be turned into a single digit via numerology.


Phone Number

Try to have several of your numbers in your phone number. If possible, use all of your lucky numbers.

Relationship & Compatibility

Are you feeling unlucky in the love department? If so, then pick up a compatibility report alongside a heats desire number or soul urge number as it is otherwise known. You might find that your numbers and your partner’s numbers are an ideal match.

Your Wedding Date

Choosing a date for a wedding is a popular use for lucky numbers. However, you need to acquire a full report for both your partner and yourself. This will help you choose the ideal date. Feel free to contact a numerologist, as they can provide you with a quality report.

Birth Dates

You can’t choose the date to deliver your child when you are planning a C-section. However, the date can be selected by using numerology.

Choosing The Name Of Your Child

You can choose the name of your child using your lucky numbers.

Car License

Feel free to use your numbers on your license plates.


Use your lucky numbers when the time comes to open your new business to the public. Base the date on those numbers.

Changing Careers

Your numbers can help you decide what date to schedule an interview. It can also play a role in your start date. Not only that, but you can use the numbers to determine what company’s address would be the most beneficial to you or most fortunate.


You can choose to travel dates and your flights based on your lucky numbers. You can even choose departure times, your destinations and much more. If you wanted to be even more detailed, then you could use the numbers to choose a hotel. When it comes to travel, you might be surprised at how many ways your lucky numbers can come in handy.