What is Telepathy and Telepathic Exercises Telepathy is one of the most beautiful of the Psychic Strengths.  It is known as mind-to-mind communication. Everything is all about Energy, our thoughts are energy.  Birds of a feather flock together–consider that thoughts are magnetic, and like attracts like. Depressed people attract similarly-minded depressed people and happy people attract similarly-minded happy people.

What makes telepathy useful?

To know what people are thinking or feeling about you; to recognize precognitive material or intuition, to send positive messages to your subconscious or to others. On a subconscious level people are aware of what you are thinking about them and they treat you accordingly. Find a partner to practice with and practice both sending and receiving- you will soon find out which one you are best at.  To be an effective sender you must have high energy, focus your thought, power your thought and finally – send your thought, let it go and watch it move toward the receiver.  When receiving, you want to be in a relaxed and low energy state of mind.  Open your mind to a receptive conscious alpha state. Be alert to recognize when a thought, that is not yours, has entered your mind.   Telepathic messages can travel at speeds faster than the speed of light.

Here is a meditation to help you practice being on the sending end of a telepathic image.  Prepare your partner by letting him/her know when you will be sending them an image so that they will be open and prepared to receive the message.  Raise your vibration, and focus your mind on sending. It is certainly not necessary to use a meditation, but this one will help you get off to a good start.

Special Mediation- A Telepathic Image

Relax and take three deep cleansing breaths.

Picture your seven major chakras opening and glowing with energy.

Allow the energy to circulate freely through the solar plexus, heart and crown chakras – the centers for telepathic communication.

You find yourself on a beautiful, cool isolated beach – feel the silky soft sand beneath your feet as you stroll along listening to the ebb and flow of the ocean.

You come upon a large white rock, which beckons, to you to sit down upon it.

Make yourself comfortable in any position on this rock that you like and bask in the refreshing ocean breezes.

The sun is poised to set, but is still a large, bright yellow ball hanging over the ocean.

Fix your gaze on the large, deep yellow ball.

Close your eyes and allow a perfect image of this big, round, bright yellow ball form in your minds eye.

Allow this image to penetrate deeply into your mind’s eye – if it starts to fade away, bring it back brighter than before.

Now prepare to release it – form a clear picture of it gently floating away toward the recipient and then being received by them – clearly and brightly.

Now that you have sent your image, take a few deep invigorating breaths and bring yourself back.

You can now ask your partner what they received.

They may have gotten just the color yellow, or maybe a warm feeling from the sun, or perhaps a circle.

If they received the entire image, they are excellent receivers and you must be an excellent sender.

The key to become adept at telepathy, like perfecting anything else, is practice, practice, and practice.

Be sure to practice both sending and receiving.

When sending imagine yourself releasing and throwing the thought or image, and when receiving, imagine yourself opening up to catch the thought or image.

You could start using images such as Zener cards to sharpen up your inner eye by focusing on one of the images and then closing your eyes and seeing it in your inner vision.

What is Telepathy and Telepathic Exercises

Later they can be used for practicing telepathy with a partner. A set of these cards should be easy to purchase on the Internet, or if you have any artistic abilities, you can construct your own.

-Telepathic messages can travel at a speed, which is faster than the speed of light-

Sending (Active)

Send when your energy is High

Set your antennae (Intention) and prepare to send

Focus on the thought and image you are going to send

Put your energy into your thought

Send your thought and picture it leaving

Receiving (Passive)

Receive when you are in a low-energy, relaxed state

Put your mind into an alpha state and be receptive and open

Be aware when an outside thought enters your mind

Be aware of images and colors that appear

Telepathic Group Exercises

Playing Card Exercise #1

Show everyone but one person a playing card – either red or black – do not concentrate on the suit or number only the color red or black.  Form the image of the color in your mind and push that color out and away towards the chosen subject to see if they get the color correctly.

Colorful Objects Exercise #2

Each member (one at a time) will send a colorful object for example a lemon or orange. All other members, in turn will tell what they received.  (If there are too many people, adjust the exercise)

Colorful Sentence Exercise #3

Pick a person to write a short message on a piece of paper.  Limit the amount of words to six, and include a color and shape if possible.  Example:  I found a red ball today. — Be alert and high energy and set your intention to send the thought.

Each other member will practice receiving—Take a few deep breaths and get into a relaxed state of mind and stay open to receive the thought.  Write down the first thought that enters your mind.  Let each member reveal what he or she received.

Excerpt From:

Guide For Awakening And Understanding Psychic & Spiritual Gifts

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