Why Ghosts Attack The Living & Why You Might Be At Risk


A long time back I read that ghosts cannot hurt the living. Many recorded cases over decades have demonstrated otherwise, including myself after I was scratched following a paranormal investigations. It can be traumatic and often life changing experience. Ghost attacks do occur and often times happen to those who never believed it ghosts – until it happens to them.

 Why do ghost attack the living?

There are many reasons why an individual might be attacked by a ghost or attach to a person. What follows are a few reasons why a ghost will try to attack, what to look out for, and the best way to guard yourself or your loved ones from a mean vengeful spirit.

Why do Ghost Attack the Living?

  • A spirit may fear they may be in danger of being expelled from a place and being found out
  • A spirit might feel as though they are in a dream and lashes out in the living like a blind person
  • A spirit thinks their old home was invaded by strangers
  • A spirit is firmly opposed to any renovations in location or a house they once possessed
  • A spirit is mad, bitter, and might have feelings of hate to the living
  • A spirit would like to seek revenge for a wrong-doing experienced in life
  • A spirit desires to seek control of an individual and might attach to them
  • Some other motive and a phantom could be mad enough to try to hurt the living

Signs of a angry ghost episode

  • Scratches and burning sensations occurring while either awake or sleeping.
  • Feeling light headed or dizzy
  • Of being unable to breath
  • sensing a feeling of threat or lengthy danger
  • Pets and other creatures, e.g., horses seem to appear frightened, fidgety, exhausted, or ailing
  • Smacking or striking by imperceptible powers
  • In cases a poltergeist activity; objects being thrown

Who might be Susceptible 

  • Before an investigation, appropriate protection was not performed by a paranormal investigator
  • Those heavily addicted to booze or drugs
  • Those who are worn down due to illness or despair
  • Crying from any spiritual source for assistance but not confining it to higher beings
  • Sometimes kids which have inadvertently formed an attachment to some phantom
  • A person who frequently has suicidal thoughts and copes with depression that is deep
  • Someone who dabbles in the dark arts but will not understand the way to shield
  • Without knowing what they are doing, untrained persons that try ghost contact
  • Those who feel like victims of the planet and therefore are frequently subservient to others
  • To prevent the attempts of a man engaged in spreading or growing Spirituality

 Steps for Releasing Negative Spirit

If someone assumes and maintains a higher spiritual perspective, their shield against phantom strikes is more powerful as a result of:

  • Letting the spirit know they are not afraid of it
  • Comprehending they’re more powerful as opposed to ghost and can neutralize the task
  • Claiming back their own power in powerful terms that are verbal
  • So what can be carried out in location or a property to start lifting the energy?
  • Clear out closets, remove clutter, and keep a house or location reasonably clean
  • Keep fresh blooms in the home as much as possible
  • Burn white or gold candles in many rooms (out of the reach of children)
  • Keep the home devoid of any objects associated with dark things spiritual or otherwise
  • Bring as much light as you can to the home

Lots of people will cringe in the idea of religion and prayer and yet, in times of assault and pressure from darker forces, I have observed many turn to prayer that never had before. I do, however, have a solid link with Archangel Michael.
“Holy Michael, the Archangel, defend us in battle. Be our safeguard contrary to the wickedness and snares of the devil. May God rebuke him, we humbly pray; and do you, O Prince of the heavenly host, by the power of God cast into hell Satan and all the evil spirits who wander through the world seeking the ruin of souls..