Ten Basic Principles for Writing Effective Goals For Your Spiritual Business

  1. Affirm Only What You Want:

Think of and write about what you need. The most common error people make when writing goals is the fact that they record everything that they don’t desire rather than focusing on what they need.

For example: Is an affirmation which carries a focus on “debt” in your reality? Swap such affirmations with what you really want like, “I owe no money and I’m fiscally free.”

  1. Write Like It’s Happening Now:

The next most common error people make is they write their goals in future tense.

For example: “I am building a successful career”. This manner of writing keeps your goal in the future.

Write as if the goal is happening now by way of example, “I have a successful career”.

  1. Avoid Using The Words Don’t, Can’t & Not:

The levels of consciousness you are working with tend to bypass the negative tense. Reframe into something which you can do and that you do need.

For instance: when you write I don’t get nervous around my clients – your head bypasses the “don’t” and you’re thinking of being nervous.

  1. Check For The Words Try, And & But:

“Try” is a verb that is very distinct from “do” in you never do it and that you never realize what you need; you just attempt. You’re always in process of “trying” to get what you really need.

For instance: the affirmation “I attempt to give live Readings is different than “I give live Readings”.

“But” is another word to be cautious with because it’s a conjunction which wipes out everything in the sentence that you have composed that comes before it. Ensure this is what you need to do when you catch yourself using the word “but”.

For example: the affirmation I spend at least 40 minutes managing my money but first I take calls” merely affirms that the writer will make their calls. The very first part is shoved away.

  1. Begin With Gratitude:

You can boost the power of your stated intention by beginning with “I am grateful for … ” and then saying your intent. Gratitude is a very high vibrational frequency feeling and is responded to and reflected in a positive sense.

  1. Make It Believable:

Start with where you make your goal believable to you personally. When your goal still feels unreal to you it could possibly be helpful to begin with “I ‘m willing to …” or “My intention is to … ”.

For instance: if it’s your intent to be financially free and you’re starting from a location of having nothing, writing “I’m fiscally free” may feel wrong and you might feel disconnected from this kind of reality. In that scenario, insert a positive feeling like, “I fully intend on being financially free immediately and readily.”

  1. Deal Instantly With Blurts:

Blurts are negative self-talk which will pop into your head. Their goal would be to stop you from change. They’re based on belief systems that are old and must be changed if you are to open to new possibilities and infinite potential.

When you blurt, start by becoming aware of them and telling that part of yourself “thank you for sharing.” Then draw a circle on paper and write down the blurt in the circle. Eventually, take the time to rewrite the blurt as a positive affirmation or aim.

For example: you write “I am an extremely successful, soulful entrepreneur who wakes up daily to client inquiries!” Inside your head you hear a part of yourself say, “Sure. You have so many clients that you don’t even have sufficient money for that bill sitting in your table.” That is clearly a blurt. This is a negative internal voice who needs you to be “realistic” and knows that you just will “never amount to anything more than what you are so why bother.”

Make them apparent by writing them down inside a circle to catch these negative belief systems. Treat them like they’re toxic waste and envision that the circle you draw is a hazardous waste container built to contain the toxin. Then write your intention again and repeat the process until that internal critic part of you is met and also you can feel good about your intention.

  1. Concentrate On The Feeling:

Until you get the “feeling” of the day-to-day statement, write your intentions. Mark Braden is one of the many scientists that note it is really the vibrations brought on by your feelings that attract new realities on a quantum level. Adding an increasing number of detail in your writing about what your affirmation would feel “as if” it’s happening right now tends to accomplish this.

For instance, your intention might be “I practice self-care in my life.”

Now keep composing and imagine how your life would be if this intention was entirely operative right now.

For example: you might write: “I consciously practice self-care, I’m able get regular massages, and take vacations so I operate at the highest degree of my potential.” Keep writing associated ideas until you get a feeling of the goal working. The more information you write the more you can get the feeling of how your life would be if the goal was present reality. The more you get the feeling, the more powerful and magnetic it become.

  1. Ensure Integrity:

You have to take caution to ensure that you align with the highest integrity when you write, if your daily goals involve others directly. If you are unsure of the effect on others in your day-to-day affirmations than, it is recommended that before your intention you write, “If it is in the highest interests of all involved/concerned …”

For example: you may desire to request funds in order to continue a Psychic Circle and might write the intent but, how can we know for sure that the group is meant to keep on? Perhaps it is meant to finish and the group members meant to move on. In cases where you’re uncertain adding a preface to the objective like “If it’s in the greatest interests of all involved …” can help prevent messing with any possible outcomes meant for others.

  1. Follow The Leads:

After your goals are written you will probably start to be presented with opportunities – this is the universe assisting you to take the steps required to manifest your intent. Keep this in mind and when it happens be certain to accept the opportunity, investigate the notion and follow where synchronicity takes you.

Excerpt From:

The Complete Guide to Building Your Online Spiritual Business Using WordPress

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