Automatically Post, Re-publish, Re-post And Schedule Content For Your Spiritual Niche Social MediaWhen you publish a new blog post, how do you get the word out? Do you manually go to a number of different social networks and share your post, or do you let a WordPress plugin or Web service do the task for you?

Sharing is nice since you may add a personal touch to each post, as opposed to sending out the same thing to all your social networks. Nevertheless, it’s additionally a time-consuming procedure. You simply might not have time to share your new content. This is why many bloggers go for automatic sharing, which is not only simpler, but more convenient.

There are numerous methods that you can automatically share your content:

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IFTTT. Brief for “If This, Then That,” IFTTT is a simple way to automatically share your RSS feed content on multiple social media accounts after publishing.

It works like this: you either pay someone on Fiverr to do it for you or you are guided through a process to produce easy scripts, aka “recipes,” where one device or service activates an action in a different one.

IFTTT can be completely free. There are over 300 channels — that are what you mention when producing recipes — dispersed across a variety of services and devices, such as social networks, smart appliances, smart home systems, and devices like weather stations, sound systems, and wearables.

Getting Started

Getting setup with IFTTT isn’t so difficult, even though it may be a fantastic idea to go over to a services site and have a look at exactly what it supports.

After heading into the IFTTT site, click on the Sign Up link at the upper-right corner and then enter the password and email you want to use. IFTTT will take you through a crash course on the best way to use the website.

TIP: pick three accounts that you already have — you will make use of these channels when creating recipes. If you would like, it is also possible to choose more than three, just click on the Show more channels link to view ones you may want to add. When you are finished, click on Continue, and you will see a page with assorted recipe recommendations according to your own station selections.


Now that you have signed up, have a look at the recipes. You will probably find some to connect your social websites. This recipe, by way of instance, allows you keep your Twitter and Facebook profile images in sync, whilst another lets you automatically upload Facebook photos you have been tagged into Google Drive. Select those which interest you — the best way to utilize IFTTT is your decision.

What I’ve discovered in my IFTTT encounter is that it is ideal to automate tasks which may be repetitive for you personally, or the ones which are only a pain in the you-know-where.

For Instance, I have two recipes to promote my own writing. Both utilize ATRpsychics RSS feeds, and track it for new entries containing my name. If it sees a new entry, it automatically tweets the narrative in my Twitter feed, it also publishes a post for my Facebook page. I used to have to do this manually, which required a great deal of time.

Before you begin adding recipes, nevertheless, it is a fantastic idea to run through the 300+ channels and find out just how many you can add until you go nuts. As you add more IFTTT’s recommendations will get much better. There appears to be new channel added each week, so keep checking back.

How Well Does it Work?

My expertise with IFTTT was fairly trouble-free. The majority of the proposed recipes operate nicely without alterations, though some need a little fiddling to fulfill your requirements. Creating recipes is essentially a point-and-click affair, one that is simple and allows ample space for customization. Be mindful that some channels only operate in one direction, meaning that they are able to activate an activity but not the other way round, or even vice versa.

Additionally, give the recipes awhile. The majority of the connections between social networking services are almost instantaneous, however I’ve waited as long as the 30 minutes following an entry appears from our RSS feed for the articles to go out.

There are several drawbacks to IFTTT, also. You may have just one event trigger and a single actions. Sometimes, you’d probably need to get more than one activity, also with IFTTT that is not feasible. You can find similar services which can do this — Stringify is the best choice, in my experience — but those other providers do not have the extensive collection IFTTT has, and that means you are now stuck creating numerous recipes.

WordPress Auto Posting Plugins

Blog2Social (what we use) is one of the most comprehensive auto-posting solutions for WordPress. Not only does this let you share your content to most major social media platforms, it also enables you to organize posts for certain times

In addition, you can add certain tags and comments for each network, which is obviously convenient. The plugin also allows you to customize that images will appear along with your shared content, and even lets you re-share older posts if you would like to showcase a previous ‘article’, or fill gaps on your calendar. What’s more, there aren’t any compatibility issues with Divi.

Finally, Blog2Social supports a number of programs out of the box — you will find networks such as Facebook and Twitter, along with XING, Torial, and Diigo, among others.

Key Features:

  • Auto-post your articles to most major social media platforms.
  • Customize your posts before sharing them on social media.
  • Select which images will accompany your content.
  • Re-share old content periodically.

Price: Free and $80 annually premium version. The premium version offers a 30-day risk free trial and we think the free version is more than enough for most users if you don’t want to put up multiple accounts.

MicroBlog Poster links up with almost every form of the latest social media accounts. What’s even better is you can connect multiple accounts for Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Tumblr. It’s also possible to schedule social media posts about content that’s already been released. The very best part, however, is that it’s totally free!

SNAP allows for automated posting to just about all the major social networks, and a few of the more minor ones also. Not only that, it integrates with other blogging platforms (such as Blogger and Tumblr) for added functionality or cross-posting between websites. Facebook remarks may even be automatically imported as WordPress remarks! The sole disadvantage is that only platforms that don’t demand an API Library setup are supported by the free version. In case you would like to incorporate with Pinterest or Google, you’ll need to make a one-time payment for the “Pro” variation.

If you’ve been blogging for some time, you undoubtedly have lots of mature “evergreen” content that may potentially requires little to no alteration to whom it’d still be useful, to get it in front of a brand new audience. Searching through your archives can be time-consuming, yet. Restore Old Post Pro helps to automate the process, mechanically sharing old posts to your various social network accounts.

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