I believe the collective consciousness lives and breathes inside all of us. Each human being has access to the collective consciousness. No person is denied access to this field of energy and state of being.

To get a better understanding of what the collective consciousness is, I like to break down the phrase into its components.

Let’s Start With The Word “Collective.”

Collective refers to a group of individuals, such as a nation, society or culture. The largest collective would be the group that we all belong to—the group we call “human beings.”
Consciousness refers to being aware of one’s existence through thoughts and physical sensations.
To combine the two words means that as humans we are aware of the existence of other humans and have a mutual understanding of those sets of beliefs and social norms that we all share and have in common.
Beliefs such as the importance of love, kindness, hope, faith, acceptance, charity, creativity and a whole host of other concepts that make life to all humans enjoyable and fulfilling.
This definition of the collective consciousness emphasizes it as a unifying force among all humans. It is the “glue” that connects us to one another even in a world where we are separated by borders, languages, cultural and political differences.
Whether you are a farmer in India or a businessman in China or a psychic medium online makes no difference in your ability to access this paradigm. Your status in life, your wealth or religious beliefs do not restrict you either.
As a human being, you will always have access to the oneness of beliefs that crosses all false boundaries and connects us to one another.
The challenge, I’ve found, is that many people do not realize that the collective consciousness exists. These are the people who believe that they are separate from all other souls. They believe there is no connection between themselves and all that is.
They go through life feeling alienated and disaffected from others. They feel this lack of connection even in those important relationships with family and friends. They do not see how the human concepts I mentioned before—love, hope, faith, kindness, etc—act to bind us to one another. They do not see themselves as an integral part of a unifying whole, the collective or spiritual mind.
Fortunately, there seems to be a shift in human consciousness recently that more people are feeling and awakening too. People are evolving. They are becoming attuned to the collective consciousness. You can see it in day-to-day interactions as people are beginning to seek out new ways of living and relating to one another using the core concepts of love, peace and kindness. 


Composed by Psychic Medium Holly Joy