Psychic Holly Joy – Welcome to Across The Realms Psychic Talk Radio I’m your host Holly Joy. Today we are here with Michael Lennon aka Uncle Monkey of MySpiritualReader.com. He is a cardomancer, psychic, clairsentient, clairvoyant, medium and spiritual adviser with over twenty-five years of experience. Welcome Michael.

Michael Lennon – Thank you Holly. I am very glad to be here.

Psychic Holly Joy – I am glad to have you here. So before we get started, I am curious, you are also known as Uncle Monkey can you tell us how that nickname came about?

Michael Lennon – Well that actually started with my niece when she was very small and first learning how to talk. She couldn’t really say Uncle Micheal correctly so it ended up coming out the first time as Uncle Monkey and everybody in the family would kind of laugh and giggle and thought it was cute, but it stuck. Ever since then it has been the family nickname and recently I have brought that back into my everyday play because it is easy to remember different names. Michael Lennon is a very common name, but people remember the Uncle Monkey part and It goes well with my playful nature.

Psychic Holly Joy – Well that’s adorable. We mentioned that you are a cardomancer, can you just explain generally what that is for people who do not know?

Michael Lennon – Certainly, a cardomancer basically for lack of a deep definition is a person who reads cards. Traditionally it was used for reading playing cards.  You know, a regular deck of playing cards. Now it is broadened its definition to include anybody who reads cards whether it is Tarot, Lenormand, Antique decks, all decks of cards basically you could be considered a cardomancer. I just happen to prefer the old names so I stick with those just like I would stick with the word psychic rather than intuitive.

Psychic Holly Joy – Okay, so you also compose divination radio. Can you tell us a little bit about your radio show?

Michael Lennon – Certainly. Divination radio we started with my host who is a diviner who lives in Okinawa. We got together to start this because we really wanted to create a community that people could come to and learn and elevate themselves and learn more information without having to read the books or have egos attached to anything. We really wanted to give back to the community because we want to develop the newer people, the new readers. We want them to develop and put them out there so that they also get exposure and that people are aware that there is a large collection of people that need places to go to where they can learn and talk and discuss different forms of divination and how others see things and how others perceive it. That way it helps to broaden their information and their knowledge and makes them better readers. So we created it because we really wanted to give back to the community and we wanted to showcase everybody’s different talents and different traditions and the different styles of readings that they do.

Psychic Holly Joy – It sounds very interesting. You mentioned different forms of divination, could you touch a little bit on what those are?

Michael Lennon – Oh, certainly. We have had people on our show who are Tarot readers, people who follow traditions based in Puerto Rico. We just had an angel reader on today. We have had people who divine with shells, bone readers. We try to touch upon as much as we can to bring people in. We also want to find not just their style of divination but how it falls into place with their belief system and their tradition and how it is used within that tradition. So, we get history along with the actual form of divination.

Psychic Holly Joy – I find that so interesting thinking about the history. We have a question in chat: What divination methods do you use?

Michael Lennon – Primarily when I am doing my readings I use an old deck of cards which are from the 1800’s. They are classically for me they are very traditional cardomancy.  They are not a plain deck of cards they are very multi-imaged. They have more than one image they also have geomancy characters on them and different suits attached to them. Depending on how they lay down and which way they fall, whether cards are above or below them tells me which part of the card I am actually going to have to read in conjunction with that. I also tie in the clairsentience and clairvoyance because many times I am calling upon someone else’s spiritual guides to provide me with information. They let me know, the clairsentience makes me shake and I feel the energy going up my arms like goose bumps for some people. Then sometimes they will provide me with an image that I translate to give them whatever information is coming through.  I tie everything to my guides they are the ones who provide most of the information as to where the reading heads.

Psychic Holly Joy – You mentioned the way the cards lay so are you working with spreads are pulling cards or are you just laying them down.

Michael Lennon – I do multiple different methods. I have always used the Celtic cross method because it is a very easy to learn spread. It is a lot of cards, but it falls down to give a story for me almost like a time-line. Depending on the client if they have specific questions I will lay cards out five straight across and I will read them just that way in a time-line going from left to right. There are times where I will also just randomly pick cards from the deck and lay them down and read specifically from whatever cards I pull out. So there are multi different rules that I will work. Primarily I will always use the Celtic cross method as my base because I have been doing it for so many years.

Psychic Holly JoyThat sounds interesting and you have been doing this for a very long time. Can you tell us how you got started and how long it took you to really understand and sync with the cards?

Michael Lennon – Well, when I first received this deck, my grandmother actually got this deck at an auction. She was rummaging through a boxed lot and pulled them out and thought that I would really enjoy them. It was among things she bought because she was an antique dealer. When she came home and gave them to me I sat down with the cards and looked at the actual images they almost started to feel like they were talking directly to me right from the very beginning. It did take a while probably about a good two years of consistent practice learning the different combinations, learning the different nuances of each card as they lay down. So it took me a good two years of practice and doing practice readings and readings on friends and family to understand them. Initially I didn’t have a booklet or anything that went with these cards so they were unknown. They are still pretty much unknown. There are only about three decks that I am aware of that exists to this day. I read them very literally in reference to the way the pictures show up. So if there is a picture on the card that has to do with fighting or war to me that definitely means there are arguments, fighting whatever I am reading on heightens the level of anxiety and the level of things that are taking place. Relationship there is more likely there are arguments going on in the relationship or there could be physical abuse depending on the other cards that fall around. It took a good two years to just start getting comfortable and I have refined the process over and over again over the course of the last twenty years to develop a more intense system for myself that speaks directly on mundane things. So, it doesn’t give me like a key word that I have to interpret. It gives me a physical thing that is taking place and an actual description by the actual picture that is on each card.
Psychic Holly Joy – OK, when we were talking earlier it sounds like this deck of cards really was meant for you and found its way to you. For other people who are interested in divination it would be so hard to find the right deck that calls to them.  We were talking earlier about some options that people have if they find the deck that they want to keep using after it is worn out.

Michael Lennon – Ya, I understand that completely. We were talking earlier, the deck that I have is from the 1850s. I can not actually read from the original deck because it is just too fragile. It is on the original press board. So I actually scanned each and every card in the deck, there are 54 cards in the deck. I actually sent away to a game playing company that makes playing cards. Makeadeck.com is one and I uploaded the imagines of each card and had them printed out on standard poker size cards, a little bit smaller than the originals, but I wanted to continue to use this deck because I was attached to it. So I did that and it wasn’t that expensive because you can order one single deck or you can order multiple decks and I think I paid $17.00 at that time and this was about twelve years ago when I did it. So there are definitely options for people who want to continue to use a worn out deck. Scan every single card on your computer and upload it to a playing card site and have them printed on playing card stock, you can order multiple copies. I have, I call them my mother, grandmother and great-grandmother deck. The great-grandmother is the oldest. She is the matriarch and one of the spirits I work with is female so I keep the energy the same. I give them their names.

Psychic Holly Joy – That is just so neat. I am glad that you shared that with me and with our listeners. So, in your late teens is when you started getting interested in and found multiple spiritual paths. Can you tell us what belief systems you were drawn to in your early years and how these beliefs evolved to where you are today?

Michael Lennon – You know when I was a kid around fourteen maybe fifteen, all my life I have known that I was different. I knew when certain things were going to happen, it was not a developed skill, but it happened enough times that I knew there was something more to it. Of course I grew up watching Bewitched and said that I was going to be a witch when I grew up. I actually just started to pick up books on witchcraft and Wicca . I was more drawn to Celtic magic although I have studied others because I am Irish, that was my heritage. I began to read more books and learn more services and rituals and little spells to do to improve my life, but there was always something missing. Back in that day there was not a big emphasis on ancestors or ancestor reference being proud of where you come from, being proud of the bloodline that has created you. I always knew that I had one particular family member who was one of my guides because she had always come to me and speak to me and tell me. So, as I was getting older and still searching because it took years for me to search to find where I actually fit in. I am still searching, I know where I am and I know the tradition I am in is where I am supposed to be, but there are other refining processes that I want to do. So it progressed from Wicca, Paganism, High Magic, Egyptian Magic and eventually in about 2004 I attended a festival and during that Pagan festival they had some Voodoo drumming being done from a place down in New Orleans that had come up to visit and the feeling that I felt when spirit came over me it was one of the most empowering things, it was a life-moving event. From that point I though I really need to learn more about Voodoo. I started my journey on Voodoo. I went to Haiti in 2006 to become a hogan, which is a priest in Haitian Voodoo. It was then that I started being introduced to the whole ancestor side of things. For me that was my key, this is my foundation regardless of whatever tradition I go into next, my ancestor roots never change. My ancestor magic stuff never changes. All of the work I do with my guides is based around my ancestors, so everything fell right into place at that point. I began learning that multiple traditions, especially ones from Africa and the Caribbean all center around the one creator first of all God is above everything else, but underneath that should be your ancestors. Underneath that should be whatever spirits  that you pray to or worship. I don’t pray to my ancestors, I talk to them just like a would talk to a regular person as if they were part of my regular life, a friend. It has pushed me down that path and once I found that foundation for myself, I knew where I needed to be. That part, regardless of where I move from this point on, that part will never change because that is my foundation that I build on.

Psychic Holly Joy – OK, We have a question in chat. They would like to know how do you get predominately Caribbean traditions from an Irish background?

Michael Lennon – I have always had a firm belief that I go wherever God and Spirit sends you. So if I start feeling an interest in a particular tradition, I start to study and learn about it. I start talking to people who are in those traditions and from that I develop a connection to those people and to those particular traditions. For me it is not all about where I am from , that is my base and my root, but my spiritual side that is for traditions is multifaceted, I will never stop learning, I will never stop following different traditions whether it’s the Voodoo, Sanse or eSpiritismo, I am going to be going down that path at some point because it all strengthens what I already have as my base, it is adding on. My whole family was Roman Catholic Irish, I was never really drawn to the Catholic church. I was always drawn to more spiritually active traditions, drumming I have a big thing for. So it pushed me into going where I felt comfortable and that is where I feel most people, once they find where they need to be, they will just know because they will feel totally at peace within what ever tradition they are going to follow.

Psychic Holly Joy – Right, so you mentioned that in your teens is when you rally started taking an interest in this and that your background is more religious. Did your family embrace it when you started resonating with these other spiritual beliefs?

Michael Lennon – Well I was very lucky that I had a wonderful family. My dad passed when I was very young, but my mom and grandmother stood by us for everything. It didn’t make any difference to them what we followed as long as we were good people, we had good hearts and we did good. They let me not just in my spiritual aspects but in my personal life and in my personal choices of being with people. They let me develop to be who I was supposed to be. It was very easy for me to go full on and not have to hide practicing magic or reading up on stones or any of that.

Psychic Holly Joy – That is really great. I think it’s more embraced now, but for a lot of us when we were younger and had religious parents it was very hush hush.

Michael Lennon – In Sanse in Puerto Rico they either love the tradition or they are afraid of it. You either talk about it and you are a part of it or you don’t talk about it at all and you shut it away. I was just very blessed to have the parents that I did.

Psychic Holly Joy – That brings me to my next question – you mentioned that you studied some forms of magic and Voodoo. What would you say are the most common misconceptions around these practices because you said some people talk about it and other people fear it?

Michael Lennon – Well you know people fear things that they don’t understand. Unfortunately the media, TV and movies portray things unfortunately always in a negative aspect. It is always about the cursing or destroying somebody and that really has nothing to do with the tradition itself. The particular people who follow the traditions, most people who follow these traditions are in it with good hearts they are in it to help to heal and to lift things up. It is not about destroying something or ruining something or demonic stuff–that is what Hollywood does because that is how they make their money. Those are really where the misconceptions are. You can’t really believe everything that you see on TV because that is not showing you the full side of it. There is a very beautiful side to every tradition. Even the ones like Voodoo, that do animal sacrifices in Haiti for their spirits. Where spirits come down, what we call almost like a possession where spirit comes down into somebody. They give information out, but they are there for the same thing to enlighten and give people more information to help them better their lives.

Psychic Holly Joy – You mentioned earlier a little bit about how these things have more to do with energy work and flow of energy?

Michael Lennon – The energy work is, you know, any spiritual person does energy work. When I speak of energy work i speak of calling upon whatever energies, whether it is my guides, whether it is the Loa of Voodoo, the spirits of Voodoo. I do work sometimes with saints and I will call them to help change the outcome of something. By generating energy, and energy can be generated by prayer it can be generated by singing, it can be generated by personal vibration, focus and intent to move things in a different direction. For me my spiritual side would have to do with energy is all related to my ancestors. They are the lot that I draw upon and their skills they had in life are what I draw upon energy wise to help me with certain things. So if they were good at hunting, I will draw upon them for protection. If they were good at finances, I will draw upon them for money things. it’s all about tuning myself into a particular frequency to resonate with a particular spirit that for the energy that I want to bring towards me or to send away from me. Does that make sense?

Psychic Holly Joy – It does. Do you know how many guides and ancestors that you work with?

Michael Lennon – I don’t know them all. I do have about four main ones that I work with. One is my gypsy,most people who do spiritual stuff will not mention the names of their spirits because they want to keep that private. I have a gypsy that I work with it is Irish so the word would be more gippo because that is the word they would use in Ireland rather than gypsy, but it is the same premise–gypsy energy. She is the one who works with me when I do my readings. I also have an old gentleman who is very slow in moving and very slow in talking. He is one that I will call on when I want to do healing work because that is what he did in his life. All of the guides I work with were living beings, living humans on this planet. I draw upon their energy. I have another one I go to specifically for protection work and another I go to specifically when I am at other events that are being hosted because this particular spirit will come down. When I say come down, I will channel them through me and they will mount me and they will be the ones speaking and they will be the ones whether they are doing a cleansing on somebody. I call him my big guy because he is the one who does all of the heavy duty cleansing to get rid of really bad stuff. So there are four primaries, but I have a bunch of others who will periodically pop in that will also translate from somebody else’s guides so that I will understand things that are taking place when I am doing readings for somebody. The relationship I have with them, they are like family but they are more like friends so I talk to them on a daily basis. I talk to them at my alter, I talk to them when I am at my chair, at my reading table. I keep them up to date just like I were talking to my best friend on the phone – I will say hey, you wouldn’t believe this…. It is a real hones relationship that I build with them just like I would with a regular person.

Psychic Holly Joy – Would you say that we have so many guides because of their past experiences?

Michael Lennon – Well, I think that well, let me explain my personal view. When every person is born, I believe every person is born with a guardian angel as well as protective spirits or guides who walk with them throughout their entire lives. Then I also believe there are family members or spirits of people that we have known and loved that we may pick up during the course of our lifetime to assist us in certain areas of our life. Once their job is complete, they will move on. So I believe that some guides are here to stay until the end of our lives and some guides come for a particular purpose for a certain amount of time to complete whatever they have to and then move on. I think they personally choose to do that. I think that when they pass they specifically choose to stay behind to help a family member and some may choose to pass on from one family member to another if they have kids as like a guardian angel because they are so connected to family that they want to be there to help. I don’t think that there is a spirit who can love a person more than their own blood relatives. I think your family wants you to succeed more than any other spirit.

Psychic Holly Joy– Thank you. You work a lot and primarily with your guides and ancestors. I am curious if all of these different spiritual paths that you became interested in, if they shared a common belief system on having guides and ancestors and, if not, when did you first become aware of them?

Michael Lennon – Well, I believe that all of the traditions have a belief in guides. I don’t believe that they all follow the ancestor reverence part of it, although I have seen a bigger movement in the last five years or so from people in the Pagan community and the Wiccan community embracing their ancestors more than they used to. I really think that when you strip away any tradition you get to the yolk, you get to the fine line of what the tradition actually is. There are similarities in almost all of them. There are beliefs that are similar in almost all of them, they might be worded a little differently, but the premises are still there. The rituals might be different but the purpose of the ritual is the same. I believe that we are all reaching into the same spiritual pool of energy to do our work. Whether it is the spiritual work, reading cards, being intuitive I think we are all tapping into the same energy flow regardless of what tradition.

Psychic Holly Joy – OK, that makes sense. I am curious what the difference is between Pagan and Wiccan. Is it just the rituals?

Michael Lennon – I myself personally don’t see that there is much of a difference other than a change of word. I think that all Wiccans are Pagans, believing in more than one God if you break it down to its simplest terms. I look at things from a big eye so titles and things of that nature for me I don’t see those they don’t have a lot of meaning to me. if you follow a tradition, you follow a tradition. Whether you are Pagan or Wiccan, they all do the same thing. They all have their rituals whether it is done the same way or a different way they are still tapping into that same energy that same life force calling upon the same gods in some cases. I think it is just that they change how they word things. People got away from the word witch and they went to Wicca, but it is still the same thing. It is still witchcraft however you spell it. In Puerto Rico they call it Brujería  in the Spanish communities and that has a negative connotation to it because it conjures up images of bad stuff being done. So I think that all the different forms are really underneath on big umbrella it’s just that people are calling them different things and that is OK because that is what makes them comfortable within the tradition. We all have to find that connection that we feel comfortable in and if you call it one thing and you feel comfortable with it that’s perfect and if you call it something different, that is also OK.

Psychic Holly Joy – You have mentioned that you have moved around a lot right?

Michael Lennon – Um, well not physically no spiritually yes. Physically I have been in the same town that I was born in – about two blocks away from where I was born.

Psychic Holly Joy – OK, you have an office and work in upstate NY, in Troy?

Michael Lennon – Correct. I am about twenty minutes outside of Albany.

Psychic Holly Joy – I was wondering if you speak any other languages?

Michael Lennon – No, unfortunately I do not. I would love to, I can sing certain songs in Spanish and in Haitian Creole, but when it comes to holding a conversation I have not learned that well yet.

Psychic Holly JoyDo you face a lot of criticisms because of your beliefs?

Michael Lennon When growing up yes, but when I got into my late twenties and early thirties I didn’t pay any attention to it. For me, what people thought or what people believed didn’t make any difference for me because it was all about my spirituality, it was all about my journey. If they were happy with theirs, that’s fine. I don’t push people to do what I do, I don’t push people to be in the religion that I am in. Everybody has to follow their own path regardless of where it ends up taking them.

Psychic Holly Joy – So do you consider yourself assigned to a religion?

Michael Lennon – Even though I am a priest in Haitian Voodoo, I really consider myself to be a Spiritualist, I spiritual person. I encompass and embrace so much that I don’t really think of giving myself an assignment to just one religion. Actually it encompasses everything that I am made of and everything that I am. It is kind of like if you are a Tarot reader you are a Tarot reader, but if you are a Tarot reader and you read Lenormand cards and you read Angel cards and Oracle decks then maybe you should be called a cardomancer rather than Tarot reader because you have multiple facets and skills. For me it is the same with the spiritual side because there are multiple traditions that I do follow and I do not assign myself to just one.

Psychic Holly Joy – So, we touched on this a little bit, but can you explain the different types of relationships that you have with your guides, your ancestors and spirit?

Michael Lennon – The relationship I have with my ancestors is definitely different than I have with any of my other spirits because they are my best friends, they are my BFFs that I could pick up the phone to call, I tell all of my secrets to just like a regular friend in life. My guides hold a slightly different meaning for me. I consider those to be higher elevated spirits that I don’t joke around with when I speak with them even though they know that I have a sense of humor. I think they command a bit more respect. I can joke around with my ancestors because they are family. My guides being more elevated spirits I give them more respect and have more of a professional relationship with them when I am doing readings or talking with them because that is where I want that particular energy to stay. They are the rock on my business side. My ancestors are my rock on my spiritual side. Then as I am dealing with spirit directly and I am using spirits to represent like the Loa or the spirits of Voodoo the, the spirits of Sanse.  They hold another different meaning to me because they are also more elevated spirits and things I have to do for them I don’t do for my ancestors. I feed and do services and offer food, certain types of food for spirits in the Voodoo tradition and the Sanse tradition because that is what they require in order to work with you. You give them things in order to help open up the doors for you and to bring things in. My ancestors I can do the same thing with them my ancestors can always say no. Or they can say that they are doing something to protect me so this is not going to take place. Each one has their own category from family, friends, business partner sort of relationship to the spirits themselves to me that is like going to see Jesus himself or going to see Gandhi himself or Buddha himself. To me they are very highly elevated spirits and they demand a different energy and a different approach to them. They take everything that I do seriously and they know that the relationship we have is solid.

Psychic Holly Joy – You said that you have an alter for your ancestors?

Michael Lennon – Correct.

Psychic Holly Joy – Can you tell us about your alter and the purpose of the alter and if someone wants to set up and alter how they could go about doing that?

Michael Lennon – Certainly, an ancestor alter is not for praying. It is not like you are setting up an alter to a deity or a pagan god where you are paying homage and chanting prayers. There are prayers that we do for our spirits and ancestors, but they are for elevating spirits to help lift them to wherever their next stage is supposed to go on their journey to heaven. I set mine up because of the fact that it strengthens the connection that I have. A basic ancestral alter consists of a table with a while cloth, a goblet or bowl of water, a candle, and pictures if you have pictures of ancestors who have passed. The candle is to give them a little inclination to help to draw them closer to you. The water is a vessel when we travel from the land of the living to the land of the dead we travel though water to get there so that becomes a form of communication when you call spirit to come to assist you come up through the water. I offer my spirits black coffee with a lot of sugar. I will give them food every week I make food and offer the first plate to them so they can receive energy. Mostly it is foods that they would have eaten when they were alive. To me the alter is the respect that I owe to people who have created my bloodline. People who who have created myself and because many of my guides are family, I want to keep that energy coming closer to me. When I approach my alter I knock three times on the alter to let them know that I am coming and standing in front of the alter calling them. I also ring a bell and when I ring my bell I am asking specifically to call upon my guides, to call upon my protective spirits. The ones that I know by name, I will call out by name. The ones that I don’t I will basically sit there and say to the ancestors that I don’t know yet ‘come and aid me with whatever it is that I will be doing.’ I also sit and actually talk to them when I come home from work I will tell them how my day was. I will tell them if I am having a financial issue that I just got a bill and I need additional money. For me it’s a physical connection to represent the people of my past so that they come into my life on an everyday basis. Since they are set up in the dining room they see everything that goes on in my house. Just like if I had a friend in my house. They sit in a place of honor for me so that they see everything that is happening and taking place.

Psychic Holly Joy – So if someone wanted to set up an alter similar to yours, when would you say that they could expect their ancestors to be near them?

Michael Lennon – Well that is kind of hard to say because it is different for every person. Ancestors that are your guides are always around you. It depends on your skills, like if you are clairaudiant you may start to hear them talking to you. If you are more prophetic when you’re dreaming, you may start getting messages from those spirits during your dreams. If you are clairvoyant they may appear to you and talk to you. So for every person it is different. It is like with everything that you are going to work with, like if you want to learn how to do psychometry or read physical objects, you have to practice. You have to spend the time and invest the energy calling on the ancestors calling on them to help and putting your faith in the fact that they are there and are willing to work with you. For me, I have to say that it took me a good five months before I thought that I was feeling different ancestors around then the ones that I was used to. Because when I set up my alter, I sprinkled water on it, I blessed it. I set everything up and the first thing I will do after setting it up is do a feeding. I would get them some white flowers some rum things that they would have liked in life and I will offer them and make a meal to them. It does not have to be elaborate or really expensive just a little tiny plate of the first dinner that you make on a Monday. Present it to them before you eat and that is giving them honor and respect. That automatically starts to draw them closer to you because now you are working with that energy of the law of attraction. You are putting out the energy to call them they are going to automatically start. They may not know when their ancestor is there right of the bat because that takes some time to develop the skills to get close enough to feel that energy if you are clairsentient or hear it or see it – I am using all of the different senses. So it depends upon how developed. That particular style that I work with I find also helps people develop their intuitive skills and their connections with their guides for doing readings.

Psychic Holly Joy – Now can you describe what it is like when they come and communicate with you?

Michael Lennon– Depending on the ones that come and sometimes they come at inappropriate times like when I am in the bathroom. They know that I can’t get away and they have my attention at that point. When they come, I don’t see most of the time when they come at my house. I will see when clients come I will see their spirits. Mine, for the most part, will talk they will whisper in my ear or give me a thought and say, hey, this is taking place or say so and so is running late. There is nothing scary nothing there ‘s no nothing in my house falls off the shelves or drops on the floor. My spirits are very comforting to me and they know I don’t like being freaked out and they are more than welcome to stay here. If I tell them look you know, just let me know you are here by talking to me or let me know that you are here by giving me a smell. I have one guide who was a heavy smoker in life and when she comes I smell a cigarette and I sometimes smell pipe tobacco. It is different with each of them because they all have different personalities so they show themselves in different ways when they come. I have one that doesn’t speak, it is more feeling like I know what their thoughts are because it is not an audible sound that I can hear.

Psychic Holly Joy – If someone were to ask you how can I communicate with my guides and ancestors how would you suggest that they do this?

Michael Lennon – Well, the first thing I always suggest is to set up an ancestor alter and start working with it and start calling your ancestors and guides on a daily basis. Give them a white candle, give them some flowers or a bowl of water. Start to develop the communication with them on a regular basis. Once they start doing that the other thing I would suggest to them, if you don’t have cards or other forms of divination that you use, get some. Start working with them because they are a tool to help unlock the gifts that you have. Meditate, I am a big believer that meditation helps quiets the mind so that you can hear things that are taking place better. When we start doing that we start quieting ourselves, then we start to notice the small little things that are taking place that might have turned our heads and no that can’t be. It takes time and you really have to put in the effort to make it happen. It does not happen over night. It does take a while and you have to be quiet and listen. Wait, and sometimes the waiting part is the hardest. Listening entirely to yourself because sometimes the messages you think are coming from you may not be coming from you directly they may be coming from one of your guides. You won’t know the difference until you start meditating and start working with those energies and you start feeling the slight difference in the energies so you know where they are coming from.

Psychic Holly Joy – We have a question in chat: What if you want to honor two people, but in life they hated each other, would you require two alters?

Michael Lennon – Nope not at all. I put my ancestral alter is for all of my ancestors. I also like dolls to represent certain ancestors that I know so I will have porcelain dolls done and I will bless them and baptize them, and it is a representation of this particular ancestor. I will specifically set then next to someone they did not like because when people pass from the land of the living to spirit, they know everything that they did in life and they are on a different plane and no longer harbor the same anger issues. They are all looking for elevation so they can move on to the next level so there are no issues in my mind when I look at things to say hey, these two have to be totally separated. They are all your ancestors and they all work with the same alter and they work with the same energy. They will get along because they are in spirit and they have a better understanding of past, present and future which all exists at the same time as we do.

Psychic Holly Joy – They have, I think you would say, the same purpose coming forward to you right?

Michael Lennon – They do and sometimes, I have some spirits that I work with who are very blunt and harsh spoken because that is the way they were in life. They many times will carry that same energy with them when they come through for somebody. I know which ones they are so I will hear the message that they are coming with and I may chose change the wording around, but I know exactly the energy because that is the way they were when they were alive. If they were a bastard when they were alive, they carry that same energy when they pass, but with a better understanding of all the things that they did in the past, but the characteristics since that’s what I know the person is what they normally show me, because that is what I am familiar with and it is really for my benefit so I can recognize it.

Psychic Holly Joy – With your experience you mentioned that you have developed your own style of reading and really refined it over the years. Could you explain what a reading with you is like, and how you draw upon your guides and ancestors during the reading because you are probably not always by your alter – right?

Michael Lennon – Well, when I am home, I actually read in my living room in the bay window, and behind me I have a small alter set up for my gypsy that works with me when I do my readings. My alter is directly across the table in the next room so it is a straight line that they actually see. When I do it as shops and they are not with me, normally what I will do before I do any laying of cards is that I will actually call, in my head, upon my ancestors, I bring a bell with me and I ring a bell and call upon my ancestors that I know, my guardian angels, my protective spirits to come and assist me. I also call the guardian angel of the person that I am going to do the reading for to allow them to provide me with the information to give to a particular client. Once I have done that and I have shuffled the cards and have the client shuffle the cards. I love having clients touch the cards and and have their energy in it. Then I will start laying the cards down. The cards for me are really a tool not just to be read, but that’s also a connection that my spirits are familiar with so they know that when cards are on the table they can come forward and speak. It is a combination of the story that the cards tell and whatever spirit is injecting during the actual reading. It may not have anything to do with the cards on the table, but it is an important message if they are bringing to my attention. So whatever information comes in I am going to relay to a client whether it is good information or bad information, but I am going to chose my words carefully if it is bad information because I do not want to shock anybody. Life is life and sometimes things do happen that are not pleasant and I will give that information to them and then I will proceed with the actual reading. So it is a combination of cards and the story that the cards tell, the clairvoyance and the clairaudience all mixed in and coexisting during the actual reading. I don’t read cards just as cards, for me they are connected directly to the guides and the spirits that I work with so that they can also sit next to me or stand behind me, however they want to be and give me the actual information.

Psychic Holly Joy – You mentioned dreams and I am curious about your guides or ancestors. – have you had any dream visitations?

Michael Lennon – Not myself personally. Unfortunately I know that there was something that happened to me at a very early age that traumatized me. I have not had a dream or at least I have not remembered a dream in ages. Mostly they whisper to me or they will show an image to me, but never when I am asleep because they know that I will not remember upon waking up. But some people have very vivid dreams and they are very prophetic for them. That is why I mentioned the dreams because we have to pay attention to all avenues that spirit can communicate through. Dreams, unfortunately are just not an area that they can contact me in because I sleep kind of like a log and when I wake up there is no recollection of what took place while I was asleep.

Psychic Holly Joy – Can you kind of go through how people can get in touch with you and what types of services you offer on your website- MySpiritualReader.com?

Michael Lennon – Certainly, people can contact me directly through MySpiritualReader.com, they can also call me to set up an appointment at 518-952-0150. Currently my website has several options for readings. one being for either half an hour or hour with my normal deck of cards, which is always going to be a Skype reading because I will not use these cards for email readings. I do have email options on my website for clients that have one or two simple questions and I will use the Lenormand deck and reply via email. They can also schedule Skype for a regular reading as well. They can contact me directly through that. There are going to be some changes to my website over the next couple of months. I am changing the actual look and some of the actual services. Right now the only thing that is on there are specifically just readings. I will be putting together some products, I will be putting together some protection bags, some good luck bags, mojo bags to give people energy, better luck and to help keep them protected spiritually. So I am going to be adding more products to my site. I am just working on revamping the whole thing, but the options for readings is always going to be on there. I am going to be putting up a schedule thing on the site so that they can actually schedule a date right through the actual website.

Psychic Holly Joy – Alright, well it looks like you are going to have some very cool stuff so listeners should check out your website today and keep visiting in the future.

Michael Lennon – Yes, many, many changes and the look is going to be totally different and it is going to have a totally different feel to it. I am going to be adding some more things and doing some video reviews on different decks that I have and some of the books that I have on YouTube so they will be able to find me on YouTube as well underneath Uncle Monkey when I have that account set up so I can share more information. They will be able to learn more especially like with the ancestor and how to approach it and how to talk to them and things of that nature so that they can move forward in whatever tradition they are going to do not necessarily Voodoo.

Psychic Holly Joy – I am definitely looking forward to that. You said you might be considering publishing some cards of your own.

Michael Lennon – Yes, well the antique deck that I have I am planning on redesigning slightly and reproducing by next year. I am also going to be writing a book on this particular deck on the practicalities of reading this particular deck for the everyday world. I am also planning on trying to come up with one or two Lenormand decks of my own.

Psychic Holly Joy – I am looking forward to that and I am sure that once they are out many people will definitely enjoy them. I just want to mention that someone in chat said that ‘Michael is a very nice and helpful reader. He is a part of several Tarot groups in FaceBook’.

Michael LennonYes, several Tarot groups, several different fortuneteller groups for different types of cards the Lenormand. I try to keep myself in community as much as I can.

Psychic Holly Joy – Sounds like it. It sounds you’ve got a lot of nice things to follow up on.

Michael LennonThat I do. God help me and give me all the time and energy that I will need because it will be a busy year, but I will enjoy it.

Psychic Holly Joy – Well, thank you so much for joining us tonight Michael Lennon at MySpiritualReader.com.

Michael LennonWell thank you very much Holly for having me. It has been a beautiful show and I have enjoyed being here. I want to say thank you to everybody who was listening. You can also find me on FaceBook you can search just for Michael Lennon or divination radio or you could shoot me an email or you can shoot me a message on FaceBook if you have a quick question. I will try and do my best to get to everybody’s question if you have any. Have a wonderful night.

Psychic Holly Joy – Goodnight

Michael Lennon – Goodnight