Along time ago, in ancient times dreaming was thought of as divine intervention & supernatural communication, it is true that when we are asleep it is much easier for those on the other-side of the veil to communicate with us; even then messages would be revealed though dreams by those practicing spiritual powers. Dreaming then and now could offer insight to our emotional, physical & spiritual bodies. 

I myself have experienced many dreams & co-created visitations that held powerful messages and information pertaining to my own life & future as talked about in Dreams Do come True. So I believe that if you feel their is more to a dream, then there is. It may not always be divine intervention or supernatural communication but it could be pointing out something that is being ignored that the soul wants brought into awareness. Because of this, sometimes the dream is worth looking into and having interpreted

When To Have Dreams Analyzed:

  • You vividly remember it & it’s bugging you
  • Feeling there is a message but are unsure what it is
  • The dream theme or appearance of an object/animal is recurring  
  • It had people/pets that have passed away 
  • You woke-up with unusual symptoms, like coldness or tingling
My Dream Interpretation is done Psychically, without any per-determined notions of what a image or dream theme means to everyone. What I do is break the dream down, revealing the significant parts and ultimate message for the dreamer.