Grade Psychic Abilities Guided Meditation & Grading Sheet

Order your instant MP3 download to listen to Across The Realms custom psychic development guided meditation tailored to help you grade your psychic abilities in order of strength by going though each clairvoyant ability allowing you to grade how strong each of your psychic senses are at the end of this 22 minute guided meditation.

After you finish the guided meditation use the included
Psychic Abilities Grading Sheet to determine your psychic abilities in order of strength.
This guided meditation will also help you understand what clairvoyant senses could use improvement.

Save your scored psychic abilities grading sheet and every few months during your psychic development listen to this guided meditation again to were and how much your psychic strengths have improved.

Grade Your Psychic Abilities Today!

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*Grade Your Psychic Abilities Guided Meditation Script*

Remember, there is no right way or wrong way to perform meditation. It is only important that you are able to relax and focus your mind. This meditation will help you to build a sturdy foundation when you are working to develop psychic ability.

Please allow yourself to get into the most comfortable position; sitting or lying down it is up to you, with Hands by your side, palms up or palms down which is the most comfortable for you.

Close you eyes:

We will use the eight count breathing technique. Inhale through the nose 8 counts

Hold Eight Counts Exhale Eight Counts Hold Eight Counts

Let’s Begin:

Inhale through the nose 8 counts Hold Eight Counts

Exhale Eight Counts Hold Eight Counts


We will use a relaxation­‐researched technique, as one of the most effective modalities to relax and that is to Yarn.

Open your Mouth and Yarn….

As we begin,

Visualize a Golden Energy coming in through your CROWN chakra,

A Golden Light Energy penetrating your Crown Chakra. Feel the warmth tingling sensation as it moves slowly downward to your Third Eye – Slowly moving to the Throat Chakra – Penetrating an illuminating Gold Energy continues move through the HEART CHAKRA –As we are allowing the Energy to penetrate our Heart chakra with a Golden Beautiful Love Energy, at this point is where we want to take a moment and check our Heart to make sure it is Rid if any forgiveness any malice, hatred, anger. We want to release those Unforgivenesses; we want to release those now. As the Beautiful Golden Love Energy penetrates the Heart it Eradicates any unforgivness any anger and malice, hatred any condescending thoughts that may arise from this area, we cast them out to be Gone. Moving up to the throat Chakra, this opens up the throat Charka and allows you to speak of what you feel and who your are, to share your abilities, to be confirmed as a wonderful, talented Psychic. To confirm your gifts to be and stand in whom you are.

As we move up to the Third eye we allow this golden energy to shoot out from the Third Eye, expanding and expanding into sacred space that goes bounds and bounds upon bounds, Infinite bounds as it travel infinite bounds. Lets bring in the light and shot it outward from the Third Eye as it travels infinite bounds, expanding our self awareness, expanding our being, expanding our gifting’s and abilities, allow the Chakras to spin with a silver energy, this will spin around up and down the Chakras as a form of protection as we prepare for our Journey. Let’s breathe deeply.

As you slowly enter into this Journey you find yourself in a beautiful garden, fill with each imaginable colored flower you could ever think of. As you take in and record all beauty that surrounds you, there is a sense of self­‐awareness and self­‐abilities surrounded by an infinite Energy of Love. Notice the sounds that you are hearing, the natural echo’s have already began to enhance your intuition and psychic abilities. As we continue we still have great expectation to expect the unexpected!

Notice a Guide, this is Guide #1 waiting for you – Your Guide is offering a tool to assist you to being all that you are called to be. It is a gift as your guide hands you the tool this tool is for Healing, Clearing, extending, expanding, and widening your gifts. As it is placed in your hands, this sacred space is recording this gift, this memory, of your acceptance of the gift with Great Gratitude.

As the Silver Energy swirls around your body, you continue to Journey,

to what looks like a hologram of a Gazebo. Your Guide leads you inside, as you stand inside this beautiful glowing illuminating space, your guide gives you another Tool (This tool is a tool of supernatural expansion of your Psychic Abilities). As you place your hands together in a prayer position your slowly open your hands and accept the gift with Great Gratitude

As you take a moment to look around and observe, observe the feeling the notions, sounds, the emotions, the scents, smells and any information that you are receiving, it seems for only a moment but then it seems an eternity, as you are in the space of Fulfillment.

Continuing your journey further, you come in contact with your 2nd Guide, and your 2nd Guide welcomes you with his palms in a praying position and bowing down to you, as you recognize your Guide with love and gratitude and acceptance you bow down to your Guide also. Your 2nd Guide is protecting the temple of All Things Knowing. Your 2nd Guide is here to Grant you access to the Tempe of All Things Knowing.

As you walk higher up the steps, you notice a pool of crystal blue glycerin water, sparkling water, and a type of water you never seen before. As you begin to walk toward the pool you suddenly find yourself standing in the pool of shallow water that surround your ankles. As the guide gestures for you to receive a Gift by dipping your finger into the water and placing it on your Third Eye – as you bend your knees to dip down your finger into the crystal blue glycerin water. You take your finger and you place it on your Third Eye, in counter clockwise motion, (5) times.

This divine gift will activate, healing and even restore any loss or stagnated psychic abilities. For you have received the Ultimate Gift and with Great Gratitude.

Your Guides assist you back down to the stairs, as you gracefully move back into the Garden out of the temple, you recognize how beautiful the garden is, you take in the sounds the smells the scents, As you are walking through the garden you notice a beautiful lemon tree, you pick a lemon off the tree, you peel it you taste it, This is a gift to yourself.

As you begin to move into your physical body, you receive intuitive thorough you sensations, emotions, physical sensations and your Gut feeling, you foresee clear information a clear knowing of information, a sense of knowing even a taste of knowing, you’ve recorded the scents and smells, so as you reside back into your physical body into your physical state for now you are back in your physical state of awareness, as you slowing open your eyes take a moment to Breath Deeply inhale (count 8) Hold (8), Exhale (8) Hold (8)

Feel your toes, feel your hands wiggle your fingers and be aware of where you are now in your physical body, at this time be aware of the Gifts that you received on your journey. Those Gifts are for you to utilize, to move forward to grow to develop and to become what you have been called to be. You have the tools your are equipped ­‐­‐­‐­‐­‐­‐ Go and Be Gifted.

Grade Your Psychic Abilities Today!

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