How To Offer Clients Recordings Of Spiritual Psychic ReadingsThe goal of every business is to give their clients not only excellent service, but service that will ensure the client will continue to return the next time they have a need.

There are many great ways to build your business, making it invaluable to your clients to such an extent you will be the first call they make when they are seeking more help.

One fabulous way every psychic provider should utilize is to offer their clients a recording of their reading.

It’s an easy venue to add to your individual service offerings and a sure bet way to give you that extra advantage, one that will definitely be the thing that gives you an extra benefit over competitors.

Why should you offer clients recordings?

It’s easy for people to become distracted when they are in the middle of getting advice or a reading from their psychic. Working in a high vibration means that you’re talking faster and your client is usually trying to take notes. What better way to ensure the help they sought out was not only beneficial, but that it is also available at any time for them to refer back to, than to offer access to recordings? Offering recordings provides a convenient way for the client to go back and listen for important information they may have missed because of distractions or just to make sure they truly comprehended everything they learned.

When clients have the availability to go back and listen to a recording of their visit, it also provides that ‘little something extra’ to keep them coming back for more. It is also a great way to get the all-important word-of-mouth recommendations that helps to gain more clientele. A happy client is a client who will give not only give a great review but will also recommend a business to friends and family.

How do you offer and provide clients with recording of their time with you?

By signing up with a web conferencing company. These online web conferencing companies offer the ability to hold real-time video and/or audio meetings that you as the business owner control. They give the ability to share visual aids during online conferences using the video conference call features, something imperative when doing a tarot card reading or even if you’re providing a dream analysis. The best part is all of these options can be recorded at the time on the reading. This gives the presenter/service provider an opportunity to provide a little extra benefit to their clients, the ability to go back and listen to and/or view the recorded visit they previously had. It’s the perfect way to ensure clients walk away with a complete understanding and comprehension of the information they gained from their call.

If you’re going to offer phone and/or face-to-face online readings the first step is to sign up with these online conferencing sites.

  • FreeConferenceCall.com – Is a free phone meeting service that gives you a phone number and access code as well the ability to record. With this service your clients never know your personal phone number and after your session you can login in, name & download your reading MP3 and email it to your client, giving you an opportunity to thank them for booking with you.


  • Zoom.us – Is like Skype in that you meet face-to-face. A basic membership is free but the perk of offering recordings is $14.99 a month. Zoom offers both audio and video files after your session so you could only use this service if you wanted. Your files automatically download to your computer after your meeting ends. You can also use Zoom to offer an online psychic circle or workshop and post that content on YouTube or even sell it.

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The Complete Guide to Building Your Online Spiritual Business Using WordPress

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