What Is The Power Of Intention In Your Life? 

An intention is a way of approaching the world. Instead of thinking of life as a series of challenges to conquer, intentional living is a way of being open to specific things, and calling the attention of your own consciousness and the Universe to the intention. It’s being open and ready for positivity and gifts from the Universe. You can set whatever intention feels appropriate to you. 

Affirmations can help you with your intention. Affirmations are simple, positive, present-tense statements that you repeat to yourself to remind yourself of your goals and intentions. For example, you might have an affirmation of: “I can have a life exactly as I want it.” This affirmation reminds you that you have set an intention to experience life exactly as you want too. 

Using conscious thoughts and positive energy can change your life. Instead of living life as the recipient of what you have created thus far, you can change your entire outlook and experience with intentional thinking and affirmations. We attract what we’re focused on.  Have you ever wanted something specific, and then suddenly noticed that thing everywhere you go? 

How Do You Choose An Affirmation?

Remember that the affirmation is positive and present-tense. You don’t want to use an affirmation that is negative, like “I will be able to pay the rent this month.” because an intention like this is born out of fear of not being able to pay your rent. Instead think about what you most need reminding of and work from there. For example, “I am doing what is of the highest good for myself and my family.” 
Use your affirmations at key points during your day. I say mine before I start giving readings but you could  decide to say it when you get up, whenever you sit down to eat, when you take a break, or at whatever intervals make sense for you. 
Check in with yourself on a regular basis. As your life changes and as you grow, the old intentions and affirmations might not be as good of a fit as they used to be. Every so often re-evaluate your intention and affirmations. What has been created using them & are these still the things you want to bring into your life? 
Intentions and affirmations are simple but powerful ways to improve your life. Using your conscious attention and the power of attraction in combination can bring you more happiness and personal success than you may think. Stop fighting your own energy and instead use it to get the life you want. 
Composed by Psychic Medium Holly Joy