Effortlessly Progress Your Psychic Development In 90 Seconds!

With Across The Realms customized Psychic Development affirmation video vision board, also refereed to as a mind movie.


A Mind Movie is a personal development tool that is a visual illustration of the things you desire in life. This MP4 is tailored towards spiritual and psychic development as it assists in the process of visualization and manifestation by combining positive affirmations, inspirational and subconscious images, and motivating music.

It is highly known that if you consistently verbalize positive affirmations and visualize the things you want out of life that you can help change your life for the better.

The psychology behind this wisdom is that you will end up re-programing your subconscious mind and eventually your thoughts will lead to feelings, feelings to action and action to results.  It’s about reprogramming your root thoughts and changing your subconscious mind. 

By taking 90 seconds a day to relax and focus your intentions will begin to manifest.

After watching this psychic development mind movie a few times the affirmations will be easy to remember and will further your progress by mentally affirming what intention and affirmations come up when you need then to.  

The visualization method has been used for years by professionals and, has been proven to help people obtain their desires faster.


Psychic Development Affirmations In This Video

  • I AM that I AM
  • I AM: Psychic, Intuitive, Clairvoyant, Empathic, Accurate
  • I receive all that the universe has for me
  • I AM: Light
  • I AM Love
  • I AM a Light worker
  • I have found my calling
  • The information I channel is accurate
  • I deserve and am building a successful career
  • I attract the right people and clients to me
  • Abundance comes to me in all ways

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