For those of you who don’t know, Lara Ronan is a self-help and motivational coach living in Fort Worth Texas whom offers personalized life and Law of Attraction coaching.  She is here today to share her knowledge about the law of attraction, personal development, and reaching life goals.

Thank you for being with us today Lara.

[easyazon_image align=”left” height=”110″ identifier=”1582701709″ locale=”US” src=”https://9583ff.p3cdn1.secureserver.net/wp-content/uploads/2017/11/51k7PlE3bLL.SL110.jpg” tag=”atr021-20″ width=”85″]To start, many people are familiar with the The Secret, a documentary and book that really paved the way for seeding the idea of manifestation into our consciousness; however, years after its release, some of us still are new to the subject.  Can you give us a break down on your thoughts about The Secret and how others can use the Law of Attraction to manifest their desires?

Sure!  The Secret introduced a lot of people to the idea surrounding manifestation and the Law of Attraction.  The basic idea is that you attract whatever you think about the most.  The easiest way I can describe the Law of Attraction is to think about the last time you were running late for work.  What did your thoughts consist of as you continued on your way?  “Ugh, I can’t be late… I can’t be late!”  Or something to that effect, yes?  And what happened?  You ran into more traffic, a couple of red lights, and or a train was crossing your path at the wrong time.  Was this the LOA?  What were you thinking of… being late, right?  You unintentionally attracted ‘being late’.  For another example, think of a placebo.  Why do they work for some people even thought they are nothing more than a sugar pill?  Because those subjects BELIEVE that it would work.  That is the Law of Attraction in action.

Now, as far as using the LOA to manifest your desires, I advise taking these steps:

Define – You must define your goals/desires and be SPECIFIC. I once had a manifestation not go according to plan because I was not specific enough! I said I wanted roses… and I got them all right… but they were in the form of a plant and not a bouquet!

Visualize – Now that you have your goal defined, now you must take 15-30 minutes per day every day until you reach your goal to visualize. Close your eyes, and see this desire of yours with your mind’s eye.  Imagine that you already have accomplished or reach your desire.

Add emotion – While simply seeing your goal right there is great, you must take it one step further by putting emotions and feelings into it. How do you feel having accomplished this goal?  Joy?  Pride?  Dwell on those feelings and remember those feelings.  THEY will get you there!

Expect – It might sound odd, but expect that desire to come to you. Be aware that it may come in an odd way, so keep your eyes open to opportunities!

Remain positive – Just as I stated before that whatever you think about the most you attract… be ware of thinking about the LACK of your desire for that will only give you that… lack.

law of attraction manifest wealth money abundance I would say the number one desired outcome people wish to manifest is money and wealth and it seems few really have success that they credit to the Law of Attraction.

Why do you think that is and do you have any tips for people to overcome their challenges with manifesting money?

One of the big problems I noticed with The Secret is that it left out my point #3, which is adding emotion.  Without those feelings of emotion, your mind won’t make the connection.  It is my experience that the reason people don’t end up reaching their desires with the LOA is either that they don’t put in emotion or they begin dwelling on the lack of attainment and again, that only attracts lack.


My advice when trying to manifest, build a track record.  What I mean is you don’t decide one day to run a marathon… and then go run it that day.  It takes some training.  Manifesting is no different, except you are training your mind.  You make a few manifestations and your brain begins to accept that it’s something you really can do.  One small manifestation leads to a larger manifestation and so on.

optimal life path creating the life you desireIn terms of creating our optimal life path, I think you would agree at this time that some work is required.

What advice would you have for people that simply don’t know how to go about creating the life the desire?


I do agree that it takes work.  However that work and the amount required can vary greatly.

In order to create the life that you desire, a person must decide what it is they truly want.  This is the key to motivation and having a happy life.


Take out a piece of paper and spend 30-60 minutes writing down everything that you have ever wanted to have, be, or do.  Do not limit yourself here!  This is the best way to find your true path.  (My only word of caution here is to avoid anything that involves hurting or taking from someone else.  Good will bring you good and bad will only bring you bad.  Don’t do this to yourself.)


Once you’ve written down things that you want, examine the list.  What makes your heart race the second you read the words?  What brings a smile to your lips?  Put a star by those things but pick only three.


Now that you know those three, look for any opportunity to shorten your path to those things!  Visualize and feel your goals on a daily basis.  If you really and truly follow my five steps to manifestation, you will receive.

law of attraction career planFor others that have a business or career plan in place but simply don’t feel they have the discipline or motivation required to get anything done, do you have any advice or motivational techniques that can help overcome this?

This is a big issue people come to me about… they know what they want but lack motivation.  It really comes down to one of two problems… having the wrong set of goals or not making use of visualization/feeling techniques.


Evaluate your goals.  Are they something you truly want?  If you imagine that you’ve accomplished it/them, how does it make you feel?  If you don’t feel a sense of pride, or have a smile creep to your lips… then you may want to consider doing some goal work.  Find out what gets you going.


If you are sure that those are the goals that you want to reach, then you need to take the suggested 15-30 minutes a day to visualize and feel your goals as if they were already accomplished.  This one simple thing will help you see more clearly and give you the drive you need each day to work towards those goals.

Law Of Attraction Coaching negative thinking limiting beliefs negative thinkingAnother issue that you are consulted on often is negative thinking patterns that clients seem unable to get away from. In general, what would you say is the root cause of this negativity and how might someone break this cycle?



Yes, that is correct.  I have many people ask for help with negativity. The root can be any number of things, usually based on a persons youth or past.


Here is something that I like to mention doing work with others on their frame of mind and their limiting beliefs.  During the hay-day of the circus, elephants were bound with simply a rope and a stake hammered into the ground.  We are talking full-grown bull elephants who could easily pull that stake up and run away.  Why didn’t they?  Because when they were young, they’d attempted to pull that stake out… but weren’t strong enough to do it.  The baby elephant learned that no matter what they did, they couldn’t get free.  Now, despite being so much larger and stronger… they still believed they couldn’t do it.


People can be the same way.  We learn something as ‘fact’ when it really isn’t… but it shapes who we are and what we believe.


If you want to break free of negativity, imagine that there is a genie in your mind and that every thought, and I mean EVERY thought, will result in that thought being given to you.  Thinking about bills?  You’ll get more bills.  Thinking about how hard it is to find a parking spot or that you never have a date on Friday… you’ll never find a spot, and you’ll continue to never have a date.  On the other hand, think of finding $20 on the way to work.  Think of how much better today is than yesterday.  Be negative and negative things will find you.  Be positive and positive things will find you.

Law Of Attraction Coach Lara Ronan Reveals How To Manifesting changeRecently, I felt inclined to pose the question Do People Change? on social media and although I too have my own thoughts on the matter, there seems to be a mixed response. What would you say to the many people wanting to change but, unsure if it can be done?


I’d like to say if you want to change, you can… if you believe you can.  Not too long ago, I was very overweight, depressed, and in a horrible marriage.  I was convinced that I couldn’t find anyone better at my age (I was 36 at the time.)  My then husband had a good job and made good money so I didn’t have to work… but I was miserable.  We had nothing between us… no friendship, no passion… and no love.


I don’t remember what changed my mind… something snapped one day though.  I decided I wanted something better and I was worth it.  I made a goal to get back in shape and earn enough income that I could support myself.  Didn’t know how I would do it, but those were my goals.  I visualized every day until six months had past.  I’d lost 50lbs and was making more money than my husband.  I reached my goals… my self-confidence was at an all time high… and I was able to leave him.


I changed, me, the wreck of a depressed, overweight house wife.  If I can do it, they certainly can!

For those that are interested in a more personally tailored plan, how can your services help them and how can people connect with you?

I offer help in several different methods; email, Skype, and phone calls.  If you are struggling to manifest, maintain motivation, or improve your self-esteem or confidence, please reach out to me.  You don’t have to go on alone anymore.

You can get in touch with me on my website, www.ChaseButterflies.com

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