Meditation has evolved over thousands of years—it is the practice of going within and making contact with Self. Meditation should be used to lay the foundation for your psychic development and is one of the most important tools you will ever add to your toolbox. 

Start building a strong psychic footing by making meditation part of your daily routine and you will most certainly reap the rewards. By using this mental exercise of deep relaxation and contemplation, you will become skilled at focusing and entering a very receptive state.
Relaxation is key so be sure to pick a comfortable place where you are unlikely to be disturbed. It is best to begin by using silent meditation so there are absolutely no distractions. Meditation can help to reduce stress and achieve balance both mentally and physically.  
While meditating, deep breathing and concentrating on your breath helps to keep your mind from wandering too far away. The majority of us find it impossible to keep the mind 100% blank—just let any stray thoughts float by like leaves blowing in a gentle breeze. Feel yourself in your body and be aware of your energy and the energy in the room where you are practicing. Once you learn to recognize your own energy it will be easy for you to identify any unfamiliar energy around you.