Creating a Mobile-Optimized Website With WordPress For Your Psychic Spiritual BusinessCheck your pages with the Mobile-Friendly Test

Before continuing to ways of making your WordPress site mobile-friendly, we advise you to test how well your website looks on various devices. It’s simple and FREE by using Google Mobile-Friendly Test.

I’ve research over internet and subsequently found some useful Mobile-Friendly Test/Check/Valite Tools:

  • W3C mobileOK Checker: This checker will perform several tests on your own site to find out how much favorable it’s to cellular devices. If it passes all the tests successfully, your website will be called mobileOK.
  • Mobile Test: Examine your responsive and cellular web designs in more than 50 smartphone and tablet computer emulators.
  • MobiReady: This handy tool will allow you to examine your website’s W3C mobileOK and dotMobi compliance, and supply you report about how well your site will perform on cellular devices.

What are the advantage of a mobile friendly website?

  • Higher search engine placement and thus, more traffic
  • More social shares
  • More sales
  • More email subscribers
  • Access of your website on all devices
  • Better user experience

How To Make Your Website Mobile Friendly

  • Avoid software not common on mobile devices, like Flash Text
  • Sizes content to the screen so users don’t have to scroll horizontally or zoom
  • Places links far enough apart so the correct one can be readily patted

Using The Responsive WordPress Theme

Using a Responsive theme is among the most effective strategies to get your WordPress site mobile compatible. If a WordPress theme design is said to be “responsive” that means that the layout and all the contents responds to the screen that sees it.

Still not all responsive sites are truly responsive, especially if you have custom coding or design done so, personally, we recommend you to buy a high quality responsive theme from a reputed WordPress theme provider such as MyThemeShop and Elegant Themes.

Individual Mobile Friendly and Desktop Layouts

It’s possible for you to seperate desktop themes and mobile themes so that visitors will input the original URL of your site on a cellular device and be redirected to the custom mobile URL through domain mapping.

TIP: If you use Divi, you choose what modules (i.e. text, images, videos) appear depending on if a desktop or phone is being used or you can save your pages as a template and edit the duplicate to suit mobile displays when you use a plugin like HandHeld that creates a mobile menu.

Transform Your WordPress Layout For Mobile Devices With Plugins

In the event you do you create your own themes that can’t convert or is not mobile friendly, you can use WordPress plugins to optimize your WordPress website for all varieties devices. If you’ve got a WordPress site that still needs to be optimized for mobile viewing, use the plugins listed below.

The Handheld Mobile WordPress Plugin from Elegant Themes (what we use) is a useful addon that lets you display your mobile visitors an alternate design. The Handheld Mobile plugin comes packaged with the Elegant Themes membership, which sells for $89 a year (or much less on Fiverr from a licensed web designers API key.) The membership comes with 87 quality WordPress themes and 5 WordPress plugins. Sadly, the plugin is only available through the membership and can’t be bought on it’s own.

JetPack Mobile Theme by Automatic (free) The WordPress.com default option Mobile Theme exhibits your content in a tidy, uncluttered interface, making it simple for mobile visitors to scan your website. Moreover, they took special care to make the mobile theme as lightweight as possible to ensure faster loading times. This free plugin provides a vast array of features to supercharge your blog.

You are given different alternatives by the Jetpack Mobile Theme:

  • Display either excerpts or complete posts on the house page and archive pages.
  • Show a promo for the WordPress cellular programs in the footer of the mobile theme.

Once you have activated mobile theme characteristic for Jetpack, you can customize background and the header of your site’s mobile version. The Mobile Theme displays one sidebar below the main content area, just above the footer. This helps to ensure your content has as much room as possible on smaller displays.

Excerpt From:

The Complete Guide to Building Your Online Spiritual Business Using WordPress

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