how to give pendulum readingsPendulum readings given from one person to another can be challenging because the person giving the reading has to be connected to the one they are seeking answers for, this is why when seeking a pendulum reading one should have it done by a professional – ideally by someone like a psychic, intuitive or empath that possesses a pendulum that is in-sync with their vibration.     

The one asking the questions may not know how to properly phase them so having a professional that understands the importance of phasing and how to properly construct questions is just as important when giving a pendulum reading.

Probability charts are also very useful to have to see how likely an event is to happen or to narrow down on a year, month, week or day. Other printable charts for anything from current health to past life’s can also be found online.  

The reader also has to be able to feel if there is interference when the questions are asked, someone that has wishful thinking could influence the results. Only after someone has experience and positive feedback in these areas should they consider giving readings to others.

In my experience I have found that heavier copper pendulums & orgone pendulums work best, cheap pendulums tend to break and long pendulums tend to tangle.

I use to have the Silver Harmonizer II, a powerfully accurate Biorgone Pendulum, made from the same materials as in Orgone Energy Devices.

Every calculation in the design of this pendulum has significant physical and non-psychical aspects going back to ancient times. This contributes to its genuine means of divination for definite answers to life’s questions. This pendulum is also kept loaded and stored protected from  foreign auric effects. Depending on what you use your pendulum for these types of things may not be necessary. 

Before giving a pendulum reading the intention is always set for the highest good of all concerned. I using pendulums and the appropriate dowsing charts can improve your life with clear answers to questions.