can psychics predict pregnancy It is only natural for a female (and perhaps a few males) to wonder if a psychic is able to predict pregnancy in their future. Any person is going to feel as if they could benefit from having a piece of information this important sitting in their back pocket waiting for them.

I have had several clients ask me about if they will or wont have children and it is always very rewarding when they come back to update me that they conceived around the anticipated month and are now expecting.

But, it is pivotal to remember that a psychic will not always be able to give you an exact date, month or time that you will become pregnant because of the variable involved, most importantly, when the soul chooses to incarnate as well as ovulation and “trying” times.

Psychics more or less read the energy connected to parents and in some cases can predict the gender of the unborn children connected to that energy by feeling male or female. A psychic may be less accurate in terms of predicting the exact month you will experience pregnancy due to variables mentioned. What a psychic can do is feel out your situation and tendencies and use that information to predict pregnancy timing via a likely month or months of conception as well as see if there is any emotional and sometimes physical blockages or limitations interfering with you to have a baby that need to be resolved first.

Where a psychic excels is at feeling how many children are connected to your energy expected be born over the course of your life and if all or some have the same father.

Exact pregnancy prediction dates and times

Any psychic that claims to have an exact pregnancy prediction for you should not be trusted. A true psychic can give you a ballpark figure, something to go on, as opposed to a up to the day prognosis, it could happen the day after you leave your psychic reading or it could take another 18 months, conception is simply not set in stone.

You may not be living your life in a way thats in alignment with pregnancy

Perhaps you are dedicated to your career and you do not have time for a boyfriend, this will keep you from becoming pregnant as rapidly as you would like; or perhaps you are not ready to have a child yet, from a spiritual standpoint. Your baby’s soul may be waiting for you to start making better choices until they decide to jump in. Or perhaps one of your life lessons is to experience miscarriage, fertility issues, adoption or other events. Ask yourself what you might need to do to create the best possible environment for a potential child. Maybe you’re feeling nudged to leave your partner, work less. stop or start doing something that you haven’t, or perhaps note and none of these things are relevant to your path.

A psychic reading can also help identify these roadblocks

By give you the advice you need to achieve a successful pregnancy. While a psychic can definitely predict a pregnancy, they cannot make the changes that are necessary in your life for you and they cannot tell you the exact date that you will become pregnant or deliver.

A psychic’s ability to predict pregnancy is not as cut and dry as you may think

They can provide you with valuable information and insight, serving as a helpful resource during your journey to motherhood. Just remember that a psychic is not able to make exact predictions but more predictions about estimated conception or delivery or what to expect during a pregnancy. Scheduling a consultation with a reputable psychic will help you see if there is a baby in your future and what it might take for you to be ready.