How Telepathic Communication Relates to Psychic AwarenessThe practice of communicating thoughts and ideas through means that do not involve the use of the traditional human sense, otherwise known as telepathy, is on the rise as more and more people come to realize that it is a real form of communication. In fact, Sydney & myself have been practicing telepathy weekly with each other for over two years and have had great success with both sending and receiving, especially images.

Many of us have experienced that sudden realization that a loved one is in danger or has passed, I did the moment my father died. Or perhaps a parent will know their child is suffering, without being in the same room, or even in the same region of the world with the child. A man or a woman may know what their spouse is doing in a particular moment and not know why or how this knowledge suddenly comes to them.

Emotion is believed to be a strong catalyst in telepathic communication. While scientists have attempted to recreate telepathy in controlled environments, it does not produce the same results as genuine human emotion. Telepathy tends to occur during situations of extreme stress and moments of monumental sadness, making it difficult for scientists to quantify.

This is why psychic awareness is gaining in importance. The mind has great potential and is capable of feats that most humans do not realize are possible. Psychic awareness is when a human consciously begins to comprehend the force of life within us all, and begins to harness the human mind’s power.

While psychic abilities have long been feared and considering as agents for evil, in modern times, more and more citizens are learning about their power to affect positive change in their life. By unlocking the mind’s full capability, you can begin to use the positive energy within to change your body’s health, the status of your personal relationships and achieve the success you deserve.

How To Send & Receive Telepathic Thoughts How to send and receive telepathic thoughts

By developing your mind into a state of constant awareness, you can consciously tap into your mind’s psychic gifts. Most still fear these types of terms, as you can probably tell from any Google search of psychic capability, psychic awareness or telepathy.

However, everyone is equipped with the gift of psychic ability, whether they choose to acknowledge this fact or not. Have you ever dreamed about an event, only to have it happen at a later date? This is a form of psychic power. Ever experienced the feeling of deja vu? This is another form of psychic ability at work.

It is important to develop psychic awareness, as it will help you to navigate life in a new and interesting way. We were gifted with psychic capabilities to help us in life, and to ignore them is to ignore a tool to make day to day living easier. Being able to sense someone’s discomfort or their truthfulness are invaluable tools. Embracing telepathy and psychic awareness can improve your life in ways you never thought possible.