Growing up “different” in a religious household was difficult. The idea of Indigo children or a psychic Child was not as well known. I would tell my mom the experiences that I would have only to be ignored or told I needed to get more sleep. Years ago it was strange to have a child who knew the tragic history of nearby areas, heard disembodied voices, and talked back and forth with animals. Thankfully, after she has witnessed how this calling has evolved throughout my lifetime, I have gained acceptance from her. 
Seeing entities frightened me and thus led to me sleeping with my mother for many years although witnessing these things did not entirely stop. Many nights we spent looking for whatever toy kept going off and making noise. When my sister was born I moved my room to the attic to one of the many rooms of this old house that was once used to house adult foster-care patients after the local mental asylum was shut down. It wasn’t long before the dead started to actually reach out to me daily… The chair in my room would rock back and fourth waking me up in the night. The light and TV would turn themselves on and off and I would hear low whispers and have visions of people I had never known. One night I awoke to something touching my feet—I felt like I was going crazy. I had no understanding of earthbound spirits at the time only of angels and demons. 
Growing Up As an Indigo Child
My teenage years were very confusing for me. I would often alarm my friends, while visiting, by saying something like ‘there’s an old man standing in the doorway’ and the old man was not visible to them. Having no knowledge of psychics, mediums or the afterworld, I didn’t know what to make of the experiences. I was sent to Bible Camp where it was confirmed that I was living with “Negative Forces.” I was encouraged to memorize and repeat Bible verses, which honestly didn’t resonate with me, and I was finally sent home instructed to be baptized. Shortly after my return home, my Dad was diagnosed with stage-four cancer. Near the end of his last night on earth, I was siting in the kitchen when the feeling that he had left his body overwhelmed me.  I walked toward his room, but before I could enter I felt his presence wrapped around me like a warm hug. He told me not to wake the family or spend all night crying so I decided to obey and went to bed.
As an adult I began to take an interest in the paranormal.  I bought equipment: Ovilus/ghost box, spirit radio, ghost camera, recorder, etc. and set to work.  
Growing Up As an Indigo Child
I uncovered a lot of evidence in my mom’s home and then began investigating for other people and clearing when I found activity.  I was constantly being told that I was Clairvoyant so I looked up the meaning of the word and everything started to fall into place. My paranormal investigations triggered dreams, visions and the voices that I had experienced throughout my life, but by now I no longer ignored them—I worked to validate them instead. I was led to the Silva Method and the Silva ESP Course, Tarot and Pendulum Readings. I was invited to join a Psychic Development and Animal Communication group where my deep passion for Mediumship evolved.  Looking back now I can see how everything came together bringing me to my Life’s Path.