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The Benefits Of Mandalas For Psychic Development.

Mandalas is known to be a symbol which is both spiritual and ritualistic in nature. They are normally beautiful and associated with various cultures of man such as Buddhism, Hinduism. Most mandalas come in concentric designs whereby the shapes found within them come from a center point; thus the meaning of the word ‘mandalas’ is ‘’circle.’’

Psychic development has to do with allowing ones’ intuitive ability to transcend to the next level

What is the Upper Chakra?

The chakras are the major center of spiritual power in the human body while the upper chakra is the aspect that relates to how creative a man is, his level of spiritual awakening and love.

Mandalas have a lot of benefit towards the psychic development of the human race.

  • They help to expand the chakras by ensuring that there is a maintenance of balance between the physical, emotional and mental aspect of the body.
  • It enables the psychic of man to be open to intuitive aspects of knowledge.
  • Since Mandalas can be used when meditating, it serves as a mantra to quiet the mind. It helps to calm the mind and body of an individual by allowing one to clear ones’ mind and focus on ones’ goals. It also helps to connect with ones’ spirit being.
  • It can be used to promote love, peace, healing, personal values and qualities which include self-worth, joy etc.
  • It helps to control the thoughts and emotion of an individual thereby resulting in a sense of wholeness.
  • Mandalas allows a smooth transition from the lowest vibration of one chakra to the highest vibration of another chakra. This is made possible because the chakras are vortexes that spin, receive the energy from the universe, process it, and distribute it throughout the body.
  • It is a tool that assists in integrating the various aspects of the psyche of man
  • It is the psychological expression of the totality of oneself therefore it helps to give structure to a persons’ identity.
  • In the case of children, when they engage in drawing circles, it aids them in the process of maturity which is a very important aspect of development.
  • Mandalas helps to resolve inner conflicts, which leads to an increase in harmony, and stability in ones’ personality.
  • It aids personal growth which when nurtured helps one fulfill ones’ purpose in life
  • Some people draw circles which is the norm for mandalas and when they do this, it helps recall their earliest experiences and fond memories
  • Mandalas helps people orient themselves, and integrate new information about themselves.
  • It helps to bring oneness to the body, spirit and mind of man
  • It is a healing tool for the soul and it makes life easy.


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