Psychic Diet: Food Changes With Raising My Bodies Vibration

When I first started doing psychic work on myself I noticed that my body’s requirements started naturally changing.

I feel this happened because as my general vibration started to raise and my physical body wanted to reflect this change.

I found that after years of drinking Coca-Cola I no longer enjoyed it, it tasted different to me, like I was drinking pure syrup and after years of wanting to quit soda, it became very easy to switch to only water.
When I got rid of the pop and switched to water. I had read about the effects of fluoride on the pineal gland (known for being linked to psychic ability) and no longer wanted to contribute to its calcification, so I researched water types and opted to switch to spring water and eventually could taste the impurities in tap water.
I also noticed that for most of my life if I went a few days without eating meat that I felt like I needed to eat some “real food”.  After my vibration raised my body no longer required meat to the point that if I did eat meat, it would make me feel sick. I was later told that this was an empathic reaction and this made sense because after meat was removed from my psychic diet I noticed the same sickness from eggs and fish. I still eat some dairy but it is rbst and hormone free.
Lastly, I started to have the ability to taste impurities and excess salt in some foods, like a metallic taste in foods stored in metal or an overwhelming salt taste on crackers. 

What I find amazing is that I had many bad habits that I struggled to break for years and that once I started working on myself spiritually and as a psychic the aspects of the physical fell into place for my bodies highest good and continue to do so with whatever I require at the time.

Has Your Spiritual Work Altered Your Diet?

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