For many years I would wake up as cold as a corpse, remembering vividly unworldly dreams. I asked channeler and friend of mine Rob Gauthier why this was happening and it was explained to me that this was a side effect of so much of my consciousness leaving my body during sleep to co-create an experience with other entities, like my guides.

I could go on about amazing places I have gone in astral travel, but this post is to tell you about two psychic dream predictions that I was offered in the sleep state.

I drive many hours to visit my Mom several times a year.

It was winter and the night before I left I saw myself in a dream, driving on the icy roads with my two boys in their car seats in the back. I lost control of the car and an unseen force wrapped around me. I did not know were I was but I had this overwhelming feeling to be with my Mom, I just wanted to go home.

I took this message semi-seriously and had someone else that was not in the dream drive me to Moms and asked that my car be covered in a white light of protection.

Several weeks had passed without incident but I put off driving home for two days because of road conditions and this feeling I had. A storm was coming the next day, so I packed up my kids and pets to drive back home. I realized that my GPS was not working and thought, this is a sign I should not leave, but I had spent all day packing and had written directions so I opted to drive away.

Not even a mile down the road, near the cemetery were my dad is buried I lost control of the car! We were wobbling all over the place, spun a 360 just missing oncoming traffic only to see a plow truck was about to hit us head on. It was at this time I feel that an unseen force intervened. The car jerked, we drove up a hill on the side of the road missing a tree, nearly flipped and u-turned at the top, went back down stopping just over the road line missing oncoming traffic.

The car was covered in snow but not only was everyone OK, there was no damage to the car, every little thing just happened so perfectly I have no other explanation but divine intervention.

After we stopped I had this overwhelming feeling to be with my Mom, too just go home, so that’s what I did.

By the time another dream came with a message I trusted completely what was told to me.

I was in a room with my guides and taken to a smaller room to get an examination.

She looked at me and said “You have heavy metal poisoning”.

I did not know what this meant, so when I woke up I researched it.

I found out that this is not uncommon!

Trusting my guides I opted to do a safe heavy metal detox using Sodium Bentonite; a mineral rich volcanic ash with a high negative charge know for its ability to draw out and bind.

I found that Bentonite could be used in many ways: as a facemask, to detox your hair, to make deodorant and toothpaste. Everyday I still use Bentonite and wonder about what would have happened in the long run if I had not taken this message for what its worth.

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