Improve Your Psychic Energy Field

In this gorgeous world, there is more than the physical embodiment of nature and human beings – there is the world of the spirit or the soul, this includes your psychic energy field, which affects our vibration. Many feel out of sync and aren’t sure why. The interruptions in your routine, if not medical ailments are likely due to your psychic energy field.


It is a world that can be confusing to most but once you understand there is more beyond the physical world, then you are ready to pursue strengthening of your psychic energy field. There are three areas that we’ll talk about today: grounding, clearing, and protection.

Improve Your Psychic Energy Field

After mastering the three areas, you may find a greater sense of peace and fulfillment.


  1. Psychic Grounding


Grounding revolves around the idea that we must be stable throughout every situation, not allowing external factors touch our aura, while endeavoring to reach self-actualization and command the psychic energy around us.


This begins by stabilizing the mind.


Many would ask how to know if they are ungrounded and the following symptoms tend to give an idea of whether of being ungrounded is a possibility:


Heightened sensitivity to light and noise


Sleep while meditation




Feeling spacey


Dizzy spells


These are just a few symptoms and a list of them, and exercises to increase grounding, are available online, written by various specialists. The end result should be an aura devoid of negative energy.


  1. Psychic Protection


Once you have attained positive energy, it is important to maintain it. If you’ve done the more advanced training and exercises, then chances are high that you have the ability to sense energies normal people cannot as well as in taking more negative energy than before.


This is incredibly important to master if you plan to or are working as a medium or healer. In order to help others, your spiritual energy must be incredibly positive and inviting.


Essentially, you need to undergo either an exercise or ritual every day to maintain a strong barrier around you. It is best to consult specialists who have undergone proper exercises because they are aware of different dimension energy and can let you know how far to take it.


  1. Psychic Clearing


Now, let’s say you fall into the negative energy categories. As you may have noticed according to the other concepts discussed, it is possible to scrub your aura clean. Again, this can be done through many exercises but there are other things that can be done.


If you can take a bath, use sea salt. Placing it on a desk also makes a difference in keeping away negativity. Sage sticks also helps with absorbing negative energy. Crystals and particular flagrance oils also assist with the same task.


Cleaning, maintaining and building an energy shield takes a very long time. The journey is made easier if you consult a specialist but remember, patience is essential.