Psychic Holly Joy has successfully cleared buildings & people across the globe by assisting with any unwanted heavy energies in her clients home, on their person or other space. 

psychic energy clearing healing

Working as a Psychic Medium I clear myself daily but, for someone long distance I use a process that came to me intuitively and varies slightly with each clients needs.


Because of distance I use a proxy to act as though I am actually their such as: a stuffed animal with the clients information on it or a photo of the person or space.
I work with Spirit Guides to investigate the cause of any issues the client is having from a bad vibe to paranormal activity. My process takes place over three days and utilizes clear & white crystals, candles, sage & sea salt combined with intention & meditation as well as any other items I feel complied to use. 

The Initial Psychic Healing & Clearing Process Goes Like This: 

I place fresh sea salt on and around the proxy, what this does is that it absorbs the negative energy within and around and the targeted area. 


Then I lite sage and smudge the proxy as well as the entire room, the purpose of white sage is that it removes any remaining negative energies and/or entities. If there are any conscious entities or earthbound spirits their presence and crossing over is addressed at this time. When the sage goes out it is my symbol that the area is clear.


Then I surrounded the proxy with many crystals to charge the aura and energy field.


Lastly, I light white candles to represent the intention to boarder the client and/or their home in a white light of protection.


Sometimes I may also include a clearing intention similar to this:

It is my intention to now release myself from any energies that are externalized or have been created by me that operate from my own consciousness that may be impacting me in a negative way. I am now choosing to release any and all energies that I may be holding in my frequency that are not mine, that have been given to me or created by me in any lifetime for any reason. I am now resolved that I am being supported in this release by my (guides, angels) and that I am perfectly cleared of any negativity that has created suffering in my life.


My report to my clients includes the root cause and my psychic impressions plus a photo of the process. This is delivered in three days time in a Word Doc.
Customer Reviews

I really enjoyed this healing! She’s extremely thoughtful and caring. She gave me great direction on a problem I’ve been having. I noticed a change in myself and surroundings as promised.” – Harmonie


Thank You Holly Joy ,looking forward to some positivity! I definitely recommend this, her work is genuine, very professional and thorough, on top she is a very nice person. She understands your situation & works whole kindheartedly to fix it . I recommend this 10 /10” – Varun


Very healing, intuitive and supportive. She gets to the heart of the issues and offers insight, clearing and healing. Thank you!” – Lin


Absolutely incredible. This isn’t just a vouch, this is a highly enthused recommendation. Big service, low price. Holly pegged the problem! Don’t over think such a great decision!” – Sarah


Really worth it, everyone should get this stuff done, you do get results. Holly is flat out amazing. A worker who is patient, understanding and sincere with incredible Psychic ability.” – Johan