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Frank Lee: Welcome to Paranormalities & Ponderings, I’m your host Frank Lee, thank you for tuning in tonight. We have a special guest for you tonight, it’s a Holly Joy. Holly how are you tonight?

Holly Joy: I’m great Frank, thank you.

Frank Lee: Well good, good. So, I appreciate you coming on to show, I’ve been looking to this every since we’ve talked about you coming on and being I guess because you are, you know, a psychic and an intuitive, you’re mentor and although I’ve always been a hardcore science guy. That is something that like we’ve talking about, just a few minutes ago, it’s, it’s just like ghosts, spirits, etc., that I’ve seen enough evidence of it that even though scientifically I haven’t seen the proof on paper that they exist. I’ve seen the proof with my own experience that they exist and I’ve seen too many things for it to be a coincidence about psychics and mediums and those abilities have to be real and it’s fascinating. So, you know hopefully we got to pick your brain for a while.

Holly Joy: Yeah, thank you for having me on the show and I look forward to answering some questions and hope that I can be beneficial for you tonight.

Frank Lee: That is great. You know I was thinking about it when you know, when we first mentioned doing the show and having a psychic on the show. One thing that really comes to mind is, you know, there’s so many things that you’re safe from. For one I felt that psychics like a lot of paranormal investigators, I feel that they probably have to deal with the certain stigma that they face but unlike a paranormal investigator where we say “Hey, I wanna do this, with those abilities first it comes to realization of hey there’s something different about me than everyone else”.  So what was that led you to realize that you are different or you could do things that weren’t exactly normal or that other people couldn’t do?

Holly Joy: When I was a child I had experiences, I  would see things or feel things but growing up at our Christian home any experiences I had for discarded or cause of concern and that condition led me to suppress these feelings of being different until adulthood. In my 20s I took an interest in paranormal and doing that (?) a scene and hearing that have come and gone through my life and what was different this time it’s that I choose to embrace what’s happening to me and sort of put myself out there in a way others could validate my impressions, but even then, even after I knew this was my colleague, I still would not convinced a required lawful validation. Some I had a vision that I was in a car with my kids and it was winter and I lost control of the car and unseen force tilted the car and protected us and then two weeks later this happens and it happened in such a perfect way that my car was undamaged and I have always trusted what information was offered to me.

Frank Lee: So, wow, that is absolutely amazing. So, that kind of led you to think, hmm, there is you know, I’m sure that that definitely cleared up any doubts and itself and I’m sure, I’m sure like you’ve mentioned growing up in a Christian home, also grow up in a Christian home myself, actually a preacher ‘s kid and so I can imagine some of the stigma that you probably faced with some of that and I imagine when, when you first started coming into it was probably shunned and you’ve probably told to leave it alone quite a bit if I had to guess.

Holly Joy: Yeah, it was a lot of, you just needed more sleep, you get that a lot.

Frank Lee: Right. Well, do you feel that you’re born with those abilities or did you developed them after maybe particular event in your life or a current?

Holly Joy: Actually, I was born empathic sensing the feelings of those around me and empathy is the primary sense I work with now, so yeah that’s what I was born with. Some psychic sensed, but then I would not be able to help people the way I do now. Have I not embrace this calling and actively worked for this development.

Frank Lee: Right, so, kind of like you were born with a natural ability but it was just like anything else, you’ve might had this ability but you had to develop it, train yourself just like with anything else.

Holly Joy: Right.

Frank Lee: Okay. You know something that, you know that, that makes me, that reminds me of something that I’ve talked about with many people. You talk about having you know extra sensory abilities. You know many of them talk about developing them, you know trying to get it so that they can control it. A lot of people that I’ve talked to want to get it to the point where they can just develop it enough to block it out. Some people embrace it and love it others feel that you know they don’t want it, they wish it never happened. So, personally do you feel that your abilities are more of a blessing to you or a curse?

Holly Joy: As an adult I feel like an entirely different person, like I’ve opened my body up to whatever my soul wished to experience in its lifetime and giving readings and mentoring other with psychic devolvement it’s what brings me my previous excitement. So, I’m happy and I would not choose towards any other way, I feel blessed but not that these abilities are blessing and always that makes me special.

Frank Lee: Right, so, so that, that’s powerful, that you know, you’re, you can served them a blessing but not in a sense of “Hey, look at me, look what I can do”, but “Hey, look what I can do to help people, look how I can use this, how I can put it to work.”

Holly Joy: Yes, but being in service to others.

Frank Lee: Then and that is commendable, that is you know very admirable and that’s, you know, that’s one of the things that I feel like there isn’t enough of in the world today. So, I definitely commend you for that.

Holly Joy: Thank you.

Frank Lee: So and something I kinda touched on few months ago, you know, about stigmas or criticisms, I’m sure you’ve faced them growing up. I can only imagine, like you’ve mentioned being born with these abilities, I can imagine childhood was probably strange to say the least

Holly Joy: Yes, confusing.

Frank Lee: Right, I can imagine there was a challenge in itself and I know even today, I see a lot of psychics called on to question and many called on to question unfairly. You know then on the other side of the house I see some that I kinda wonder about myself, typically they are the ones we seen working for the 900 line, back in the 90s and you know, but that goes back to what you were just saying though. It’s what, what is there in motivation, what’s there is being used for, but what I was going to asks you is what type of stigmas or criticisms have you faced throughout your life because of these abilities?

Holly Joy: Well, the most recent was online comments, one of our social preachers, the one about how psychics are either cons or mentally ill and when I’m petitioning the government to pass the law that puts anyone in psychic work in prison and after it’s collected and give them back to other clients or in his words “victims” and I agree with you, that some psychics or people claiming to be psychics are con artists and i’ll touch on this little further in the show, but for those who feel all psychics are criminals and should be punished by law I would like to play out there are several documented cases where government agencies have utilized psychics some of then channelers. The first one I feel worth mentioning is the societies for enlightenment and transformation or SEAT. This is organized at United Nations and Kyron who is a channeled higher dimensional being and many others have been invited the channel and some nations that have taken in consideration on the constant making our world. Also a blind woman named Mary Ann (Sienfield) and she claimed that without eyes she can read, watch TV and (outer?) space and she was studied extensively by NASA and ultimately tested but being asked to specific satellite orbiting in space with serial numbers, which she did, and now she works for NASA, saving them unspeakable time and resources.

Frank Lee: That is I mean just…amazing doesn’t cover, but you know you bring up such an excellent point there. You know when you’re talking about the society for an enlightenment and transformation, that’s you know, this is, this is an organisation recognized by the United nations and this isn’t the first time that that’s happened you know we were talking just a few minutes ago about you know the star-gate project back in the 70s and that went on through the 70s, up to the 80s, on into the early 90s that the US government spent all this money on psychic research. They were doing like you’re talking about Marry Ann (Schneider) who is using her abilities for NASA, they were looking in and researching remote viewing as a way of espionage to spy on the countries, to you know potentially not have to send the spy into the dangerous zone, but to have them seated in the room comfortably but gather the intel that they need from a safe location and not all of that but get places that a person physically couldn’t get and this one on for years and years. You know, we even mentioned the book that (Lloyd Arback) and (Ed May) and I can’t remember the other gentleman’s name, that they’ve been working on about the ESP wars, as they called it, that were not only the US but there’s been other countries that have done psychic researches well and tried to use it from a military stand point. The military, the CIA, I mean there’s so many legitimate agencies that are looking into this, it makes you take notice.

Holly Joy: It’s very interesting research for those that enjoy this topic.

Frank Lee: Right and not only that but for someone, you know, even if someone is skeptical of psychics or maybe they’re not sure if it’s real or not, if you take someone like me who, who’s hardcore loves science, loves to really dig and see how things tick. I mean that is fascinating to me because these are documented cases, that you know, like you’ve mentioned with (Marry Ann Scheneider) I’m so glad you brought her up because that is such a compelling case. How is a woman, it would be different and in another situations but it’s no secret how closely NASA guards their information, because to let their information leak out, that’s a matter of national security and for her to be able to call of serial numbers of a satellite in space.

Holly Joy: Absolutely.

Frank Lee: And, and might take on the side, you know, this is where my frustration was science comes and this is why I was so excited that have you on the show because you know what, what you’re doing, science doesn’t understand yet so a lot of science wants to write it off as well, we don’t understand it so it’s not real. Same thing we face in paranormal side of the house and if you look at it though how long ago was it that the Earth was the center of the Universe and that was absolutely scientific fact, the Earth was a center of the Universe. Was a very long before that the Earth was flat and that was accepted as a scientific fact, if you went too far you you were going to fall of the face of the Earth and, you know, just because we don’t understand, doesn’t mean it’s not real. So, anyway, I’ve, you know, I’m like a kid in a candy store you’ve got me, you know, I’ve got like a million questions I want to ask you and so, I’m gonna try and not get side tracked anymore but you know, I’ve, that was just something that when you’ve mentioned, you know, when you’ve mentioned seat and (Mary Ann Schinfield) that just made my mind just click and I’ve had to, I really need to bring that up, but you know and talking about the government’s actually taking it serious enough to look into doing all this research and then you’ve got your skeptics of course who think that, like you’ve mentioned you know every, someone saying that everyone that says psychics are a con artist and everything else. There it creates a lot of confusion and if there is one thing I’ve learned in 14 years in a paranormal field it’s, if nothing else, I’ve learned that people pay too much attention to what’s on TV and TV is the breathing ground for misconceptions and so, that’s something that I was going to ask you about is, you know, what is some of the common misconceptions about psychic abilities that you ran into on a regular basis that maybe you would like to address and clear up and you know maybe set a record straight.

Holly Joy: Yes, back to the idea of skeptics, some people say that psychics are mind readers but they are not and they want to test me by asking “what’s my birthday, how much fingers am I holding up” when people ask questions like this I know that they don’t understand what a psychic is and what I do is a pick up on my client’s dominant feelings that someone is happy, depressed, anxious. These are often signals that I read energetically and gather questions about utilizing my senses of seeing, hearing, feeling and knowing, but what we have a telepathic connection, I would have no way to act the what you’re thinking. Another thing would be the psychics know the future, for me a timeline reading is about gathering a questions and mapping the most likely outcome at the time of the reading. However, we all have free will and thus several probable future timeline meaning that your future is not set and still.

Frank Lee: I would agree.

B: And lastly that psychics are psychics all of the time. Being psychic is like being able to listen to a radio and hear a frequency. When I do a reading I tune in my clients station, but when I’m done with my client I leave the station and turn off the radio.

Frank Lee: That’s a great analogy. I’ve never heard, I’ve never heard that it explained that way, but that, that’s a good way of putting it and you know, they’re first like you’ve mentioned “what’s my birthday” or “how many fingers am I holding up”. That’s, you know, they reminds me, you know, so many times I’ve heard the expression you know “well psychics are real, why you’ve never seen in the newspaper psychic wins the lottery ” and things like that?

Holly Joy: It has been actually, several psychics have won the lottery.

Frank Lee: Right and you know, I’ve, you know, that and a lot of that is from, you know, from the remarks I’ve heard like that and then from the people that I know personally who do have abilities. You know I see such a clash of just, there’s just so much mass information between two groups of people, you know, I see people that think that you know just because someone is a psychic that they’re practicing witchcraft or they’re into black magic or you know just so, so many things that you know, it’s really unreal and like you’ve mentioned people just clearly don’t seem to understand how the psychic abilities work,to begin with.

Holly Joy: Yeah, I’ve been asked about, I’ve got people assumed that I understand magic and things and I have to tell them “I’m sorry, not my area”.

Frank Lee: Right and you know, I do like the analogy that you used about being you know, about the way that what they’re putting off is what you’re receiving and that actually clarifies that quite a bit, because that’s something I always wondered about as well is, you know, when you are doing those readings  what that is that you’re picking up and that’s a question I’ve always had personally myself so I’ve, thank you for answering that because that makes so much sense to me. So, it was a great way to explain that, so do you feel that having these abilities, would you say that it’s had a positive for a negative impact on your life overall?

Holly Joy: I feel I’m doing what I’m meant to be doing and it has been and continues to be a journey for me, so I feel I have abilities that have affected my personal world in a positive way. My only concern that I have is that I have two boys, so I worry about how this could affect during these four years, but I just started trust that they all experience but their souls should experience journey of time.

Frank Lee: Right, they, I can definitely understand that, being a parent myself, I’ve kinda of been concerned a little bit because I’ve got two daughters and of course most of their friends think it’s cool that their dad’s paranormal investigator. Especially now that they’re older ones in high school, ones in junior high and you know, now all their friends are like “wow I wanna go along too”. You know, but I can definitely see from the way you’re explaining that, I can see where would have a positive impact on you and would help with your personal growth because of the way that you’ve talked about that you’re employing this ability, you’re not using it for personal gain, you’re using this to help others and you’re teaching others how, you’re helping them with their abilities as well. You’re mentoring these people and, you know, I’ve seen so many things from ”The across the realms” website and so I can definitely see that. You know, there’s not many people that you run into that genuinely about helping people and so it’s very refreshing to see that.

Holly Joy: Thank you.

Frank Lee: You’re quite welcome. You know, that’s what I wanna highlight, you know, there’s a lot of shows that cover a lot of things and, you know, we’ve tried to find the people that are doing things right, you know, they’re making a positive impact and so, you know bring those people in and people that our listeners can learn from and of course there’s definitely the ones out there aren’t like you who are obviously fake, who are out for profit, who are taking advantage of people and I figured if anybody would know how to spot fake psychic. I would ask a real psychic if there was a way to spot a fake one?

Holly Joy: There is… First and foremost a client is looking for validation and of any reading you should walk away with information only you can validate and if you’re worried about getting a ”cold” reading, I only suggest that you start with your e-mail reading that way a psychic can not read your body language and gage your reaction. Second, watch out for psychics that may even have psychic abilities and did you an accurate reading, but then claim you’re in danger, claim that you’ve been cursed or claim that you have dark energy around you and want you to pay more for your initial reading to remove the curse, or purchase material to protect you. This is either a dark worker or scam, the many people unfortunately fall pray to and my suggestion in this case is to walk away or at very least have a second opinion from a psychic that has good public reputation. It’s very rare but instincts that client have a negative attachment and actual light worker will help you remove free of charge. If you see the psychic with the obvious fake name, Madam ”So and so”, like that…. You know if you google the psychics name you should be able to find professional mention of them.

Frank Lee: That’s great advice and you, you really, I mean, you covered so much right there just in itself because that’s something I’d never considered and that is such an excellent idea there’s so much training. Even in a basic psychology course, like you’ve mentioned, reading body language, that e-mail reading that’s an excellent idea because you can pick up so much from someone’s body language that you’ve might be able to think your way through it, even if you have no abilities. So that’s an excellent point and what you’re talking about, about the ones that are claiming you’re in danger and wanting to sell you this charms and materials to protect you and I’ve ran into so many cases of that over the years. I can’t count how many times I’ve seen that, my own self and people who would come to us, first they would go to the little corner shop and going there and asked for help and you know they would pay just tons of money and they’re already paying tons of money just for a reading. Then they’re told they’re in danger, they’re panicked, they don’t know what to do or whom to turn to and they’ve told they’ve got to buy this charm for this protection but it’s only good for this protection, so they’ve got to buy this charm as well. So, they leave, they’re upset, their emotions are getting a best of them, they come back, couple of weeks later they’re still in a frenzy of panic, so they pay for another reading and end up buying, you know, more charms or you know, it’s a cycle and I’ve seen that so many times. So, I’m glad that you brought that up, that is such an excellent point there, that I’ve seen that scam in person and it’s never good, because by the time that those people get to someone who is legitimate, who is credible. It’s hard for them to trust anyone and there’s that seed of doubt that seed of fear that’s been planted in them and so I’m so glad that you’ve addressed that and I definitely understand and agree with the fake name. I would agree with that 100%, if you’re credible you’re going to use a real name, you’re going to, you’re going to be not worthy of it, so that’s excellent, excellent point. Now something I’ve heard speculated many times and this is something I’ve wondered about, I’ve heard so many opinions on both sides of the argument, so I’ve figured out to ask you. Do you think psychic abilities are something that our genetic that maybe run just a family bloodline that only certain people are born with or is that something that you think that all of us have that ability but maybe some of us are just naturally more adopted utilizing?

Holly Joy: Yeah, I disagree with the idea of psychic abilities being genetic. I feel if these people grew up in a spritual home, that these ideas are great, then you’re more likely to have several generations of psychics, but I believe that everyone has a capacity and if they wish to, can expand their intuitive nature.

Frank Lee: Okay, that’s great so when and I know you being a mentor, I know you probably do have quite a few people come to you for advice and I imagine that’s something that you’ve been asked many, many times over the years. If I had to guess I would imagine, but something else that I’ve wondered about is and this goes back to what we were discussing earlier about how the psychic abilities work and people don’t understand them. From everyone I’ve talked to, they say that, you know, most people have their own top of ability, that it works a little differently for each person and with you mentoring people and helping them develop their own abilities combined with your own personal experiences. So I’m wondering what are some of the different tops of psychic abilities people have that you’ve encountered.

Holly Joy: The typical senses are seeing in your mind’s eyes, hearing either outside or inside your ears, feeling emphatically and just knowing things, but this can also extend into and smell and I try no to confuse people but in terms of psychic development, It goes psychics and mediums and then channelers, meaning that mediums are also psychics and channelers are also psychic mediums, they all expend from the psychic abilities category as does animal communication, telepathy and remote viewing.

Frank Lee: So, that’s quite a variety of abilities there that and have you found that, would you say a lot of people tend to have maybe just one of those or have you encountered many people that have like I combination of those?

Holly Joy: Most people have a combination typically that seeing, hearing, feeling are the three most common. Knowing in some people can have taste in other smells.

Frank Lee: And see that’s something that tasting and the smell that’s something that I’ve not heard of, I’m unfamiliar with that so, I found that fascinating.

Holly Joy: Well, kind of like going on a paranormal investigation where you smell cigar smoke, or related to like that.

Frank Lee: Well, so, that’s definitely, you know, that’s definitely fascinating because you know with the ability to see and to hear and to even sense these things, it’s, that’s amazing in itself and you know then when you get into the whole realm of doing things like remote viewing. That is absolutely mind blowing, I can’t even fathom how that, how that would work, but there’s so many documented cases of it that it work somehow with some people.

Holly Joy: Right.

Frank Lee: So, you know, this is, what you’re hearing, that tone of my voice is the sound of mind being blown, for the record there. So, you know and this is, you know, this is why I’ve been looking so forward to this. I knew you would put me in this position to where I’m just, it’s like I said earlier, I feel like a kid in a candy store. I had so many questions just racing through my mind that I want to asks you. Something I was wanting to asks you about is if someone feels that they might have some type of ability, but perhaps they’re not sure. What would be a good way for they to determine if they do?

Holly Joy: I could clearly want to determine if you have some type of ability is to have someone to validate your impression and again it comes to you in a way seeing, hearing, feeling, knowing and a good way to do is is to hold a photo or an item that you’ve never seen and state your impression and have the owner of that photo or item that tell you what it accurate and this way you can validate what you have and being confident and determined.

Frank Lee: Oh, okay, that’s great advice. So really, it’s you know just mainly a matter of what are you feeling from it and, and kinda go blindly and just see how closely you’re maybe zeroing in on, I guess you would say. So, that’s, that’s awesome advice. You know if someone is in that position and, you know, maybe they, they feel have some abilities they want to learn more, they want to further develop them. What are some good resources they can turn to for more information or maybe to find people to talk to that have similar abilities?

Holly Joy: The best resource we have is the Internet because not every community has a spiritual’s church or workshops, Facebook has several groups for psychic development, google+ has communities and you can also look online for psychic development courses, blogs and books.

Frank Lee: Are there any particular authors that you would recommend or any particular books?

Holly Joy: I recommend, let’s see, “A hundred and forty psychic development exercises”, I don’t remember the what authors name is but it has “A hundred and forty psychic development exercises” that you can do with your self or with a partner or with a group. That’s a good  place to start and you can get it for $2.99 on Amazon, so it’s affordable price, yeah.

Frank Lee: And so, that’s basically a ton of exercises and for three bucks, that’s, skip the coffee one morning, make it yourself and you’ve got it covered.

Holly Joy: Right.

Frank Lee: So, that’s also information and I agree, the Facebook, I’ve seen a couple of groups and the Internet, there’s so many resources there itself and that is handy, because years ago, you know, if you’re maybe out somewhere in a roll area or like with me, I’m in a south here, in Alabama and which anyone who didn’t know that before, probably is picked up somewhere close to there for my accent. I can’t hide where I’m from, I put it that way, but you know in certain areas like you’ve mentioned that’s a great point. There aren’t quite as many resources so the Internet definitely would be a good way to go. Something I wanted to get your opinion on and we talked a little bit about this before we actually went on there. Do you feel that psychics are useful with paranormal and criminal investigations?

Holly Joy: I would like to mention that FBI, the CIA and police around the world are using psychics and mediums to help ”cold” cases and solve crimes and there are criminal divisions from Australia, the United States and New Zealand and the UK who are all concerned that medium and psychics have abilities and other numerous cases would very likely remained unsolved.

Frank Lee: Wow.

Holly Joy: Yeah and with the television programs now, like psychic detectives or solving murder, anyone can witness and watch the process and validation and also I feel that psychics and mediums are an asset in paranormal research  because they can offer informations that can not be detected by instrument.

Frank Lee: I agree.

Holly Joy:: So yes…

Frank Lee: I agree, but I have on my paranormal team, we have two mediums and they have, of course their, their primary role is to be a paranormal investigator first and go through the more scientific approach but I can’t tell you how many times that using their abilities. They have empathic abilities of being able to pick on emotions and hear things and see things and it becomes so useful and it’s just fascinates me, I’ve seen time, after time again, like you’ve mentioned, FBI, CIA and this different law enforcement agencies that have used psychics and a case would be solved and it’s too many for to be written up to mere coincidence. I actually shared a link on my team’s Facebook page, just no long before the show came on that was mentioning. Te 10 of the most compelling cases where solved with the assistance of psychics and it was like you have mentioned, they were saying that the law enforcement agencies themselves were saying that they did not believed these cases would have been solved, had they not consulted with these psychics and had them available as resource to assist. So, you know, it’s fascinating, it’s like a said earlier, it’s absolutely mind blowing. What are, are there any other areas, aside from the, from the investigation itself that you would feel maybe with interrogating people and questioning people, or working with the witnesses. Do you think a psychic would be useful with that aspect of it?

Holly Joy: I feel like it could be useful in profiling cases, looking at suspects, feeling good energy, you know most likely to commit a crime, like that.

Frank Lee: So, that’s, that’s, I can definitely see that, perhaps maybe picking up that emotion or that maybe that guilt or that anger that they’re trying to hide. Maybe they can hide body language but if there’s someone who has these empathic abilities, it’s hard to hide that sort of thing from them.

Holly Joy: Right.

Frank Lee: So, so, yeah that’s a great point and it’s very good. To, well to someone that maybe has abilities and wants the better hone into using them for, perhaps they’re interest in using them for a paranormal team or just wants to be able to use them in everyday life. What advice would you give them to help them sharpen those abilities and get them under control?

B: First and foremost, I connect with people and find a practice partner to exchange readings or exercise with and are small group that meet on online classroom. Here you will find (?) people with a common goal, you can also open up pre- psychic chat room to get comfortable getting readings. So first and foremost you want practice, also to start meditating, even guided meditation helps you rise your vibration and help you become more in touch with your intuitive of nature and lastly, have you considered removing fluoride from your daily routine, because it calcifies on your pineal gland or your third eye and this wounds your inner vision and intuition.

Frank Lee: Wow.

Holly Joy: Yeah, so, what I did was I switched to spring water and only use for fluoride free products and for people who are interested in decalcifying the pineal gland, there are several ways you can do that, again what I did was a shot of lemon juice in the morning for two weeks and consuming a lot of coco like in the form of 80-90% of chocolate.

Frank Lee: That, that’s fascinating information. I, I’ve never heard about fluoride before, so that’s..

Holly Joy: Yeah, you can see pictures of calcified fluoride on pineal glands online and research and yeah.

Frank Lee: Wow. So, that’s definitely something I never considered and learned something new everyday. So, wow, definitely something to consider to anyone listening who is looking to expend their abilities, if your water system is being, you know, maybe if there adding fluoride to it, switch to the bottle of fluoride-free water, it’s, see that is something that I would have never considered, wow. That’s so, that just, okay, you’ve blown my mind again, so wow. See that’s, that’s what I love though, is I love for someone to pull something out of left field that I just absolutely do not see coming and because I may be thinking about that all night tonight and probably have the day tomorrow. So and I would probably spend, I would probably be on Google to on that for, to about 2 o’clock in the morning, so that’s awesome stuff, I love it. You know, you,you’ve helped people, you know, obviously individuals who’ve came to you with their cases and you’ve mentored other’s people to develop their own abilities, so and I know that, you know, you’re one of the co-founders of Across the realms and so I have to ask you do you have any events or team activities or anything else that you’ve liked to mention?  Or anything going on to help people?

Holly Joy: Like you said, I’m one of three Across the realms certified psychic mediums. All of our services start under 20 dollars, we have a free online psychic development group, we host weekly spirit circle for medium shift development and we accept volunteer sitters if any of your listeners are interested in having a group reading.

Frank Lee: Wow.

Holly Joy: And publish popular blog about everything psychic and list of these things can be found on our home page ATRpsychics.com

Frank Lee: Okay, then, that’s awesome and I can personally vouch for intuitive pathways group, I’m a member of that group myself and I’ve talked to people on a regular basis that come to me with questions because they know that me being in a paranormal field, they figure that I’m gonna have contacts that have abilities and you know, I’ve, I can’t tell you how many people I’ve referred to intuitive pathways group on Facebook and every time I go in there I’m always fascinated. There’s so much good information and the people in there, it’s such a great atmosphere, it’s all about learning, it’s all about helping people and just the way everybody gets along and works together in that group. I’ve got to put in my personal endorsement for that group, it’s awesome.

Holly Joy: Oh, thank you.

Frank Lee: So, there’s definitely some very awesome people in there.

Holly Joy: Thank you.

Frank Lee: Well, you’re quite welcome and see we’re getting close to running out of time but are there any last thoughts that you have, that you like to maybe through out there or any advice that you would like to give to anyone before we rap up?

Holly Joy: Yeah, I wanted to touch base on the idea becoming addictive to psychics, psychic dependency and unhealthy trend seen more and more, especially with the convenience of online, psychic online and our goal is not to enable people to feel like they can not wait for situation work itself out. So, I would just like to go into the signs that you’ve might be addictive to psychics.

Frank Lee: Excellent.

Holly Joy: One being if it goes psychic hopping, meaning that you’ve asked several psychics the same question, does that make any changes in your life. If you’re consulting with the reader regularly out anything and everything, if you’ve ever made an emergency call or visit at the psychic or other people are telling you that you have a problem or if you’re spending more money than you can afford on psychics. Intuitive guidance can be helpful when you need to make a decision but it comes problematic when you feel that you can’t make any decision about running it by a psychic first and I’ve liked to share a story. I had a client that did all of this things and was consulting with me daily and what I did was I incurred him to purchase a use a pendulum and he had day-to-day questions and there’s a learning curve or people can compare pendulum answers to mine or another psychics but shortly after they should be able trust themselves and get away from daily readings. So I can make suggestion to anyone that are struggling with psychic dependence.

Frank Lee: Right, that’s an excellent point.

Holly Joy: Yeah and also just suggesting that you set your attention to go without a read for set period of time and I would reach out to an alternative such as a past line or comfort to help with reading.

Frank Lee: That’s an excellent point there because you, like you’ve said that, I have seen people that, they get into this pattern myself and that is so true, they, like the psychic copying that you’ve mentioned, that’s, they feel like they aren’t satisfied with what psychic tells them, so they go to another and to another and it’s like you’ve mentioned, they’re you know, it’s like they’re still doing the same exact things, but they’re expecting different results and they’re getting the same information from these different psychics doing the same things and it’s like the cycle and becomes like an insanity and you watch them and it really eats away at them and it forms that dependence that you’ve talked about. It’s something that I’m so glad you’ve brought up, because it can be really, you know, this is something that I have seen marriages in over this and jobs lost. It can be a very serious problem, a literal addiction.

Holly Joy: Absolutely.

Frank Lee: Like you’ve mentioned, people feel like they can’t make day-to-day decisions without consulting with the psychic and God forbid they get with one of the psychics like you were mentioning earlier who’s running a scam, who’s you know, charging them for each visit and ungodly price only to sell them this charm or that charm. Tell them that they’re going to make this potion or you know, who’s just milking them for every bit of money that they can get and knows what they’re doing and intentionally do it. This, you know, it can be just an absolutely devastating situation for that person.

Holly Joy: In the family, yeah, just like an addiction to a drug or yeah.

Frank Lee: Absolutely and that is great advice, if you find yourself in that situation to contact a crisis hot online or counselor, because it’s nothing short of as you’ve said an addiction. So, great advice, thank you for bringing that up. So, yeah, we’re running down to just a couple of minutes so before we get to the end of the show, let me get you to go ahead and once again, you know, tell our listeners how they can get in touch with your group and some of the resources that you have out here that should they be interest in finding one of your groups or your web site and kinda through out that information there form.

Holly Joy: Sure, I tell you to google across the realms or pop up on our homepage tab, but a free online psychic development group if you search intuitive pathways on Facebook, you’ll find us and what we do on that group is we have weekly, every Friday is a reading day, so members get readings on the wall or couch groups everything you say and like is discreet, it’s not shared with any of your friends or family and we also have fundraise which information comes from within the pathway weekly spiritual for mediumship development and that’s an online classroom with call-in options and  we start with a meditation, teaching and prayer than we have a volunteer sitter come in for group psychic or spirit contact – student’s read for the sitter and they get validation from the reading by practicing there mediumship skills and again all of our services start under 20 dollars- psychics, mediumship, animal communication readings by phone, email, skype & chat.

Frank Lee: Wow, that’s awesome, thanks for putting that out there. That’s a lot of resources there, so, looks like we’re out of time but thank you so much Holly for coming on to show. I can’t speak for anyone else but I know I have learnt a lot tonight so thank you.

Holly Joy: I’m so glad, thank you for having me.

Frank Lee: And I hope that I can get you on the show again sometime.

Holly Joy: Yeah, I would love that.

Frank Lee: Awesome. Well thank you to everyone who’s tuned in tonight and I’ve hope that you’ve enjoyed the show as much as I have, so we look forward to seeing you again next week.