There are a lot of myths circulating out there about psychics. A lot of them are not based in any sort of fact based research, but these misconceptions have been allowed to thrive for so long that most people do not even bother to think otherwise at this point. The following are some of the most common psychic myths currently in circulation and the reasons why they are not factual.

Psychics Influence Clients’ Thoughts

A psychic reading can go one way or another. There is no guarantee that the client will receive a reading that they agree with. The psychic simply picks up on the energy that the person is giving off and makes their readings based off this, their individual abilities and sometimes with the help of their guides not any other factors. They do not attempt to influence a client’s thoughts in any way or tell them what they want to hear.

Psychics Can Read Your Mind

Some believe that a psychic does not even need to ask a person questions in order to figure out their hopes, their dreams and their personal information. While a psychic can tell certain things about you without asking, this depends on the connection that you have with a particular psychic. Some may not be able to read your energy as easily as others and there is no psychic that can “read minds”.

Psychics Are Bogus and Take Shots In The Dark

When a person goes to a psychic and their prediction does not immediately come to fruition, this often leads to them to declare that the psychic is bogus, a huge phony and should not be trusted. It is crucial to remember that a psychic prediction does not function as a picture perfect idea of what will happen. All they can do is give you a snapshot of your future and tell you what you will have to do to get there. Looking to a psychic for a perfect prediction of the future is foolish at best and shortsighted at worst.

Psychics Can Cast Spells

One of the most common myths about psychics and one that has essentially no basis in reality. Not only does a psychic have no ability to cast a spell, they also have no ability to remove one, either. Psychics are not witches and they will not attempt to place a curse on you if you have a poor interaction with them.

Psychics Are Always Psychic

People often ask why a psychic would even need to become one in the first place. If you can read people and events so well, why not just figure out the Powerball numbers and retire to Europe? However, being psychic is not about having a magical ability to know what is about to happen. It is about being able to read a person’s frequencies and guide them through hard times. They do not walk around knowing their future and the futures of everyone around them.