What Do Psychic Readers Find Most Surprising About Clients?What Do Professional Psychics Find Most Surprising About Clients?

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One thing that always surprises me about people is that sometimes if they haven’t had a reading they’re unsure about what to expect. They’ll come and they’ll sit in front me and wait for me to tell them their whole life story but a psychic or mediumship reading is more interactive then that.

I explain to every client how I personally work first. I am primarily empathic, I read energy translated to feelings, people, situations and timeframes than I may also hear or see or know something.

What I find most surprising about people is the classic thought or belief about what a psychic medium is even though everyones gifts vary.

As time goes on and people consult lightworkers I feel that more people will understand that it is very different from reader to reader but always interactive.


Love To You, Holly Joy