Resolve Psychic Reading FearsIt is normal as a psychic to have psychic reading fears or a certain level of hesitation before giving a reading, myself included, I nearly had a panic attack when requested for my first chat reading on Keen (the constant warnings that this clients account was about to run out of funds did not help). This is why it is important to trust in your experience as a psychic reader and not let yourself become rattled prior to giving a reading, if you do that you just might freeze and kick yourself later.

Often, before a reading a psychic is overcome with the fear of getting their reading wrong, especially when transitioning into a new style or system like chat on Keen. Many people already have a healthy level of skepticism about the industry and the last thing a psychic wants is for their client to think they are being hoodwinked. A reader may become afraid of freezing up in the moment and not being able to deliver a proper reading.

While some may look upon being afraid prior to a reading as a catastrophic event, it does not have to be. A little fear once and awhile can be healthy and signifies that a reader cares deeply about their craft and that you are not complacent and are constantly striving to do your best, no matter how long you’ve been delivering readings.

However, there is a chasm between fear that will act a motivator and enable you to do your best and the type of fear that could cause you to have a meltdown. Motivational fear is good sometimes, it is the type of fear that won’t stop you from pushing on and giving the best psychic reading possible.

Your desire to make a difference in someone’s life overrides any trepidation you may have. When you realize that the situation is bigger than you, fear tends to dissipate. It is important to know that you have a talent that can help the world and this knowledge typically helps readers to overcome the nervousness that accompanies a reading.

But, there is a level of fear that becomes unhealthy and will limit your effectiveness as a psychic reader. This type of fear only serves to hold you back and will not be a catalyst for positive events in your life. Don’t let fear and hesitation or that reading you wish you could go back and do over stop you from using your psychic talents to help those around you.

A common fear for readers is that they will not be able to pick up any information about their client and be forced to resort to an improper reading. It is important before beginning your reading to decide whether you are going to give a specific reading or a general one and for your client to know the difference, I have had a couple clients ask for a general reading and ask general questions and than be upset that their reading was general so I prefer to stay on the specific end when possible. Once you’ve made this decision, discuss with your client how you will go about giving their reading, so that there is no lapse in communication.

Giving your client an outline of your psychic process will allow you to quickly deliver an accurate reading by alleviating any residual pressure. By staying on top of your fears and not letting them control you, a psychic no longer has to worry. Fear and hesitation soon will be a thing of the past.