Psychic Readings: Releasing Negativity & Setting Your Intention to Receive

Whether you’re aware of this fact or not, you consciously decide each day how to live your life. If you’re feeling stuck in a rut of negativity, eradicating those negative vibes you feel is simpler than you may have been led to believe and will help you in giving psychic readings.

When you have negative feelings, it is easy to assume they are due to some external factor. This notion is false. Negativity comes from within and can attract the wrong clients. While it is natural to have feelings of sadness or anger from time to time, it is not natural to allow them to dominate your day to day feelings or ability to give readings. Realizing you have a choice is the first step towards releasing these negative attitudes.

It is crucial to begin this process with small steps. In some cases, it takes a lifetime for these negative attitudes to take root, so expecting a reversal of these feelings to happen overnight can be unrealistic. Finding the root for your negative attitudes is the first and most important step you can take and can be archived though your own intuition, from the help of another psychic or an energy clearing.

Perhaps you’re experiencing intense self-doubt and you inherently believe that you’re a person looked down upon. Or maybe you’re in a relationship with a someone who has a negative attitude about your psychic work and their viewpoint is beginning to taint your perspective. Whatever the root cause, you can identify it and remove it from your thought process in order to move forward in a more positive way.

One of the hardest parts about turning negative energy into a positive attitude is the fact that there will inevitably be trials and tribulations in your life. During these tumultuous periods, the temptation to slide backwards into negative attitudes and thinking will be a difficult one to escape but being aware to recognize and stop this pattern early on will be of great help.

When you are faced with a trying situation and trying to keep a positive viewpoint, take a moment to try and think about the positive side. No matter how awful the moment may seem, there is always an unseen spiritual benefit and simply believing this can alter your outcome. It can take a great deal of effort to notice it, but there’s silver lining to every cloud.

Before communicating or receiving communication, it is necessary to set your intention; I have a set of prayers & affirmations that I use to raise my vibration.

For example:
“I ask that my Guides, Angels & other beings of light assist me now in (blanks) reading.
I ask to be attuned to a clear & open channel. I trust that divine messages of truth & integrity will be passed on though me to provide the most accuracy, validation & healing. And so it is.”

When I have clients requesting spirit communication I advise them to set there intention by inviting their loved one.

Often, it is easy to simply blurt out a thought or a feeling without considering its intent. By always maintaining a positive intent and believing your words hold meaning makes it’s easier to release negative attitudes and keep them at bay.

You get out of life what you put into it. If you give off negativity and communicate with the intent of delivering a hurtful message, then this is what you will receive in turn. By changing your negative attitude into a positive one and setting a positive intention for your communications, you will notice immediate changes to your energy level.
Suddenly, a time that feels dark will offer a much more lighthearted and sunny energy.