Psychic Blog The Most Common Psychic Scams

I recently had a client that was going though a rough time and saw an ad in magazine advertising a psychic and healer. She contacted him hoping to find answers and receive some healing but he replied saying that she could expect long term money issues and the death of someone close to her. She walked away from the reading very upset and with more questions than she started with and that he would not answer without paying for another very expensive reading. Thankfully, she came to me instead and we were able to discuss ways to empower herself.

Thanks to all of the charlatans who purchase advertising time so they can fill your ears with false promises, many people believe that psychic readings are a scam and do not give them a fair shake. With so many scam artists out there waiting to pounce, the time has come to pinpoint the most common psychic scams so that you do not allow yourself to be hoodwinked like all of the others.

Psychic Scam #1 Curses

Psychics who are not legitimate will often claim that you have a curse or a hex that has been placed on you and that they can remove it, thus changing your luck. The catch? They can only seem to do this if you provide them with some sort of fee up front. Curses are not real and at the very least have no power unless you give it to them plus, there is no product or service that you can buy to keep them from coming back. The fees that these scam artists will try to charge you tend to be quite exorbitant, so avoid them at all costs.

Psychic Scam #2 Love Spells 

Even worse than those who claim to be able to remove spells are those who will try to make you believe that they can cast them. These so called psychics prey on those who are lonely, promising them that they can cast a spell on the person who they desire, thus making them fall in love with them. Not only do psychics not have the power to make someone fall in love with a person, this goes against every core principle that a true psychic stands for. Do not allow yourself to be conned for someone’s spell casting service, as this is pure mumbo jumbo.

Psychic Scam #3 Healing Services

Last, but certainly not least among the most prevalent psychic scams are those who will claim that they can heal you. Whether your problems are physical or mental, these shysters have no problem lying directly to the people who they purport to help. It does not matter if you have a broken leg or a broken heart, they have the magic elixir that can cure you.

Any time a psychic guarantees you that they will heal whatever suffering you are going through, a bunch of alarms should go off inside of your head. After all, if a person was able to be healed so easily by a psychic, why would there even be a need for doctors to exist? The best  psychic can do is send you love and light and work on an energetic level.

Psychic Scam #4 Payment 

Psychic scam artists love to ask for your credit card number and are also fond of asking for wire transfer. No reputable psychic is going to ask for either of these things without meeting in person, so beware. When these hucksters attempt to take you for a ride, don’t be shy about hanging up the phone on them and moving on to psychic who is truthful and reputable.