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Welcome to Across The Realms Psychic Talk Radio, I’m your host Holly Joy. Today we are going to explore the idea of psychic self-care including the importance of cleansing your divination tools and yourself. I’d like to introduce our guest tonight Meilena Hauslendale, she is an artist, healer card reader and psychic medium at NururedSpirit.com

Psychic Holly Joy – Welcome Meilena

Meilena Hauslendale– Thank you so much for having me

Psychic Holly Joy– Can you tell me how you got started with giving psychic readings?

Meilena Hauslendale– I actually got started and this was when I was younger too, iv always had it a part of me, when I was younger it really saved my life, I didn’t know that I always had spirit guides guiding me constantly and I was just getting all of these different messages even when I was a kid. I would know when someone passed away and I would tell my parents this or I knew that someone had an affair in the family and I would say something about it and all of these different things were coming out, I would know about accidents and I would make little decisions as a kid not to go somewhere and find out that I could have gotten hurt if I had so, this is how it all got started.

But fast forward to when I was 12 years old I actually picked up my 1st tarot deck, I don’t why, I was in a book and of all things for me to check out I saw this tarot deck up on the book shelf and I was like “I have to have this” and I don’t even know what it is so, I ended up spiting the cost of the deck with my girlfriend and brought it home and I started giving tarot readings at that time and I know I kept it under raps because there were a lot of people and family that were like…”you know that’s kind of weird” and they were shunning the whole thing and you know they thought that I was kind of weird anyways because of the predictions that I would come up with and them coming true, they just kind of kept it shush and thought “if we just ignore this than its going to go away” but that’s when I really got started doing actual tarot readings.

But, I noticed something about myself when I started doing them… it wasn’t just the meaning of the cards – I could get more messages when I was giving tarot readings so, even at that point I started giving intuitive readings and I  actually ended up predicting my parents divorce and that really freaked them out because I did separate tarot readings for both of them at the time so, that’s how I got started.

Psychic Holly Joy – It is very interesting that at 12 years old you were able to memorize a tarot deck. Do you remember because I know for a lot of people it is very difficult because there are 78 cards. How were you at such a young age able to memorize the meanings and interpret the artwork for your parents?

Meilena Hauslendale– I really hide behind the book, that was my crutch because the only way that someone would accept an answer form me being that young was if it came from the tarot book and I would read it but, other things and messages were coming in but, the fact that it come from a book and not me really eased them because like I said I really freaked people out and I could see there reactions and of course the more I freaked people out the more that they would stay away from me because they were like “that girls into no good” because there whole concept of it was for whatever reason was just to kind of stay clear, but how did I memorize it? I cant say that I ever had it perfect because I was so young at the time but it was like that cards were speaking to me and just when you know that the cards are telling you the message that your actually supposed to convey and that was really special, that was when my spirit guides kicked in, I didn’t know that that’s what they were, sometimes you just think that its in your head.

Psychic Holly Joy Would you say that when you were that young and you were getting impressions from your spirit guides? How were they coming to you and what was your idea of were they were coming from?

Meilena Hauslendale– I really had no idea. I had couple of things happen, I had some astral projection and visitations from my Spirit Guides there was a female at the time but that was just kind of comforting to me and it was really interesting because it was actual acceptance and in my current life situation that I was having I didn’t have that acceptance so, here is all of sudden these spirit guides are coming in and they are giving me that acceptance and validation like… ok, this is part of your experience, this is ok, these are the tools and I guess that in some sense it made me be a little more mature at my age because I understood that there was a purpose to whatever I was going though at the time because I had these spirit guides telling me this is my schooling and this is a part of the lessons that I was supposed to learn to help others.

Psychic Holly Joy – I was just thinking that you’d have to be really mature to sit down with both of your parents and tell them that they were going to divorce.

Meilena Hauslendale– Yea, I didn’t use the D word, I used the separation word. It was my mother and my stepfather and I did readings for them separately because I wanted to practice and finally just to shut me up they let me give them a tarot reading and told them that I was seeing the separation of partnership in the upcoming future and literally six months later that was it. It was very interesting and they never had me read tarot cards again for them after that point.

Psychic Holly Joy – Do they support you now your older and have stuck with this?

Meilena Hauslendale– Actually no. I have a beautiful husband that is psychic and clairvoyant himself so I am so grateful that I eventually at age 23 found someone that I could really relate too and that I wouldn’t have to be so embarrassed about my gifts because I was going around hiding it, I was the closet psychic and my kids are the same way, they see things too and we totally encourage it and we talk about it and its out in the open and we don’t shun anybody for what they see and that is pure validation for them to have that safety net.

My family does not support me but that’s ok, I understand that and accept that but it is important to have that safely net with your partner or circle of friends so that you have that support somewhere. That why I think being involved in a psychic development circle like yours is so important because it gives you that validation that there are other people like you and ironically enough we don’t like to be around people, its like were all not extroverts and we don’t feel comfortable walking around and talking about our gifts.

Psychic Holly Joy – I know it always amazes me how many introverted psychics there are because in this line of work it really forces you to come out of your comfort zone to fulfill your purpose.

Meilena Hauslendale– Yes, I had a really big turning point, it was actually at my place of work because they wanted me to get a Myers Briggs personality test and I hadn’t had one of these since I was in college so I went ahead and took the test thinking that maybe I would learn something but, I really didn’t put a lot of weight into it because they were going to give me some letters and I wouldn’t know what they mean but, them they told me that I’m an INFJ and I’m listening to the guy and then something magical occurred because he tells me that this is a rare combination and only 3% of the population have this and I’m like…ok and then he is like ….these are the people that tend to hid the most when in reality you have a way of seeing things that others don’t and you really should be out in the forefront because you could help a lot of people; and when he said that I knew exactly what he was talking about and that this was what my spirit guides were telling me though him. Its like, you cant help people if your sitting their hiding as uncomfortable as it is. I’m hiding behind my art and I am writing my books and don’t have to deal will people, I can put it out there and I can have my safety net, I don’t have to have any direct contact with people so, right there I knew… it was time and I ironically at the same time I had people asking me to give psychic and tarot readings so, the message just hit home and I knew I had to actually announce that I am a psychic, this is really awkward. I was like psychic and psychotic are very close together and I don’t want people to think that I am the latter. But, I made peace with it, I meditated on it and I knew what I was supposed to do so, I put it up on my website and started giving psychic readings.

I started doing free readings of course though Biddy Tarot network for about a month and once I got my rhythm down and practiced and got out in the open with people I didn’t know and then I moved onto to doing actual paid reading and then into Mediumship and reiki healing.

Psychic Holly Joy – Back to the Myers Briggs personality types you and I are actually very close, we have all of the same letters besides one, I’m an INFP and your an INFJ so we are both Introverted, Intuitive, feelers and it is very common for psychics to have these personality traits especially the Intuitive, Feeling and Perceptive.

I wanted to talk about the importance of psychic self care, when you first got started did you have any awareness into the importance of psychic self care and what rituals did you perform if any ay such a young age?

Meilena Hauslendale– You know when I first got started I was wide open all of the time and I didn’t have control over it, I was horrible in kindergarten because I would look at people and see their auras and it really freaked me out because once you find out that you are different or you are seeing things differently and you want to go back into your cubby hole. I could feel very much if someone was sad or had anger, I would feel that. I didn’t know why but I always took my showers at night and I know most people take their showers in the morning but I realized as an adult that that was the way that I would cleanse myself and restore my energy and let any negativity wash over me and that was really important because I had a lot of negativity in the home too.

I created my own sacred space by having my own room and making sure that I had my own comfort zone and that was really important and I still that today, just cleansing your house is really important because energy gets built up and it doesn’t dissipate – you have to kind of move it around and shift it around but, when I was younger my natural instinct was to take a shower or bath at night to let that energy wash over me, I didn’t have any tools at the time. But, I did take care of my tarot deck, I always wrapped it up in a silk cloth and kept it hidden because I didn’t want anyone touching it. That was the one thing that I really had a solid respect for, I just didn’t want anyone’s energy on it or anyone playing with it and I just innately knew that part.

Psychic Holly Joy – I have met card readers that find it imperative that no one other than them touch their cards because they believe that in order to give a proper reading the only energy in their cards can be their own, as a card reader do you agree with this?

Meilena Hauslendale– Actually no, I don’t. Its not like I let my kids run around with cards or anything like that but I do have sacred velvet bags that match my cards and I put them in there and keep them on top of an alter and that’s how they get charged.

I deposit energy into my alter and have my tools there and that’s my space for them, its like putting my phone on a charger, that’s were I recharge them and purify them, I have my sage there and my incense and my candles and that’s were they get rejuvenated but if I’m with somebody and I’m doing a card reading for them I do allow them to pick their cards because I feel it gives them more power to think that their actually picking the cards versus me but it does go both ways.

Nowadays I give all chat readings online and I might be talking to a client in New Zealand that can’t touch my cards so primarily they only go though my hands but, when I do public tarot readings for people I shuffle the cards and let people pick them. I don’t have any major issues with having somebody pick their cards.

Psychic Holly Joy – We went over that you clear and rejuvenate your tarot cards and yourself and I feel that most light workers would agree that grounding, protecting and clearing are important for psychic self care, we know that you clear do you also do any grounding or protection?

Meilena Hauslendale– Yes, that is the first thing that I do every morning, it is like my wake up ritual to get up, get dressed, drink water – just drinking water is a purification process and then I sit down and do my morning meditations. I will do my grounding and protection and call in my spirit guides and thank them too and than at night time I have the same ritual were I actually thank my spirit guides and do any prayers that I have for people and perform self healing reiki on myself, I do this religiously every night because it is so important for me to be on op of my game if I am trying to help somebody.

It is like if I was a doctor and I was smoking and treating someone for smoking, I could not tell them not to smoke, I have to practice what I preach and take care of myself and that also means just clearing my aura out and making sure that I don’t have any negativity because I don’t want to bring that into a clients reading and I don’t want to carry someone else’s emotions or negativity into another reading, so it is really important that I refresh myself and perform reiki on myself as well.

My guides kept showing me reiki, reiki, reiki and I had no idea why. I would keep seeing it and I didn’t know what this had to do with me giving psychic readings but, I get it now – I get the message that I need to be able to rejuvenate my energy and be able to draw more energy into myself so that I am able to operate on a higher frequencies. I understand it and I’m also able to send healing to others as well and help them in balancing their chakras, just being more knowledgeable about your chakras and how much control you have over them.

If you go around open all of the time you are a sitting duck to the energy around you. Just taking care of you is so important.

I was trying to quick coffee and that was supposed to happen for me because I didn’t understand that the core of me giving Mediumship readings was really meditation and so by not consuming caffeine I was able to relax and now my connection time is much quicker, I can connect to my guides and I am a clear channel and get down to work.

It is amazing how your spirit guides will just lay out your spiritual path for you to take care of yourself. For example, maybe someone has a drinking problem or smokes or is not eating the right food, whatever you need to do to operate on the highest potential that you can and be your higher self to help your clients, do it, that is what you are supposed to do, you are supposed to take care of yourself in all aspects of your life…financially, psychically and spiritually.

I kept having things show up at work “clear channel” or I would be reading something that said “clear channel” it was popping up every were and I’m like… I get it now, I have to be a clear channel in order to do what I want to do and help people and just to be open and positive I have to be a clear channel. Anyone else there might get a different message but pay attention because they are valid and really will help you on your path.

Psychic Holly Joy – I can relate to that… When I first started raising my vibration I noticed there was some controversy about if caffeine heightens your psychic awareness or not but your explanation makes a lot of sense.

I can relate to that in there were all of these habits I wanted to break: smoking, drinking Coca-Cola and one that I didn’t think of but happened which was eating meat. I would agree with you in that once you start raising your vibration that you come into alignment with what’s for your highest good so that you can be a clear and open channel to help others.

Meilena Hauslendale– Exactly, you know some people can have caffeine and still give psychic readings and they have no problem but if your spirit guides are telling you something different, pay attention to it.

There are some people that can eat meat because they are not that much of an empath that they get sick but whatever you need to do to operate on your highest level or whatever you intuitively feel that you need to do, than do it. I see people all of the time that can drink and still give psychic readings the next day, but my spirit guides are telling me something different so, just trusting what you are hearing. 

Psychic Holly Joy – And I would think as you vibration it becomes easier for you to do what’s for your highest good as well. I wanted to quick drinking coke for two years and than I read about fluoride and the effects it has a psychic ability and picked up a case of spring water and quit.

Now, you give psychic readings, tarot readings and your a reiki healer, so do you perform the some rituals everyday no matter what you are doing or do they change depending on the type of reading or healing that you are giving?

Meilena Hauslendale– I always keep my basics, I think it is good to have a basic ritual like always ground, always protect. I don’t want to go around acting like I’m miss airy fairy. I’m a mom, a wife, I’m a real person and I cant be going around all airy fairy – I have to be grounded because I might go from giving a psychic reading to washing the dishes or changing a diaper… it can go that quick so, I have to be balanced.

I always start with that little bit of time I have in the morning to do my meditations and I have that ritual present. Whenever I give Mediumship readings it takes a lot of energy out of me so I have to restore it. Take a nap, take a break, don’t do it back to back because it can take to much out of you and you will know. As you increase your vibration what happens is that you start pulling in more energy and the more energy you have the more readings you can give back to back. I have dead people visiting me in my sleep doing a reading and I have to write it down when I wake up. You can ask them to come back but sometimes they are pushy.

It is like just getting that main ritual that you are comfortable with. There is no right or wrong to it just whatever makes you feel comfortable. You don’t have to say a specific prayer, say whatever makes you feel aligned with your spirit guides. Again, it is all about trusting your intuition. We can read books all day long but these are only guidelines that we can try to follow and adapt to our own spirituality our self’s.

Psychic Holly Joy – You make a good point, for me I would say that my rituals have evolved with time, would you agree with your years of experience that yours have as well?

Meilena Hauslendale– Definitely. Before I would have never of understood grounding, I didn’t understand chakra balancing but, what was funny was that I was doing my artwork and I really started focusing in on the chakras and drawing it before I knew the performance of them, I had no idea about the importance that this would reflect later on in my life. Now it’s like my art depicted my life. I do focus on cleansing and balancing it is the most important thing. Before I didn’t know what a chakra was or digest what it meant or the value of it or how I could control it.

Psychic Holly Joy – I remember when I was first in psychic development groups at the end of the group they would say, “lets close down our chakras” and I would think, “why would I want to do that”. It’s like hanging up the phone on my friends.

So out of the types of readings that you give what one do you feel is the most important for maintaining a clear and open channel?

Meilena Hauslendale I would definitely say giving Mediumship readings. It takes more energy out of me versus just a tarot card reading because I am using all of my clairvoyance and all of my clairs so I have to be a clear and open channel. Its not like I could go out drinking the night before and expect myself to be at my optimal performance the next day, I have to be really clear. I’m not a drinker anyways but it has become a habit to think if I have drunken enough water today, or eaten property today or breathed enough to relax myself and constantly be grounded and situated so those types of readings definitely take a lot more energy out of me. 

Psychic Holly Joy – I understand that, when I do Mediumship it is so draining especially if you have a client just wants more & more information.

I remember a client that was the longest reading I’d ever given, nearly three hours and the rest of the day my brain was just mush.

Meilena Hauslendale– That is very true; one hour can take a couple of hours to rejuvenate. I’m a mental medium not a trance medium, so people that are trance mediums, it can actually take days for them just to try and get back into the swing of things.

But as far doing mental Mediumship, I can feel how a person passed or the emotions that come out and you know your sitting their and your crying because it someone else’s emotions and it takes its toll when you are expressing what someone else is feeling. 

Psychic Holly Joy – We talked about how you work with your spirit guides, would you say that they assist you in raising your vibration and how do you know?

Meilena Hauslendale– When I first started doing this, I started practicing opening and closing my chakras and the main thing that I would get is the spirit chills with goose bumps all over me and I knew that this was it. The other thing that happened to me is that I would get this strong warmth on the back on my neck and it is like I can feel it opening, it is a very interesting feeling and sometimes I can get a pressure around my head as well. That is how they let me know. Its funny how they give me different signs how they give me different things. But if I’m doing Mediumship I have this posture that I get into were I always put my left hand on the top of my head close to my third eye and I will catch myself giving a reading a that’s how I know when something is about to come in. Some people get nose tingles some people; scratches everyone has a different signal. I found it very important that when I’m doing my meditations to ask my spirit guides and my gate keeper to show me what signs I will have when I’m giving a reading.

Psychic Holly Joy  You mentioned the gatekeeper could you explain the difference between your gatekeeper and your guides?

Meilena Hauslendale– Yes. I actually just had a change of guides, it came to me in my dreams in my sleep, it was a lady that was sitting in front of a very big door and says to me “I hope you don’t mind but I believe in Jesus” and I said “ok that’s fine, I can still work with you.” But I didn’t get it and I’m wondering why she is standing in front of a gate because I had no idea what a gatekeeper was and than, I was doing a meditation about finding your gatekeeper and than it dawned on me because this vision re-appeared in my mind that she was my gatekeeper and what a gatekeeper was and shortly after she introduced herself to me my stepfather passed away a few weeks later and he came to me and I hadn’t spoken to him in probably six years and he was flashing his wife’s phone number in my head and I was like…”ok I was do this last thing for you and contact your wife to check on her” and I did but, we had more of a conversation. But it was interesting that my gatekeeper was introduced to me and then dead people started coming to me. I’ve had experiences before but I never realized that I could have such a full interaction with them. So if your gatekeeper comes to you its because you are ready to start practicing Mediumship. 

Psychic Holly Joy Would you say that your gatekeeper assist more with spirit communication than your guides?

Meilena Hauslendale– Yes, I have a healing guide as well so if I’m doing reiki healing I call upon my healing guide and I have my everyday spirit guide that passes information to me. I don’t want to give the impression that everyone has a certain amount of guides – some people have four guides, some people have one guide and I think that in certain periods of your life you get different guides, some people have longer contracts than others. Like I said my contract did just change and I was given this gatekeeper and as soon as that happened I started giving readings. 

Psychic Holly Joy – When was this?

Meilena Hauslendale– I started doing Mediumship last year; it was like I had to get that reiki healing first before I could give Mediumship readings.

Psychic Holly Joy – So looking back now you would say that your path has been structured in a way to get you to this point?

Meilena Hauslendale– Yes totally. You know, I though all of my life that I’m an artist and an author, that’s it, I had no idea that I would be doing psychic medium readings but I see now that my path was perfectly laid out. My childhood and the relationships I have had in my life gave the experience I needed to help others and be empathic with their situations. That’s why I wrote a book about relationships but, I had no idea that I would carry these experiences into giving psychic readings, I just thought that it was something just for me. I thought this is how I live my life, I live it very intuitively – so does my husband, we shift were we move based on were we feel drawn too and then things just start to happen that allow us to help others. 

Psychic Holly Joy– You mentioned that your gatekeeper told that she believes in Jesus, growing up did you have a religious faith or have you always been more drawn towards spirituality?

Meilena Hauslendale– I always tell people and I say this in my book The Spiritual Revolution that I practice my spirituality religiously, but its not a religion that I practice.

Growing up my real father was a seven day advent, my mother was catholic and my stepfather was christen so there was really a diverse variety and no one really had a set religious path for me but I always had that knowing so I just prayed to god, that was my thing. But no, I didn’t follow a path of religion, there were a lot of people around me that had that impact, I think that’s why they looked at my intuition as weird or off like if I said that I was seeing somebody like a grandmother that passed.

Psychic Holly Joy – Going back to the Mediumship – you are mental medium but you also brought up trance Mediumship, this is not as popular as it used to be, we seem to have evolved more towards mental Mediumship. Could you explain the difference and have you done any channeling work?

Meilena Hauslendale– When I did my Spiritual Revolution: Guide To Spiritual Development & Independence book I worked with my spirit guides so I would say that I channeled some of the information from my spirit guides but, as far a channeling and not being aware of it, no. I am consciously aware of what I am doing. With Trance Mediumship your dealing with physical Mediumship so that is were you can actually produce voices or make things appear, I can’t do that part and i’ve never tried too because I like to be aware in my state because being around my family and I don’t want anything to come into me that stays in me.

Mental Mediumship I can expand my aura and have people come into it and have my gatekeeper protect me during these readings but I don’t have to have them enter my body and that’s great because I can be sitting here talking and writing things down or typing and allow the information to feed though me and I can sit there and see their are people coming to me. So that’s the difference, I like having that awareness and feeling in control of the situation and see it as were a trance medium won’t recall anything that they said or did and I enjoy hearing what the messages are and pass them along, it is very gratifying work. 

Psychic Holly Joy – Would you say that your strongest sense would be hearing or what are your senses?

Meilena Hauslendale– It depends on the person, sometimes certain spirits have trouble speaking, so I will rely on my clairvoyance and they will show me symbols, some people are hardcore talkers and they are telling me everything, some do both, some I can feel little physical queues on my body, I start to feel a sensation. I think I use all of my clairs but definitely Clair audience and clairvoyance, I can smell sometimes like cigarettes or whiskey around a spirit, I don’t have the taste one though.

Psychic Holly Joy – Would you agree that when giving chat reading or doing your art or healing, would agree that is a form of channeling?

Meilena Hauslendale– Yes, it is. I started my art in 1999 and it was really self-healing for me. A lot of pictures I was drawing would show me a lesson at the end. I would use a sharpie marker on an 18×24 piece of paper and I would just start and get in this mode and when I was done I would see the lesson that I was supposed to learn. I went though this progression of basically healing myself though my artwork. Years ago I was doing artwork of chakras and chakra systems and it was foretelling me what I needed to concentrate on.

Psychic Holly Joy – I have seen your artwork and it is very beautiful. For other people out there, that are using divination tools such as tarot cards, pendulums and runes, how would you suggest that they care for these items?

Meilena Hauslendale– Establish a safe place for your tools were no own will get into them. Put them in a sacred place for you and this could be a draw you need don’t an alter just whatever you would like to do to have it be scared, having a special cloth, anything to let you know that this is space to put your positive energy to charge and cleanse your tools. If you work with crystals and start to lose energy from them you can run them under cold water to run the negative energy out or soak them in sea water or smudge them with sage or incense.

There are always days were your cards might feel “off” and that means that they needs to be cleansed of the energy placed in them. I charge them with reiki and I can do that with any tool and then I place them back on my alter were I have stones, crystals, incense, my abalone shell, and sage to help restore there vibration.

When you give readings back to back sometimes the energy builds up, like you might have an intense reading were someone is really emotional and that energy can build up in your cards, so its good to get in the habit or recharging them on a nightly bases. Some people put their cards or tools in the moon or sunlight.

Psychic Holly Joy – When your giving card reading has it ever happened that you just hear or see the name of the card?

Meilena Hauslendale– Yes I do, and I think the tower is one that comes up a lot. Everyone panics when they see the tower or death and to me it can symbolize just change or a sudden change. I don’t read reversals some people do, but when I have a card that is revered then I want to emphasis that card or change. Yes, clairvoyantly my guides will show me a card, its like they download my brain and use this to communicate with me.

Certain symbols – their meaning to me might be different to you and that’s the beauty of having your own guides to point this out to you and get the message across.

Psychic Holly Joy – Your clients compensate you for your services, how does this compensation allow you to maintain the psychic self care required so that you can continue using and improving your skills?

Meilena Hauslendale– That is a really great question because I get a lot of people coming to me saying that “if you have this gift shouldn’t you give it away for free?” and there are a lot of people that think this and it is true that I would do this whether I got paid or didn’t but I can further myself along my path if actually do get compensated for it.

It is no different then a counselor, a counselor gets paid for their services and their visits and their time and that allows them in turn to take care of themselves, there office and to keep themselves educated and improve their skill set and I’m really no different, just because I’m a psychic medium does not mean that I don’t have those needs as well. We do live in the physical world. 

I went to the dentist and he spent 10 min. with me and my kids and the bill was $65 and the next bill was going to be $247 and I was like…you know I get it now, I am supposed to be paid for my services, I’m not dentist so I have to go and pay someone, there are people that are not psychics so they cant see though a situation so they have to go and they have to pay for a reading. Now a psychic can charge anything they want to but so can a dentist, you have two experts.

Psychic Holly Joy – I think a lot of psychics; mediums and light workers struggle with the compensation and how much there time is worth.

Meilena Hauslendale– That is a really hard thing to figure out and it is something that changes too. A lot of people think if your working on a hotline site and they see those numbers they think that your getting $5.99 a min. but your getting a commission for it so that person is not getting that full amount per-min. per-reading, per-half hour or hour. Its whatever they feel comfortable with. But when you are coming to that decision you can’t even do it per market anymore because were virtual so readers have to see what they need to support themselves and sustain their living in the area that they are at. 

Psychic Holly Joy – I had a chat reading with you and it flowed smoothly and was accurate, besides this what can a client expect to get out of a reading with you?

Meilena Hauslendale– Thank you so much for saying that. I have this little niche with psychics, mediums, healers and anyone in the spiritual world were information and messages just come to me and it’s all about business and expanding and seeing the big picture about were they can take themselves. It gets me so excited to help others in this field.

As far as what to expect from a reading with me, I definitely want to give people the idea that they are not stuck, so many people come to me and feel stuck in a situation and I want to give them there power back – to realize that they do have a way to change their path. Because a certain situation looks bleak we still have the power to change that and if I can point that out to them I think its great and I can see what’s beyond this and provide that “ah-ha” moment so they know what they need to do. I like to put the power back into the person, they are the investment and when they come to me for a reading I am investing in them.