What Are Psychic Timeline Readings?

Psychic Timeline Readings are designed with the focus of the reading being on future events and outcomes anticipated in the client’s life. Seeing that all psychic readings are given in the present they revel to the client the most likely outcome at the time of the reading, this can be anything from when a break-up will mend to when a client will get a raise or a surgery will be scheduled. 

Psychic Readings & Future Date Predictions 

Some Psychics offer a specific month and date in their reading but my preference is more geared to a month, time of month or series of dates rather then one specific date because our free will has to be taken into account and instances leading up to the event that could alter the outcome are subject to change. However, every situation is unique and for some readings dates are ideal like when insurance will approve a required surgery so in these cases I will offer dates accompanied with my spiel about why dates are subject to change and why not to depend on that one-day as an all or nothing.

Psychic Readings & Variable Probability

In some readings I will channel the probability of an event in percentage form to represent though a common number how likely I feel that something is going to happen. I do this when I see more than one very likely outcome that could be changed by a particular variable.

An Example Of Variable Probability:

  • There is a 70% probability that the judge will rule in your favor, however, I feel this could be grater if you bring a character witness that knows both parties and is willing to make a statement on your behalf.

If variables do come up in a psychic reading what they are and their possible affect to the client’s situation is of course discussed.  

For Psychics that are new to Timeline Readings I have created this free downloadable print off, by focusing on your client and running your right hand slowly over the timeline you can correlate psychic impressions and feel fluctuations in energy connected to time.

Psychic Timeline Readings Hand Feeling Board

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