Reiki energy healing is a valuable method to heal pets with physical, emotional, or spiritual problems. A pet is one of the most beautiful things in anyone’s life. Pets also give their human owners an insane amount of affection, care, love, joy, happiness, and peace.

When your pet starts acting in odd ways, such as saying no to his favorite food, etc., you get worried and start looking for ways to help your pet. They can suffer from anxiety, emotional illness, or old age. 

Let us learn what Reiki is and how it can assist your animal. Holly Joy in Traverse City, Michigan, is a Psychic Medium and advanced reiki partitioner whom can help you and your pet in-office, home and even car rides!

What is Reiki?

It is not a tangible thing. The word Reiki consists of two Japanese words put together. Rei means spirit, and Ki means energy. So, Reiki means spiritual energy. Prasad further adds that spiritual energy is present in everything existing in the universe.

Reiki Energy Healing for Your Pets in Traverse City, MIIt can be said that Reiki is an essence, a kind of living innocence that exists within and can also be felt. Also, it is used around the world to heal and treat. It is done by touch, where one living being acts as a conduit to transfer spiritual energy to another one to assist natural healing.

Each living being has a natural healing mechanism within themselves; the purpose of Reiki is to make that happen efficiently. It can involve using various mediation tools such as mantras, visualization, and breathing.

Innate Self-Healing Process

All human beings and animals have a natural healing process within their bodies. So, the Reiki therapist prepares the body to start the self-healing process. Emotional pain occurs due to the issues in the chakras and energy centers. So, Reiki balances the chakras and produces a sense of calmness and relaxation in the body. 

Reiki Energy Healing Benefits

Reiki Healing Benefits for PetsIt can bring about a plethora of benefits for your pet. Let us find out more below!

1- Medicinal benefits

It does not provide medical treatment, nor does it diagnose physical illnesses. Yet, it can play an impactful role in giving medicinal benefits. It can improve the overall functioning of the body. From boosting digestion to reducing stress, reducing pain, improving sleep, providing relief from debilitating conditions, there is a lot, it can do for pets.

2- Bodywork benefits

It increases the flexibility of pets’ body muscles. It relaxes the stiff muscles and increases stamina. Moreover, it can start the body’s natural healing process and thus, balance energies. Adjusting chakras, the process can heal emotional pain and traumas.

3- Spiritual Benefits

The spiritual integration of Reiki can heal the long-accumulated painful memories and traumas of pets.

4- Psycho-Therapy Benefits

The benefits of Reiki further influence the other aspect of one’s body. For example, healing past traumas can make one relieve aggression and get rid of abusive behavior. Relaxing muscles can promote relaxation, and thus make one clear-minded and positive, and so on.

Conclusion – Reiki Energy Healing

Reiki can be life-changing for your pets. Therefore, if your favorite little animal is not eating or playing like he used to, it is time you take it to a nearby Reiki Therapist. Holly Joy Psychic Medium is a perfect choice to start your pets healing and welcomes animals in-office located in Traverse City, Michigan.