Replace Limiting Beliefs About Money with Supporting BeliefsBelow are some of the most typical limiting beliefs about money. With the limiting beliefs I am going to suggest an alternative belief that’s empowering. You can embrace the belief that is empowering by affirming it in your mind and consciously choosing to overwriting the limiting belief:



  1. Money Is the Root of All Evil

A common misconception is to think about cash as something evil, or terrible. Or maybe you created the limiting belief that with money everybody will become this way or have had some bad experiences with wealthy people.

Or perhaps you think about when people make money it’s their only goal in life. Than they begin making money and lose higher human values like love, compassion and character ethics.

Cash was made as an exchange medium for the value of goods that were traded. So it is just an expression of value. For those who have plenty of money that means that you simply have created a large amount of value.

Replace This Belief with One That Is Supporting:

“Money is one of my priorities in life.”

  1. Money isn’t that important. It’s just money.

This restricting belief expresses that you don’t take money seriously enough. But this is the exact reason why you haven’t achieved success with yours yet.

Replace This Belief with One That Is Supporting:

“I learn and use knowledge about money every day.”

  1. Money Is Made to Be Spend

This belief comes from not understanding that in order to form financial wealth you actually need to save money. You Won’t ever create the fiscal abundance that you could have should you spend all the cash you earn, instead of saving and investing it.

Spending money on things that you want has its place but, you’ve got to make sure to get into the practice of investing and saving money.

Replace This Belief with One That Is Supporting:

“The money I don’t spend makes me rich.”

  1. The Rich Get Richer and The Poor Get Poorer

This gives away your responsibility to care for your money situation, it’s especially a disempowering belief.

Replace This Belief with One That Is Supporting:

“My success is entirely up to me.” and

“Everything I have to generate financial prosperity is already inside me. “

  1. I’m No Good with Cash.

This is just another piece of rubbish for the reason that it presumes that you cannot learn new things.

Replace This Belief with One That Is Supporting:

“I learn and use knowledge about money every day.”

  1. My Family Has Never Been Wealthy

The past doesn’t equal the future. You are a whole, independent and individual person. What other people did or didn’t do has no power over you. You determine now!

Replace This Belief with One That Is Supporting:

“I can create my financial independence by learning and acting on it.”

  1. Money Is a Limited Resource

You believe there is an inadequate amount of wealth for everybody, including you and this plays into the deficiency mindset. This really is opposed to the prosperity mindset, which presumes that there is enough abundance for everybody, including you.

Replace This Belief with One That Is Supporting:

“There is enough money to produce financial abundance”

  1. You Must Work Hard to Be Successful

You don’t only get rich by working hard but by working smart and it all begins with embracing the proper mindset. This means recognizing how you can create lasting and real value for others and offering it at a price that suits your target market.

Replace This Belief with One That Is Supporting:

“To get wealthy I just supply real value for others and request a suitable fee.”

  1. You’re Either Rich or Happy.

Playing the affluent or…” game is based on the incorrect assumption that to get rich you need to get out of balance. Equilibrium is not being understood.

When you understand where you can create real value for others, it merely becomes one part of your own life, as well-being or any other like well-being.

Replace This Belief with One That Is Supporting:

“Money is only one part of my life I manage extraordinarily well.”

  1. It’s Selfish to Want Lots of Money.

Cash is a representation of the value you’ve created for other people. This is a neutral medium as I said in the 1st belief and it’s completely up to you what to do with it: good or not.

In the event that you’re offering spiritual services than, you’re giving already.

Replace This Belief with One That Is Supporting:

“The money I make shows the value I create for others.”

You must change the way you think about cash; in case you believe any of those or similar beliefs because these beliefs are shaping how you handle your financial life.

Explore Your Own Limiting Beliefs About Money

Simply complete these two sentences to find out your beliefs about money:

  1. I’m not fiscally free, because ________________________________________________.
  2. I’d love to have more money, but _____________________________________________.

Then try to produce supporting beliefs about money as we did in the cases above to overwrite the old limiting beliefs. For instance, affirm your new found belief that is supporting before you go to bed or while you are jogging, relaxing, in the morning.

If you have limiting beliefs about money or a pattern of minimal income, I suggest choosing some of these affirmations to create a mantra of thoughts that you repeat to yourself once or more a day for 21 days in an effort to reinforce new belief patterns and affirm your psychic success.

  • I have found my calling
  • I attract the right people and clients to me
  • I deserve and keep building a successful career
  • My clients are happy to pay for my services
  • I accept all that the universe has for me
  • Abundance comes to me in all ways

Excerpt From:

The Complete Guide to Building Your Online Spiritual Business Using WordPress

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